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  1. I was given an 83 Huntsman this spring. After looking at this board, I spent the summer finding and having a friend put in the needed axle - turning it from a 2-ton planter into something that can be driven. My friend has also done basic tuneup and maintenance checks. He is very kind. He has just now gotten the propane tank filled and will be bringing it back to me in a couple days to see if the appliances work. And - it is probable that we won't be able to get the bathroom and shower working. It might end up just being storage for me. I would have to make due with truck stops, etc. A woman friend has also sewn cushion covers. - I am in a ministry. People have been very kind. Okay. Next step. I have no money. I am a widow with no mechanical skills. My friend helps, but I don't want to ask more of him than absolutely necessary - and as you can see, he has already done very much. What I can do: I can paint? The outside is a mess. I was thinking I might like to paint the cabinet doors white, as well, to lighten it up. There is old paint in the basement of this house that I bought a few years ago. It is interior satin enamel. (I am paining over probably having to sell the house and live in the RV). I know it's generally not a good idea to use old paint.... but maybe there isn't enough anyway. I think I heard about a free place for paint in Fargo or Morehead a few years ago. At any rate. Any advice at all is appreciated. I am thinking I should learn how to do maintence on my own as well. My friend showed me where the things are to fill up the air bags. That looked easy. And he showed me where the rig should sit above the tires when it is filled properly. If I can pull this off and actually live in this planter - and maintain it myself - no one will ever be able to deny the reality of miracles again....
  2. Thank you all so much for this help! I appreciate it very much. Well - it is a big question how much money to put into a rig like this. I have been blessed with very kind mechanic friends who have done amazing things without asking anything in return. I don't know how long they will continue to extend that grace though - and I don't want to abuse the kindness. I needed a motorhome to help with work I have been doing - advocating for abused and neglected kids on reservations. These generous men have been helping to keep the work going. I will show them what you have written and leave the decision with them as to whether this rig should be fixed up or not. If this isn't the right rig for me - we will figure something else out.
  3. Thank you, so much! I really appreciate it. Well - I have mechanic friends close to a couple of these places who would help with removals. But as you said, shipping will be the issue. I'll start contacting them to see what it is going to take. Thank you so much for these leads!
  4. I have been given a 1983 Toyota Huntsman. I brought it to the shop yesterday for new tires - and... they couldn't do it. They had never seen the funny dually rims before and said their machines wouldn't be able to handle them. So... I started researching those funny rims with 5 lug nuts, and - well, learned a lot. So here we sit. I have spent the day scouring online for a used 6-lug full-floating rear axle assembly. Has anyone seen any recent listings for the axle?
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