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  1. Forget the RTV sealant..... Do not use a cork or a cork/rubber pan gasket. Do not use a "rubber pan gasket either" Source a "Duraprene" pan gasket, hammer flat any dimple's in the pan. put the gasket on DRY and securely tighten the bolts....This material is used by pro builders, it seals & will not need constant tightening. donnie
  2. Can you mark where the yoke was when sitting assembled? If so, take the yoke off the shaft & slide it in by hand to see if it is touching anything. If the splines will allow it, and the yoke is .375 too long, a good machine shop with a lathe can shorten your "too long part"..... Do some measuring if the part can't be found
  3. Richard is correct, as a former Transmission Shop Owner, now retired........if you pay more than 3 or 4 bux for this bushing, you are getting hammered..Federal Mogul or one of their subs make a LARGE % of these aftermarket bushings..........donnie
  4. It appears to me that no one has mentioned : it is best to do the sanding, wire brushing, & painting the arms with them being removed from the vehicle. To do this lift the arms away from the glass to a stand up position, about 90 degrees...After lifting the arms away from the glass, the tension will be gone & then you can remove them .. NOTE:::::::::::::::Before trying to remove them, cover your glass with a couple of heavy blanket's, just in case one of the arms gets away from you & hits the windshield. The arm with the blade removed can possibly crack your glass...With the tension removed, you can pry the arm from the attaching "pivot" using a screwdriver & a rolled up towel as a fulcrum to help in the process.....donnie
  5. Coming in late on this. I'm not sure if Toyota used a sight glass in their system back in the R12 daze, but if there is one, it can be a view into your line to see if there is adequate coolant........... Any leak in the system will show itself by the oel at the faulty 0 ring, fitting, compressor seal, etc. .... there is no sump in the compressor. The oel is suspended in the gas & travels thru the system... There is a safety plug somewhere in the system that will pop at extremely high pressure & allow the gas to escape...This can happen if there is blockage in front of the condenser, a faulty fan clutch, or overcharging the system....German vehicles located the safety plug low in the system, usually in the dryer so the escaping gas would exit below the engine......... I am not sure how much of this info applies to your vehicle........theory, yes.....sight glass not sure.......donnie
  6. Hi all, I have been away chasing other interests & not checking in like I should.. Haven't been using my Chinook as much as I did... Our band broke up this past summer & only used it a few times.. I have been thinking about selling it if the Bus I am looking at comes down a few bux. I really miss the space that my old 4104 offered, I have my eye on a REALLY NICE one that is not being used much.. They take it to Fla. in the winter & seldom use it in the summer..Maybe to a couple races... I will post info in the classifieds if & when I make a decision....Saying HI to all my old friends.......................donnie
  7. Donnie here, just stopping by to see who is doing what.. Been away too long...Been chasing other interest's.. Thinking about selling my Chinook.

    Need something larger..... miss my bus...😞.....got my eye on a 4104, very much like my old one.......unsure at the moment.  Nice to be back.....

  8. Some paint stores can scan your panel near the "off color area"...... enter the scan into their computer & blend a custom spray can that will match your color for about 30 bux ...in our area other areas will differ............... white's & cream's are least costly..............colors are a bit more.... yello & red are most costly due to the gold oxide needed......call around............. donnie
  9. Donnie


    For used parts try..................... car-part.com just fill in your info & search ...........millions of pro's use this site................. HTH, donnie
  10. Good point Fred, I though that the poster already owned this truck? Chinook coach assembly looks to be sitting a bit low on the frame... I can't tell from the photo's if there is any weather stripping between the truck cab & the Chinook body.. Seems to "squat" low in the rear...too... I would check the mounting areas real closely & the floor...also.. Possibly a stick it together & find a buyer deal....The interior appears to be laid out like my 1975 was ...counter area, the canvas pulls for the roof, ice box WAS under the rear mounted stove.. not sure if there is a frig up front of the counter or an ice box. Also there is no furnace under the bed, my 78 has one, the 75 did not... I realize that many interior options were offered.. & I am not an authority by any means on the Chinook....just opinion's..Donnie
  11. Hi, there was a small opening, about 2" in the area where the previous owner has cut out a large square.. It was capped with a plastic threaded cap that you could screw off to allow access to the mechanism that would allow you to use the jack handle & the 20" + rod located behind the passenger seat to lower the chain that held the spare tire in place to the ground... I doubt that the tool's that I mentioned are included in the truck.... Can you look into the "opening" & see any way that the spare tire is being held into place? Originally you would unscrew the cap. Then using the long rod & jack handle, you would insert the rod into an orifice in the retaining mechanism & crank it counter-clockwise, which would unwind the chain & lower the tire to the ground.. These parts are subject to have been neglected as the spare tire may not have been removed in YEARS. I had to take my assy. down & clean up the rust & corrosion, lube it & get it back into place........ not an EZ task, but if you ever need to access your spare.... It needs to operate. I have a '78 Chinook & will be more than glad to help with advise... although I am WEAK in the area of getting photos into this forum.......................Donnie
  12. ..I cannot find the blinker 'flasher' switch tho'..and I've torn the whole dash apart..why would a previous owner dismantle such a thing? Hmnn oh well..I need a manual... Are you looking for the "flasher" ? Like your turn signals do not work? 4way flashers do not work? do your turn signals lite up, but do not flash? I'm not clear on your problem....... My Chinook is not here where I am, but if you clear up my confusion, I will check my flasher location the next time that I go over to where it is kept... I THINK that I know what you are saying, but not sure.... donnie
  13. Hi, I'm coming in late on this post as I don't watch this site as much as I used to. SORRY !............ on the manual search, The ATSG manual is used by nearly ALL shops...The ATRA manual is basically the same. so save your time here. If you wish send me a PM , letting me know how far you are willing to reach out to find a reputable shop , I will see if I can help you.....I don't need your exact location, but the nearest large metro area could help....donnie
  14. LED bulb's should not give off enough heat to melt your lens? I can touch mine after they have been on for hours.. Also LED'S are available from "warm white to super brite" & use about 1/10 the wattage of a standard 1156 bulb.. A lot of homework to choose the correct bulb for your application as the LED field is loaded with confusing information. watts, lumens, candlepower etc.. donnie
  15. Don't spend $164 for a book... Look on line: both ATRA & ATSG manuals are available for 20 to 30 bux.. In what city & state are you located ? Or how far are you from a fairly large city.? There are a lot of Good, Honest shops around the country. I have contacts in most all states & can direct you to a reliable shop if you need one... My shop has been closed for a few years as I am now retired, but still keep in touch with many old friends all over the country........tell your dad, this trans is an EZ build.. if he has mechanical skills. .. he can do it. ............donnie I'm not quite sure now if you have the original trans from the truck or the one you bought at Auto zone?????? I
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