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  1. I'll try to get since pictures. They are not square so they only fit one way. Just knowing that there have to holes helps. Thank you!
  2. I am still having trouble with the side windows in the cab over (not a wraparound) I resealed them properly (removed, cleaned, butyl tape, re installed) I got a good "squish" of butyl around the outside. The seam is good, the water seems to coming in from the place that the window slides. Any advice? I'm super frustrated. I haven't been able to find any drain holes, is that my problem? I'm planning on further investigation today, but would love some help! Thanks.
  3. Hi! I've been having good luck so far with my 84 SunRader window reseal. However, I've reached a bump. The side windows in the cab-over/bed nook (this is not the wraparound kind) have been completely sealed shut, drains and all. Dose anyone make new windows I can buy? Used? Should I just scrape as much as I can and drill out the holes? Recommendations are appreciated. (The seals are a ridiculous combination of latex caulk, buytel tape, and some other kind of caulking, all of which was cozy under about 3layers of roofing tape) Thank you!
  4. Hi Hannah, Linda is the expert and her advice is solid.  I would just like to say that it is critically important that the screws that came out of the inside frame are all screwed back into the holes that they came out of. I had to remove my cab over window for repair and and one of the screws I thought was in the hole properly was not.  Sure enough, the first rain that came it started to leak because there was insufficient pressure at that point.  I reinserted and tightened the screw and the seal was good.  Good luck

  5. Thank goodness the old owner kept them! I found them behind the front seats. And yes the flat front not the curved.
  6. Hello! I bought my '84 Sunrader at the end of September, the previous owner had made lot's of "improvements". One of which was to take the inside frames off of the windows in the cabover bed, then he taped them on with roofing tape (the bane of my existence). Then he was confused about why it was leaking.... Anyway I have a very basic and possibly stupid question about the windows. I have one pulled out, am I correct in my assumption that the inside frame screws down to the outside frame creating a seal by tightening together on your sealant (butyl tape) ? Thank you in advance for your wisdom
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