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  1. As others have said check the fuse first. After replacing the fuse if the taillights still dont work use a multi-meter to check their functionality before buying bulbs. If they work but just need new bulbs you can try that. I converted my rear taillights to Bargman LEDS. Very good upgrade and highly recommended.
  2. Thanks ya'll. I'm gonna give it a shot doing it myself. The springs have settled a little. My camper is completely gutted right now so hopefully it will lose an inch or so in ride height after I build it out.
  3. Finally got the new leaf springs, pins, bushings and shackles installed. Mac's Spring Shop in San Bernardino did the work and they did great work, and Jesse the owner gave me some goodnight insight into what to do next to the rig. New springs haven't settled yet but already the ride is so much smoother! He did mention it would best if I replaced the brake lines. Are these the same as the regular Toyota pickups?
  4. I recently replaced these gaskets on my sunrader adventure. I used trim-lok products. I ordered bulbs that were about 1/4-1/2" bigger than the ones I removed. The fiberglass portions the trim attached to was not a consistent width so I just found something close in the channel size and made it work.
  5. I've been looking as well. "The Lifeproof" stuff at Home Depot seems highly regarded in reviews. Given the small footprint the cost doesn't seem too extreme for the nicer stuff. It's what I'm leaning towards using in mine.
  6. Pretty nice!!! A few years ago there was someone in LA area selling a mint condition chinook. Wish I would have bought it they were only asking around 10k
  7. I'm in the Inland Empire but cruise the rig to San Diego now and then. My sunrader is a pop-top so a bit different than most. I wanted a manual but mine has the automatic. Its been good to me ever since I turned off OD. I think with the extra weight of the 21+ footer the manual would be much more helpful going up grades. Highly recommend you look underneath all of the rigs you potentially buy. Check the window and door seals. Almost every rig I called about when I was looking the owner said they didn't leak but every single one obviously had Some other models to consider but are much rarer are the Sandtana and Bandit. Sandtana's have a tilt top roof and a huge rear window.
  8. mnkywrench. setup craigslist alerts and check frequently. socal does get postings for sunraiders
  9. $8000 sounds cheap for an engine swap but way too much to put into something like this. I have the 22re in my Sunrader(18ft pop-top) and it actually gets up and goes better than I expected. Uphill is less inspiring but if you're going to pay $8000 to swap the engine why not pay 20k and have someone cut the shell off and remount it to an early 2000s truck? There are even shops that specialize in this now.
  10. I generally drive close to 2000 miles a month in my Subaru. From LA to San Bernadino to San Diego to Orange County. I've taken my Sunrader around town and on a couple of 180 miles round trips. Ever since the pandemic drivers have been crazy in SoCal. Aggressive, speeding, tail gating, no one uses turn signals, road rage. It's increased 10X since a couple of years ago. Has anyone else felt drivers have lost their minds since Covid? It's making me intimidated to drive my slow, no airbags, no safety features Sunrader on any serious trips. I added bright LED taillights to the back, additional marker lights, extra mirrors. What are you experienced motorhomers safe driving tips? Thanks.
  11. I needed a driver's side and was able to get off of ebay for $40. Which I still think was overpriced given the condition. I would just try to recondition your current ones.
  12. Just dropping an update for other users to use caution when ordering from 4wheelparts. Ordered my springs back in April and they are still back-ordered. Summit racing got them to my doorstop in 3 days. Smog check next monday and then off to the spring shop on tuesday for install.
  13. Hi Willy, Care to share pics of your interior? I purchased the rig in the OP and I'm just about ready to renovate the interior. The stock interior looked good on the surface but rodents had made nests in every single interior cavity so I gutted it. Thanks.
  14. I've been toying with the idea of adding these: https://activesuspension.com/products/kits/1986-2004-toyota-pickup-2wd/ I'm going to wait until I have my new leaf springs and bushings installed before I spend the extra money. Youtube reviews seem to be very positive of these on pickup trucks hauling or towing.
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