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Found 24 results

  1. So I just bought a 1985 Toyota Escaper with a 4 cylinder 22RE and 100k miles on it. I was able to drive about 150 mi from the sellers house to a pit stop at my parents with no problems and almost no oil burnt. There is no plume of smoke that comes from the tail pipe only the smell of oil being burnt. The next day I had to drive 240 mi to get the RV back to my house. I stopped and checked the oil 15 mi into my 240 mi trip and it was still at a decent level. I avoided major highways and only went 55 mph max. With only 23 miles left in my trip the engine started to make an awful sound as I was pu
  2. I recently leveled my 1985 Toyota Dolphin and am turning it into a flatbed truck. I am interested in swapping the 4 speed low geared tranny to one with a 5th gear for better fuel economy. I am hoping that it will be an easy project, but I've never worked with transmissions before. So far I've removed the entire motorhome down to the original framing, cut the frame just over 3 feet shorter (so it's now just over 16'), and fixed my tow hitch at the cut with some lag bolts. The vehicle is significantly lighter at this point and I'm thinking that I will get an increased fuel economy with a 5
  3. Water Pump squealing noises? When I rev it up to 3000 rpm or sometimes before it shifts into 3 rd gear it squeals but not always. Wondering if anyone tips on when to change to do? I just drove back 2700 miles with no trouble but now that I am home I am trying to find things to fix. Bored eh!
  4. 22re EFI Dolphin - 1987? It says May 86 in the door panel. Just got new gas tank, sending unit, pump, the works - and now my check engine light is flashing spasmodically, and it takes forever to fill the gas tank. It goes a few dribbles and then shuts off. If I try to continue, it will splash out. Going really slow doesn't work. The weird part is I put 12 gallons in no problem right after picking it up. So now I'm considering that the fuel hose vent may be blocked or not connected right. The mechanic was in a hella hurry to finish by 5 pm and get out of there. I don't know
  5. Has anyone done the 2.4LT Turbo diesel swap? I was thinking about doing it in my 87 Escaper 22re auto. Assuming my research is correct all I should have to do is swap the computer and wiring harness, steam-clean the fuel tank or get another one, purge or change out the fuel lines and change the filler neck. And add and intercooler. Is it worth it in terms of power and fuel economy? Or am I just thinking too big. Is there anything else I would have to change?
  6. I bought a 1986 Wanderlust this spring with plans to take my family to Burning Man. Thought I was buying something that needed only minor tweaks and cleaning, but ended up with something that needs a moderate overcab bunk rebuild, some resealing throughout, and general work. This will be my best attempt at documenting this journey, as well as canvasing members for help.
  7. 1986 Toyota 22RE EFI Dolphin Another test drive from the boonies to the big city of ABQ today. Humming along nicely at 55 - 60 there are intermittent sluggish moments of power loss. It's not gradual. It's like a big head wind hit us. Or someone gave our invisible Dolphin tail a yank to slow us down a second. BAM! and then normal for a mile or two or three. Not backfiring audibly. Not driving in windy conditions and it happens when there are no semi trucks sucking the back tires. Guess: Even though the gas tank was replaced with a new one in Tucson ( a month ago ) there are sti
  8. May 86/87 Toyota Dolphin 21' 22RE EFI Hi All, Now that I'm in one (dusty out in the middle of nowhere) place for a while, I can attend to the nagging issues that have attended this journey. The check engine light, quiet up until Tucson, is now flashing in bezerk spasmodic patterns. It is time to hack the computer and get a good reading - NOT while I'm try to drive in high wind conditions. Linda, you mentioned this article http://www.4crawler.com/4x4/CheapTricks/TroubleCodes/ I did find that, and I have the two little diagnostic yellow plastic cylinders on the sidewall,
  9. Can anyone quickly recall what these two connectors (red question marks, white plugs)? thanks in advance.
  10. This one should be a simple question. Whats this thing next to the brake fluid reservoir in red circle. Its left hose is loose, what hose replaces it?
  11. I am trying to trace back the truck airconditioner in this 86 Conquest. I fear it may have been disconnected and left disconnected at some point. Either way I have to audit what goes in where in the engine compartment and the a/c is first. Can someone take a picture or two of the a/c, and its cabling to the battery? I have the FSM for the truck but orientation with pictures would be a great help. Anything about recent wiring up/replacing the a/c would also help. Still have to do the internet search for that but figured to ask here first as usual.
  12. I have a '85 Sunrader Classic 18' rv. The engine has 129,000 miles. The valves and seals have been replace 2 years ago. It is burning a lot of oil -- a quart every 400-500 miles. The bottom of the engine probably needs to be replaced -- rings, etc. Another option is to replace the engine with a remanufactured engine. Anyone have any experience with rebuilding or replacing the engine? Being told that the 22re is too small to hold the weight load of the rv. Thoughts? Thanks.
  13. So yes. Im thinking to buy my first Toyota camper and I want a Chinook. I found one not far from me, didnt go down to take look at it yet. Owner has replaced 20r engine with 22re. Saying that it will have more power now. I wonder how much more power will it have and what is the MPG going to be. Also what I should be looking at when I will be checking it out? Special rust spots,leaks, cracks?? This will be my First camper and oldest car I have ever driven. Owner told me it is rust free and it is 1983 And I thought that last one was produced in 1978 or so.
  14. We took a trip up to Geneva on the Lake, Ohio last weekend. About 300 miles round. Very nice. I kept wanting to say, "Man, this Dolphin is running good" but I bit my tongue, thinking "We're not home yet". A half an hour or so out, it started acting up. Did not want to go up hills at all. I'm on the shoulder, 10 mph, with the blinkers on, trying to think which way home has the least hills. And we finally made it. I really thought the tranny was going, but in the bright light of the next morning I thought about it and read about it and decided that it had to be the TPS (Throttle Position Se
  15. Hi Folks, This is my first post here - I'm hoping some of you experts can share your expertise and advice towards a potential 1st time motorhome purchase. My wife and I (& two young kids) need a camper to travel round trip from Maine to Colo next spring for work, we'll be there for 5 weeks and don't want to rent a house/apt. Plus these little campers seem like a lot of fun in general Our family is used to tenting, so the Warrior would be a major room upgrade for us. We have a limited budget and can't spend a lot, but I also understand that you get what you pay for. We are used t
  16. Or at least a second opinion. He said the wrong thing today. "Maybe you should just get rid of it". What? My baby? He said it's leaking oil because it needs a new timing cover. He's going to have to pull the head again. "It's going to be expensive". We refurbed the head and new head gasket last yesr. Timing cover 50 bucks and what, maybe $500 labor? Not even 80K on the 22re yet. So I think I'm going to try another mechanic who is a lot further away. Sometimes I think whether a mechanic wants to do the job is just as important as their skill. If it seems like they really don't want to
  17. Hello fellow motorhomies. So, I have a 1984 Sunradar and a 1988 Winnebago. I am transferring the 88 engine/tranny/axles into my 84. That will be a 22RE where my 22R is now. Questions: Will I need to transfer fuel tanks as well? Can I just install a fuel pump somewhere? Or will I have to get creative and modify my current tank? THANK YOU for sharing any knowledge you have. I am a passionate homely motor man and completely dedicated to my Sunradar.
  18. Hello everyone, First post ever, so I'll introduce myself. I'm 33-years-old, single guy, a hopeful writer who pays the bills as a website/app designer, able to work anywhere with Internet. Just arrived back in the States from a couple years abroad, the last year living in Goa, India. While in India I learned the joy of living simply--cold showers, no furniture, power cuts--and after living the past few years out of a suitcase mostly (longer story), I feel little fear in living longterm (or at least until Life changes my path again) in a small space with few things. The only small fear might be
  19. I am looking for reliable sites to purchase a rebuilt engine. Has anyone purchased and replaced lately? Any advice would be welcome. Doing the work myself.
  20. Bought it 2 years ago with 56,000 miles on it, have driven it 25,000 miles with no problems. Just drove from NC to Yellowstone. As I got here, it started to die at stop signs, etc. Started back up, but died again when I pressed accelerator. Mechanic said it was missing, did a complete tune up...no better. Said engine might be shot. With 81,000 miles, I don't believe it. Any idea what I should have them check now. Oh, they have agreed to do a compression test.
  21. Hello & thank you for looking at my post. I'll cut right to the chase: Without knowing much about it, should I jump at the chance to buy a running 1987 Toyota Dolphin MH for only $3400??? I have been looking for a small Toyota MH for quite some time & I see many being offered for sale b/w $10-12K. Granted most if not all of the campers in this range claim to have had many 'upgrades'/parts replaced, but at only $3400 that would give me quite a bit of wiggle-room for any repairs that need to be done. Here's what little I know. The 87 Dolpin has ~84K miles on the fuel-injected 22RE engine
  22. How reliable is the old 20R motor compared to the 22R or 22RE? Besides less horsepower than the 22R or RE, are there any other disadvantages? Thanks Steve
  23. Hi. I'm looking for some advice for my '88 Toyota Sunrader - 22RE. A few months ago it stalled while driving, and we couldn't get it started again. I had it towed to a mechanic and he got it started no problem, and could not reproduce the problem, so he gave me a tune up... new spark plugs, fuel filter, new belts, and a a new battery. On the way home it stalled again, but started again after a minute. He told me he didn't know why and to put gas in it. After a few more short drives, it stalled again on the highway, but started up again after about 10 mins of continually trying. It was still tu
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