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  1. Update, looks like the parts would need to fit a 1990 Truck, I guess it's a 1990 Toyota pickup but it was 1991 by the time Winnebago had finished with it. Nick
  2. Hi All, I'm looking for a replacement upper control arm bushing for my 1991 Winnebago Warrior. The small local auto shops can't located them quickly, what should I be looking for and where do you recommend I have them serviced? I'm going to be up in the Boston, MA area from tomorrow and want to get the service done there. Thanks in advance. Nick
  3. All repaired, ordered the parts on Amazon and got them put on locally. It took an hour for the shop to do. Thanks for your help!
  4. Seriously! I got someone to coat the roof for me, and this is how the whole thing came back - not at all what I was expecting. And definitely wasn't expecting a dark color to be used on the roof. It gets pretty darn hot in the sun down here. Thanks for the tip Linda, I'll hopefully be able to find the part here without too much hassle. Otherwise I may order the part I need to the next stop on our trip. Nick
  5. Hi Folks, We're about 3,500 miles into our summer road-trip at the moment. 2 days ago we noticed that our refrigerator roof vent cover was missing, I got on the roof to have a look and it looks like the base is damaged too (see photos). Really not sure how this happened - we didn't hit anything that we can think of.. Anyway, I'm wondering how to go about fixing this? As mentioned, we are on the road so if a 100% fix is going to be a lot of effort is there something short term I could do? Could it be worth just taking it to a servicing shop? For reference, the vehicle is a 1991
  6. Hey Linda S,

    I've just bought my 1990 Winnebago Warrior and have posted two questions in the forums so far and found everyone so helpful.

    I will be doing some more posting and question-asking but before I do so I'm wondering if you think it is more beneficial to the community if I do it all in one thread about my camper or do them topic-by-topic so that things are broken down a little more for future users?



    1. linda s

      linda s

      topic by topic seems to get more interest so more answers to your questions. One thread can get very long and make it hard to search for information later. So sorry about the accident.


    2. Nicdob


      Thank you Linda.


    3. linda s

      linda s

      there is a message system on this website. envelope at top right corner. Better way to ask questions to me or any other members.

  7. Update: we DO have insurance (phew) and the excess is $300 - so that is a big relief. Also means that I won't have to do all the work myself. Thanks Markwilliam1 for prompting me there. I'll also make sure the insurance company is OK with me pushing things back together and getting the eternabond on the crack to preserve it.
  8. Hi All, Just bought my 1990 Winnebago Warrior 10 days ago, I've got to spend all of 4 hours in it so far learning how everything works and was planning to give it a big clean and do some exterior re-sealing this weekend. Very excited to spend more time with the camper and loving this forum! However, I went to go to work this morning and noticed that someone has clipped the back left corner either when driving by camper or when trying to park beside it. They were moving toward the back end and have taken off the side light, opened up the seam between the side and back panel (bending t
  9. OK great thanks! That solves that issue. I have some more questions, but they don't belong in this thread. I'll post a fresh thread Nick
  10. Hey Guys Just got my first Toyota motor home and I'm confused RE this topic. We need 12v connection to actually fire up the generator, so how can we unplug the batteries before the generator is actually providing power? Thanks, Nick
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