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  1. well, we will see what happens. the coach has a major issue in the back, will require some involved work to repair the floor and fix whatever is rotted causing it to sag. not a big deal for me, just time that i dont have much of. i will fix the exhaust leak and a few minor things then list it. if i can get to the coach repairs i will, and if it doesnt sell by the time im done, or decide to flat bed it, i will keep it. thing is too much fun with that motor in it.
  2. You are correct on the prices for sure! honestly i have talked several people out of buying the rig because the new owner would have to be a gear head. there is no shop anywhere that would work on it. i did know that when i did the swap that selling would be a challenge. If i found the right person, they would get a heck of deal for that reason. otherwise i will just make a baby duel flatbed out out it! would be really awesome
  3. finally will be able to fix all the mechanical bugs now that the rig is in Wisconsin. once that is done i will have to evaluate to sell it, make it a flat bed, or fix the coach issues. good news is how nicely the rig runs in the cold. i started it several times over the winter and i never had a lick of problems, just turn the key and boom. could not say the same for my 2008 rv or my three other vehicles. they all had battery issues, or hard starting. not the dolphin, got great satisfaction over that.
  4. After several years being in Texas while I lived all over the darn place, the rv is here at my house in Wisconsin. should get everything fixed up and well. still impressed by how well the 1uz motors run. even with the exhaust leak the thing just runs strong. I will evaluate the water leak on the drivers rear corner and decide the fate of the camper. would be an fabulous little dump truck or flat bed. im still up for selling to the right person, though the prices are going to go up the more i have to do! if you ever wanted to know what is needed to tow our rigs. i have a 22 ft flat bed trailer with a 10k rating, and a new 2022 chevy 2500 diesel. more than enough to pull them, truck barley even blinked!
  5. I still have the rig, it still runs well though one bad choice has caught up to me. I debated to delete the ERG. it's a common exhaust leak for these engines. i got rid of the original style and used hard piping...but it now leaks badly. there is just no easy way to get to it to weld or delete. i have all the parts and tools setting in the rig ready to drill an access hole from the cab, fix the leak then close the hole. thinking ill make it an access port and secure it with a seal and screws in case I need to get in there again. overall its still in good shape, though that back shower and floor will need to be ripped out and fixed not sure where water got in, but somewhere. I would still sell it, if it was the right person who is a gearhead and can do things I would sell pretty cheap in my mind, $6k bottom firm, without the $3500 generators on the back. 8k with. It has been setting near San Antonino tx undercover at a rv storage lot for 4 years. each year when I'm down there i fire everything up and drive her around. never any worry about it starting, other than the battery but so far haven't had to jump it! still think it will be a bad behind baby dually flatbed truck someday.
  6. Yeah, I would feel the same way. But I knew that when I started. I had my fun doing it and driving it. Probably the flat bed will be next. I know that I did a quality job, and I have driven it cross country several times so I know it’s solid. I do have all the reacords, schematics, wire diagrams etc..still. I suppose if I finished everything and made it perfect I’d could probably sell it More easily. Time is my issue,. Besides I really think a flatbed/dump would be cool. Paint the whole thing Kubota orange! i am always mtdave2 on any forum. SO a mt Dave is not me
  7. So, now the time has come for a decision. One, try to sell the RV, it’s always hard to sell super custom stuff. Just tear the coach off and make a super cool baby flatbed and haul my Kubota tractor on it. Or fix the hand full of things that need done, but I have no time and the RV stays in Texas, I live in Wisconsin. So I’d have to bring the RV back and forth to Texas every year, and We could use a bigger RV that ccould be worked on at a shop with no problems on cross country trips. im thinking flat bed, the thing would be fast!
  8. Well if i can keep my foot out of it, I have gotten 18 but perhaps i could do better if it wasnt loaded down. Id love to see a post if you do the swap!
  9. Thanks Nam, It was a fun project. it is still not totally done, there are a couple small things to figure out but it is very usable. 3 drives to Texas proves it works! my life has changed a bit for a while. I took a job in Calgary Canada, and i left all my stuff in Texas. I do plan on building a shop in Texas so everything is set up when i want to take a little break from work and go tinker on things. for the next few years, I am without a shop or even tools! unless i make a friend here in Calgary i won't be wrenching. I would recommend that everyone does a project like this one time. To really understand what goes into it, you have to do it yourself!
  10. Hey Dave we were referring to the hitch you added and wondering what happened to you?

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    2. jjrbus


      Thanks for the response, never cared much for work, so finally gave it up:D

    3. mtdave2


       I'd sure like to. Chasing good railroad jobs has lost its luster. I'm ready to retire and just wrench on things.

    4. jjrbus


      I got lucky and only worked for 2 companys over the years, the Erie Lackawana and then the Delaware and Hudson.  When the Erie went into Conrail I was able to bid on a D&H job and stayed there till I got put out to pasture.


  11. If anyone lives in the area, we are planning on doing some camping...and naturally taking on stup I'd projects on the rv. I need some rv friends close!
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