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  1. I am currently living in northern ca as well, It would be really helpful if you had received any more information on how to do the project yourself! I am currently missing all my major electrical components and my water pump/hose (which I have no idea how that is placed). Unfortunately, if anyone is out there with parts as well let me know! I have to get a new door and handles all around.
  2. See the problem I am having out here is being able to find the model 500 at any yards that's not completely torn apart, or anyone that can tell me about the specific model and the exact whereabouts of the hardware, the only advice I have been getting is, "To reach to experts/or forum based sites for the help". As of right now I am low on budget and need to touch up the major items as we get on the road!
  3. Woops didn't mean to add 2 cell phone problems! Anyways is your panel on the bottom like where it shows my cut wires and hoses? Also I'm guessing I need to attach a main 120 volt plug for when I am at a rv spot, also what size marine battery fits that small of spot? And I also have a bunch of wires hanging there for my connections to the battery
  4. I have no electrical panel at all, where would that be place if I was to look for it?
  5. I have no electrical panel at all, where would that be place if I was to look for it?
  6. I acquired the dolphin on lein sale so no luck gaining any knowledge of what the owner was previously working in (including a lot of unfinished re-wiring, missing hoses, and a multitude of other missing broken items, I have had a couple of people try and help me figure out some of the plumbing and electrical but they do not know to much about the older models of rvs so they told me I was for sure missing a couple of needed items they just didn't know where the appropriate place was since I am missing hoses and wiring from both sides of the rv
  7. I agree on supporting the local business over any conglomerate any day! Unfortunately can't always make that happen I will definitely give that tumbler and adhesive a try I'll work on getting that set up so you can see what me and my lady are going through! The overcab is mainly going to be for my gf art room work space
  8. Yeah that would be perfect! Much appreciated, also I have no idea what the initial 120 volt plug in for when you park at camping grounds is supposed to look like either
  9. It looks like you have the same model I do as well! I have a post on the general topic forum about missing pieces for my electrical and water pump you think you would be able to help me out with some pictures of where they are located? I am missing something where the cabinet is right next to the shower if you walk in on the left and the water hoses to connect to the fresh water tank I think I don't have at all
  10. What did you use for Styrofoam adhesive? And what type of wood did you use for the overcab? We are currently doing the same thing to our 87 dolphin but we raised the border about an inch along with thicker Styrofoam
  11. Any idea what belongs here? http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w3/Seven_Kyle/20150712_033058_zpsat0izo9l.jpg
  12. I am still having trouble figuring out where my water pump goes, seeing as how I bought it missing and also another piece, some people saying an inverter, or something else I went to Camping World and they had no idea and were not very helpful at all, anyone know or have any pictures of the hosing and hookups for electrical and water for a 87 dolphin ( I think mine is the 500 series)
  13. Hey Kim I was wondering if you might be available this weekend or next weekend so me and my girlfriend could stop by and check out your stuff along with meeting a fellow motorhome enthusiast! Let me know best way to get in contact! Still trying figure out a couple things with the motorhome
  14. That would be awesome to check out your selection of stuff! I live in Concord! So the sunrader and the dolphin are pretty compatible?
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