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  1. Hi all New member but a long time lurker & first time poster to this site. With everything that's been going on and effectively being stuck at home for 3+ months we're looking to get a family RV and wanted to see if any members are in/around the Portland metro area and would allow my wife and I to check out your Sunrader or Winnie Warrior. Happy to be talked into other models as well. We're a family of 4+. Also a little bit about myself/hobbies: I am an avid fan of Toyota, own older Toyota LandCruisers and am A) very familiar with the older Toyota platform - mechanical & e
  2. Hi everyone. My name is Tye. I'm a disabled Navy veteran living at a VA domiciliary in Leavenworth, Kansas. Upon completion of my treatment here, I plan to have a motorhome of some kind. I'm currently looking at a 1986 Toyota Gulfstream Conquest 4 cylinder automatic. It looks very nice in the ad, but being that I'm a complete amateur, I felt I should do my due diligence and seek advice from the more experienced toyota motorhome owners. I really wanted a Sunrader for their unitized fiberglass mold which is supposedly legendary and the most sought after because it's virtually leak-proof. Does a
  3. Good afternoon folks, I have an '86 Sunrader which because I haven't ever owned and RV before has been basically a tent on wheels for me and my three dogs. I'd really like to put the RV to full use but I can't figure out a way to get to know how to use all the appliances and such all. What website, YouTube channel, other resource would you suggest that I use to educate myself? Thanks in advance! Jen dog_logic@yahoo.com
  4. Hi my name is Edd. I am a new sunrader owner. I want to find somewhere that will make custom wheels for my sunrader. Can anyone help me? Denver.
  5. Hi all, I have a new to me 18' Sunrader. I love it, but of course, I am looking at updating it a bit. I am not handy though. And I don't really have that much time to learn and work on it. Everything in it is working as of now. I would love to make it prettier and update the appliances- hopefully with lighter weight appliances and a bit smaller. I also want to get rid of the bathroom altogether. How much do you think it would cost to have this little guy renovated for me? I am not averse to spending some money on it, but I don't really have a good sense for how much I should be putt
  6. I have a rear window leak. I've heard all I need to do is pull apart the rear window, clean around put in some butyl tape and maybe add some extra silicone, and put it back together. I also have an overcab leak, it seems to be lined up with the seam over my overcab, so I guess I can pull off the bar that goes over it, clean it up, apply some butyl tape there, and put it back on? Is Dicor still the best thing to pour onto my roof? The thing is, my entire toyhome seems to have tape that uh... is probably well over 10 years old. Should I just take my toy to someone and have them r
  7. Hi! I know where my two-hole OBD "short me and I'll blink a lot" connector is on the driver side in that rubber protective dealio, that's not what I'm talking about here. Do all 22RE engines have a DLC connector? For clarity I am asking if I have one of these: I looked all over underneath the hood in all the places I've seen suggested: Next to the strut towers, next to each of the fuse boxes (hood and cab), next to the EFI, under the steering wheel... I know my MH is old at 1986 but it's EFI, so there has to be an ECU that allows me to read diagnostics while it's runni
  8. I am currently searching for my "escape". Hopefully, a Toyota. I had a Toyota Chinook back in the 80's and loved it, and it seems times have changed. I'm still looking for another Toyota that gets good MPG (no, really), has a little room and a stove for coffee. I am open to any suggestions on models, makes....
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a musician, museum curator+docent, and huge nerd, and I'm the new owner of a 1986 travelmaster savannah. I plan to take it on tons of adventures and do other fun stuff with it, like weird upgrades. I've got some weird ideas, and also I thought someone might be interested in following a noob's adventures or hearing about my hopes and dreams for the thing, so kablam, here I am. Oh, whenever I use "we", you can pretend I'm using the royal we (as long as you don't say it all snooty-like), but that's something that I've deduced with the help of a mechanic as I am technic
  10. Hello! I bought my '84 Sunrader at the end of September, the previous owner had made lot's of "improvements". One of which was to take the inside frames off of the windows in the cabover bed, then he taped them on with roofing tape (the bane of my existence). Then he was confused about why it was leaking.... Anyway I have a very basic and possibly stupid question about the windows. I have one pulled out, am I correct in my assumption that the inside frame screws down to the outside frame creating a seal by tightening together on your sealant (butyl tape) ? Thank you in advance for your wisdom
  11. Hey everyone. Just purchased a 1990. No idea on the manufacture of the RV as I can't find any sort of indication, maybe some of you can help on that. Dropped $3,800 for it and the engine and transmission feel great. I'm a work from home software engineer and plan to work really remotely now traveling the country. This has been a dream of mine for 5+ years and at 31 with no kids, no girlfriend, and my German Shepard Beast, I'm ready to head out in a few months after repairs. She's a bit ripped apart right now as I am learning, but I do intend on performing a total makeover. Now for the que
  12. I have done my due diligence and found Toyota to be the best fit for me...size, comfort, milage, reliability...Now I am looking for a Toyhome and planning on RVing full time...After reading a lot of the posts in this forum I have been very impressed with the friendly sharing of knowledge and advice for those starting a new life on the road...Suffice it to say, I lost my wife last year and after considerable thought, I decided to hit the road, see this wonderful nation, meet new people, and confront and learn new challenges that living on the road offers...I cannot think of a better way to expr
  13. Greetings All, I am a total noob. I just purchased my very first motorhome, a 1983 Dolphin with the 22R truck. The floorplan has the door, stove, and bathroom in the rear. Any help I could get with any aspect of the thing would be greatly appreciated. I'm such a noob, I don't even know how to drive the thing yet (its manual), so that is my first step. I am also going to be cleaning it up and putting in new window coverings and possibly wood veneer floors in the meantime. The bad: There are some old water stains around the roof The gas gauge doesn't work The good: It runs! Only 38,000 miles (
  14. I have just purchased an 86 dolphin and it needs major rebuild I have not been able to find the floor plan for this particular model it has a lot of water damage, possibly fire damage? due to past electrical problems. Looks like old owner tried to re-wire certain parts, I feel like the rv is missing a couple things My 86 Dolphin is an Efi with the table in the very back, as soon as you enter on the side you immediately hit the bathroom and on the sides are the sink and other side is the oven If anyone can help much appreciated! ive uploaded some pictures
  15. Hi all! So excited and happy that this forum exists, I have been all over the web to find resources about Chinooks to self-educate. I'm a 30-yr-old lady who just bought a Newport model. Are there any other active RV/Chinook/motorhome forums that you like? I wanted some advice: After doing all that reading, I'm worried about my back axle breaking. Should I be worried? It's the original 5-lug. according the the title she weighs in at 3,450 lbs. Do you have any advice for me as a new owner? Anything I should watch out for, rip out right away, absolutely leave alone etc? The inside is in pretty go
  16. So I just bought a 1985 900 Series Toyota Dolphin, 4 cylinder manual transmission 20R, etc, etc, etc. She's been very well maintained and kept up and if I was just casually camping in her I probably wouldn't need to put a dime into it. However, I am not going to be casually camping in it. This will be my full-time residence as of May first, which means I have one month to get this thing COMFORTABLE and shoehorn my entire life into it. (With my dog, Porkchop.) Just a few aesthetic things like paint, flooring and curtains but none of these are major and I think I've found enough how-to's that I
  17. Hello everyone, First post ever, so I'll introduce myself. I'm 33-years-old, single guy, a hopeful writer who pays the bills as a website/app designer, able to work anywhere with Internet. Just arrived back in the States from a couple years abroad, the last year living in Goa, India. While in India I learned the joy of living simply--cold showers, no furniture, power cuts--and after living the past few years out of a suitcase mostly (longer story), I feel little fear in living longterm (or at least until Life changes my path again) in a small space with few things. The only small fear might be
  18. The mechanic called and said, "Hey, your Toyota's done; but I got to get out of here in half an hour". I got out of work as quick as I could and went racing to the garage. Caught him just as he was pulling out, threw a handful of 20s at him; left my car there and drove my baby home. This is the support group for that sort of behavior, isn't it?
  19. Lot of little things to fix yet. The speed isn't bothering me at all. If there's someone behind me, I try to stay at the speed limit. If not, I just let it do whatever it seems happiest with. I've been sleeping in it in my driveway every night! I was thinking even if I wasn't poor, what would I buy that has two nice big separate beds like that? This is for my son and I and we're both over 6 foot. Heading out on our first trip this weekend. Thanks to everybody for all the advice.
  20. I'm going to pick up the 86 Dolphin tomorrow. I'm thinking safety check. It's a newly rebuilt engine and the owner said change the oil even though it's clean. He also suggested balancing the rear tires. He thinks they're a bit off. I'm nervous as heck, I never had such a thing. Excited but worried. I mean he showed me everything once, here's how to start the hot water heater, here's how to do the furnace, the stove; and I'm thinking "Boy, I'm getting old, how much of this am I going to remember?". There's an RV Park not too far from my house. I was thinking about going up there next weekend fo
  21. Hi! I'm Andy and I just bought my 1990 Sea-Breeze. I paid $4400 for a 1990 with 73k miles and other than some water damage that needs to be repaired, I think I did OK. I'd like to know what you think too so I started a blog. Please visit and weigh in on this. I've never taken on a project of this size but the cost savings seem to be worth it. I hope so. I think this is the kind of project you hate to do - until it is all done and you can reap the rewards. Here is a link to my new blog page: 90seabreeze.wordpress.com I've already replaced all the tires, done the differential and transmis
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