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  1. We've been full-timing for a month now in the newer motorhome and the good old 1986 Toyota Dolphin is just sitting at my sister's place. It has a new engine and is PA inspected til May. Everything that is there works. No house AC. We used it on Memorial Day weekend. I give it a run about once a week. It's in the boonies of Northern PA though Bradford Airport is just a few minutes away. We had good times with it but have moved on and I don't have the inclination to muck around with it any more. Next month we're heading down for the eclipse then to Florida and on to the Southwest. I tried t
  2. Well I've only had it four years. Give me time. Heehee.
  3. Went to pick up my Dolphin at the shop, all excited. Couldn't wait to try out my brand spankin' new 22re engine. ($2600 total installed BTW) I went to pull away from the curb and heard a big clunk. Then I was in the middle of the street with no steering. The mechanic came out and got a pry bar to force the center link back into the pitman so that I could repark it. Sigh. Well it was the best place for it to happen. The parts probably won't get here til Monday or Tuesday so there is still hope for the Memorial Day weekend trip but I am making alternative plans. How many parts are ther
  4. Winegard just came out with a new RV system. Connect. It's interesting because it combines wifi and cell. Crazy expensive though.
  5. I'm trying to keep up. Sounds interesting. So could one connect a router to this setup for multiple devices? I'm researching it. A laptop with a virtual router sounds possible. I have to figure out if it would work with my cheap Chromebook. I do need a better laptop for the road.
  6. I've been experimenting with the canned meat line that has recently turned up at Walmart. I don't think it's half bad at all. If you're thinking dog food, no, they have a good texture. The brand is Keystone, 28 oz. Ground beef, beef, pork, turkey and chicken. Of course the more stuff you add the better it gets. I've heated the beef up with canned carrots and potatoes and it's instant pot roast. I mixed the pork with BBQ sauce, pretty good. Even tried Hawaiian Kalua pork with rice. I'm going to try making chili with the ground beef today. I really don't like messing with raw meat whil
  7. I tell people we got this new thing called the internet, you can look at Craigslist in Florida and see that RVs are NOT cheaper there. Another one I hear is, don't buy a MH from the Rust Belt. I live in the Rust Belt, we know about rust; and most of us are smart enough not to drive our motorhomes around in the salty snow.
  8. Well even the used ones. I don't see anything under $35K that probably won't need work soon. Unless you find that one old guy everybody is always talking about. You know the guy who's going to sell it to you for half price cause you're there and you have the cash. Yeah get me a unicorn while you're there. People tell me "Go to Florida, RVs are cheap there". Right, I go on Florida Craigslist and guess what? They ain't cheap down there. Yeah, I'm sure there's a super deal somewhere and if I find it, I'll jump on it. But that's not a plan. My plan is to continue working on the old Toy.
  9. "Can I change my mind?" I may be slipping back. Holey Moley, motorhomes are expensive! Not that I think that $50000 for a brand new E450 with a tiny house on it is unreasonable, that seems fair to me. It's just that someone is putting a brandy new engine in my Toyota Dolphin for $2500. Cripes I could do that every year for 20 years for that kind of money. I think what I need to do is to find someone to do the wood and tin work. I don't want to do it myself, I'm supposed to be retired. Now I'm leaning towards full timing this summer in the old beast, heading down south for the eclipse and then
  10. How badly? Mine did that last year. Cruisin' along, come to a hill; 10 mph. It was the TPS. Throttle position sensor. It's in the throttle body. I replaced it, not hard but fiddly. Look it up.
  11. Thanks everybody. If nobody wants it, I might just keep it on my sister's large property just for fits and giggles.
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