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  1. hi. i have a RM 2400 Dometic fridge in a 1986 Sunrader and only the freezer gets slightly cold and the coils on the back are hot is this a candidate for the 24 hour flip method or the Amish rebuilt cooling unit replacement? whats the chances of an old clogged fridge catching fire ?
  2. HI. i have an 86 Sunrader with the same crappy press connectors we all have. Wiring is hit or miss underneath as they are old and dry... So i removed and replaced what i could. All new running lights and led bulbs interior and exterior. next i tied in Hopkins-48915-Tail-Light-Converter . Because the Toyota has separate blinkers from stop lights it needs a 5 wire converter hookup. Installed with no problems and everything works as it should. blink stop turn run however, when the blinker is on the opposite stop lights dims with each blink the ground is n
  3. hi.   i saw a post where u found a guy selling old stock rm2400 fridges? he had 3... any chance you have his number? i want to replace mine with a better one that actually works. !  



  4. i have the same panel and a 12v Rm2400 Dometic fridge. When i check the the top of the fuse bank i get 12volts.. and i also get that reading on the bottom for each of the three remaining fuse circuits......... except for the fridge circuit. it only shows 6-7 volts. ive changed the fuse and still no consistent 12v reading. any ideas? what size/type fuses should be in line for the fridge?
  5. i got it. the previous owner made a mess in there but i sorted it out. thanks for the replies!!!
  6. hi does anyone have a picture of the back side of this switch panel? Looks like the previous owner had their hands in here and some wires are not connected to the right switches. thanks
  7. did you powdercoat the dor window frame? it looks great in black great jib ob the fiberglass.. looks factory original
  8. almost any propane tank service/refill center can take your existing tank and bead blast, powdercoat and put in a new valve and fuel gauge for around 200 dollars. for 80 bucks they can remove the valve - chase the threads and install a new one. money well spent .. in my opinion.. if you are going to take that tank out for any reason then do a complete overhaul before putting it back. its cheap insurance to never have a leak again
  9. the propane tank which is located on the passenger side of a 86 sunrader 4x4 (black tank) must be removed in order to remove the rear spring shackle. the nuts are on the inside and the outer bolts of the shackle are welded. so the only way to remove the shackle is to close the propane valve, remove the hose that connects to the valve and then remove the four bolts that hold the tank to the frame. once u drop down the tank out of the way the shackle can then be removed and bushings replaced. then re install the tank in reverse order. ( replace the bolts with stainless and now would b
  10. MontanaChinook thanks for the thoughts.. . from looking closer at a friends 78 chinook there should be no reason why air bags would fit. jdemaris yes my sway bar was rigged up by someone years ago and they got it absolutely wrong. i did not find a replacement that would fit the floater axle so i attempted to refresh the one in place as i was changing out the leaf pack and shocks anyway. what i realized off the bat was the sway bar mounts should not of been welded to the frame and the bar is not transferring and load to the other side as it bottoms out against the frame. i am looking
  11. yes some sway and roll is expected.. what problems did you have with you 78 as far a fitment? firestone seems to have it listed for the 86. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/fip-2116/overview/year/1986/make/toyota/model/pickup
  12. what upgrades has anyone done?... Are you running a sway bar in rear or air bags or just springs/shocks only? anyone change out the front torsion bars for aftermarket? i installed new leaf springs, new shocks, all new bushings in rear and tie rod ends, bushings, idler arm, stabilizer shock, ball joints in the front end. the rig is much better but still has a dangerous amount of sway and roll if i ever had to get out of the way of a deer or trucker tire. my next step was going to be to add Sway-a-Way torsion bars and Firestone air bags,, any and all info is appreciated
  13. yes. i will pull it apart. there has to be a way to rebuild the cylinder to accept a new key
  14. why? .. please explain... mine is toast. i can open it with any key.
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