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  1. i would agree with fixing the generator you have. mine was removed before i got it and its a real pain to find one and modify it to work.
  2. yes i tried it 3 times then bought the the Amish repair kit
  3. Fridge didnt work so i bought the amish repair kit. Installed it and set the thermostat to max on electric. 4 hours later i checked on it and the freezer was -20 outside temp was around 50. the how much does the outside temp effect the fridge temp? Hasnt really been warm here but i cant get the fridge to go above 15 degrees and freezer well below zero on the lowest setting. as the outside temp warms up will the fridge temp warm also ?
  4. drove the motorhome to watch the grandkids while my daughter went to cut own a tree noticed the overhang bobbing a bit. is that normal ? and go army beat navy!!! oh wait they did
  5. axle is on top of the springs so i lifted the the camper a little , not off the ground, and put jackstands on the frame that was so it couldnt fall. then i jacked up the spring right under the axle and loosened the ubolts. threaded the bolts back on and tapped them up with a small hammer then slid the bracket in. dont tighten it until you get the top lined up. i did have to get a bottle jack because a floor jack didnt allow me any space to work.
  6. i just put mine on a few weeks ago. i didnt have to completely remove the old bags i had. i did one side tires on and took them off for the other side. Much easier with tires off. i could loosen the ubolts just enough to slide that bracket under them. biggest problem i had was drilling the holes to mount the top bracket one side on my sunland express has all the brake lines run right where i need to drill i ended up having to cut a little bit off the bottom brackets i couldnt get them to mount without completely moving the u bolts.
  7. My tire chart in the glove box is about the same pressure.
  8. Didn't see an adjustment on the compressor first picture is where the pulley mounted second is the pulley I removed. Not sure if it just stays in adjustment from that one bolt or should there be more to it.
  9. I've had stationery camp until I got this one. Wife does want to go to lake Erie this summer. Have to see if the Yoda will tow a motorcycle.
  10. 1986 Sunland Express 2.4 FI I was replacing belts and the ac belt seemed loose. Is this a tensioner? (spring loaded) or an adjuster (tighten belt tighten bolt)?
  11. Maybe see you out there sometime this summer
  12. Meant to say got it running for under $50. Minus tire cost. Those ran around $700 for all 6.
  13. I usually store all my vehicles with ef90 haven't had any problems
  14. I have an 86 sunland express came with a packet of paperwork what are you looking for ?
  15. Just picked up a 86 sunland express gained alot of information just from browsing the forum. got it up and running for under $50 - tire cost, playing with the tail light wiring right now and tail lights got it for $2000 73K miles. oils and fluids look good no leaks everything works except the fridge coil gets hot on the bottom but seems clogged ?
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