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  1. I had the same looking bubbling of the wallpaper all over my bunk area ('91 Warrior). The problem is a lack of support under the bed, so I installed a steel plate that ran the length of the bed underneath and attached it with some steel supports to the body of the truck. Ended up stripping it down to the luan layer and replacing everything that was rotten, and fixed the seams on the outside where the water got in. Sorry to tell you that you have a good sized project ahead of you, but it seems to be a very common problem among us warriors. Here is a thread about the rebuild: Good
  2. Now that I'm FINALLY done painting this thing, I'd like to show it off a little and give a huge shoutout to my favorite front-yard fabricator @1toyhero for hooking it up big time with the design and fabrication of the coolest addition to the ole Yoterhome, the pièce de résistance. Hit him up on Instagram if you're ever in need of some fab work done in the Phoenix area: https://www.instagram.com/1toyhero/ First off, we had to decide whether to remove the old, crusty 4x4 tube bumper or weld onto it, and I'm glad we decided to cut er off, knowing that I'd have to find a different solut
  3. This is EXACTLY what my furnace does. Heats up once or twice, then wake up early in the morning just to find it blowing cold air. So I'll go ahead and look at replacing the circuit board, thanks Maineah!
  4. I'm ashamed to say that it was at this point in my life where I actually considered giving up on the old Yoterhome. This is my second attempt at a fix to the issue of a saggy roof around the RV air conditioner, and thankfully, she's still salvageable. The water pooled so high in this spot that it actually went over the a/c gasket, into the coach, and onto my lovely carpet. The first time this happened, I went with the easy fix, and inserted some small slats of 1/8" plywood into the roof layers to raise the lip onto which the a/c sits, and replaced the gasket, in the hope that this will at l
  5. I'm curious, based on people's experience, what kind of expectation should I have for running my Winnie in 105-degrees plus weather? 45mph with AC? 65mph with no AC? 35mph up hills with AC? I'm trying to decide if my expectations are too high for a 25-year old home on a little truck. Thanks for all the help, this truly is a great forum.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'll buy an OEM thermostat now, just because I'd hate for that to be the problem after dumping $1000 into the cooling system. I'll start there with a proper flush, and report back. I have a feeling that it's not the radiator because I had the same problem with the OEM radiator. Also, it may be entirely possible that I can only do 45MPH on the highway and 35MPH on hills in the summer heat here, but I'm not willing to accept that quite yet.
  7. Hi all, so I have a V6 3.0 '90 Winnebago Warrior, and it looks like many of the overheating threads on this forum are dealing with the same rig, I wonder if that's just a coincidence? Anyways, I live in Phoenix, where cooling systems are tested to the max in the summertime. My system runs fine in the heat putting around town without the AC on, it's only when I reach 55 - 60 on the highway, or turn on the AC, that my rig starts sitting right on the redline. This is preventing me from leaving the valley of fire during the summer with my rig, so any help is greatly appreciated to get me out of
  8. Thanks, good advice, I'll put the tape down first.
  9. Hey Jaunt, sorry for taking so long to reply. I ended up finding quality FRP at a local store here with quality FRP glue, which is important. Liquid nails did not adhere to my satisfaction, but the Titebond Fast Grab worked great! Sorry, was having problems uploading pictures here, so they're on imgur: http://imgur.com/a/aqJ45
  10. Thanks Dan, yep, one of the few places on the back of my coach that wasn't rotten.
  11. Hi all, so I've been busy redoing all of the seals on the exterior of my Minnie Winnie, and one that needs to be redone is the where my metal roof meets the fiberglass on the rear of my coach. I noticed some cracks in the original sealant so I've started scraping it all off as opposed to trying to get enough lap sealant over the top to seal down into the cracks. I'm concerned about the separation here between the sheet metal an the fiberglass. It looks like it was originally stapled together and the staples are no longer holding. There is a piece of wood that runs the width of the coach al
  12. Hello Toyota Motorhomers, In the process of fixing up my beautiful 91' Warrior, I'm currently ripping out the foam insulation and plywood in the shower area due to water damage; rot and mold. Does anyone have any tips for gluing the exterior to the interior? The only way I see to do it is to take apart the seam from the outside to be able to clamp everything down with some Gorilla glue. Also, I haven't decided what to replace the cruddy Luan stuff on the interior shower with. It obviously didn't stay too waterproof over the years. Looking for just some heavy duty plastic paneling online has
  13. I wanted to make my Yoterhome a bit more rugged too, and was considering doing a springover axle conversion where you take the axle off and install it under the spring. Then I was hoping to do a locking differential and the 27" tires. People advised against the springover, since it would potentially raise the coach 4-5", and may become a little top-heavy. I'm still curious to see how much the lift would be once the coach is weighed down with gear. I may still do it because it's always reversible and not really all that much work. I ordered some Firestone airbags, so I'll probably do that a
  14. Have you looked into composite foams? There's some pretty cool stuff out there: http://dragonplate.com/ecart/categories.asp?cID=106
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