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  1. I used an 8 inch knife to cut my foam worked great and bed is comfy.
  2. in California my 1987 is $79 a year still worth every penny
  3. I've been away from site for sometime just got married moved to wife's house finally got sometime to work on some projects Made 4 2x2ft cement slabs to park rv on in back yard Scrapped off old roof caulk and resealed vents and seams replaced old toilet to a dometic 300 (picked up new for $50). Old one would not hold water & fill up tank if I had water in rv.. now time to go camping!!!!
  4. looks like a steal of a deal just no pics of inside http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/rvs/4931202245.html
  5. looking to seal roof I have a couple of leaks on rear seam took off old sealant and want to reseal whole roof looking at dicor 2 step epdm sealant I have a metal roof is this what I need or what do you guys think or have done ty Steve
  6. http://www.chukchansigold.com/ perfect place to stop for the night free RV parking don't even have to register at front desk just pull in to gravel lot back of parking lot all other hotels $130 ort night
  7. I did a valve adjustment today only had to tighten #3 exhaust all others where pretty close to specs also replaced fuel injectors last week.. RV is running better after tune-up All ready for trip to Yosemite leave Saturday for a week..
  8. I'm going to adjust valves to & will be using a mpg app on phone.. I will report back... Off to Yosemite on Saturday from San Diego going to have four people and food lots of beer firewood & camping gear so might be a little heavy should still get better then my last 13 to 13.5 going 65mph & going to lower speed to sweet spot 55 and see how much that helps
  9. installed a 75watt solar panel & a new solar regulator my old solar panel was a 15watt peace of junk I got burned on craigslist with I get 3amps out of 75watts should be all I need to charge battery & run a stereo & charge mp3 player & charge phone
  10. Bought new oem fuel injectors from ebay for a 22re"c" engine my brother/mechanic wanted to teach me how replace injectors... all went well till we found out I bought the wrong injectors so took off efi for second time & found the right injectors reinstalled efi & broke off a bolt on the cold start ?injector? tried to drill & use extractor no luck but bolt drilled out and fell into intake so once again had to take efi off to get to bolt... finally got everything back together and RV is running great and new injectors helped out a lot brother asked what did I learn (meaning not to o
  11. my engine is running good & I was going to adjust valves for maintenance reasons only & bought gasket kit talking to mechanic & Toyota Nation forum I decided not to do job because engine is running good at 72000 miles and don't want to have any problems after job from bad valve adjustment or just tightening valves to much.... Should I do the job? or leave it alone because its running smooth..... let me know what you guys think..
  12. kept my on rear bumper storage area & left it their all year and it started chipping away from sun lucky it was on top of container so no leak... guess I should remove when not using going to buy a 5 gallon so it will be carried on roof or cargo rack....
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