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  1. After removing the stock interior from my Sunrader Adventure(you wouldn't believe how much rodent poop was under the shower floor/ toilet/aux battery/heater/everything). I noticed the fiberglass is separating at the wheel wheel slightly. Any input on this best way to repair? Is it something I should worry about?
  2. You're location says SoCal. Have you tried calling up Yotamasters in Corona, CA? I third 22re performance and also recommend LCE as a backup option.
  3. There was a guy in Colorado mating Sunrader and Chinook shells to mid 2000's Tacomas. Cub's Mod Shop - he hasn't posted in a long time so not sure if he is still at it. Elevated Overland in Arizona(I think) also does some really good builds with Sunrader shells on newer trucks.
  4. I finally got around to installing LED taillights in my 1986 Sunrader Adventure. I used the Bargman for the lower 3 and then a similar sized top light from etrailersdotcom. Used HDPE sheet(better UV resistance than ABS) and cut spacers using a jigsaw and dremel. Bargman lights wired right up to the existing spec wires, the top light I had to use a converter. I put a truck tailgate LED bar at the top as well. I'm pleased with the results, very bright and lights up like a Christmas tree! I used 2-to-1 insulated butt crimp connectors for the wiring, way more secure than scotchlocks. I think
  5. Check on side of the steering column.
  6. I would also post in your ad what you paid for it. I work in sales and "my loss is your gain" motivates potential buyers.
  7. Hey there, I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. Your images don't work for me. Is this your ad? https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/rvs/d/pittsburgh-1988-toyota-itasca/7257120431.html I did something similar, bought an old Toyota Chinook and realized it basically needed an entire frame off restoration to be usable. Can you store it for cheap or free? If so I would keep your ad and your price posted and see if you get any takers. I've seen Toys on craigslist for 2 years+ before getting sold. The lights, mirrors and belts you might be able to do f
  8. Price seems okay. I've stalked craigslist for the past 4 or so years for Chinooks. I would value it as it sits from the pictures in the 2800-3500 range. DO NOT TRUST THE INTERNAL FABRIC POP-TOP STRAPS!!! No matter how clean, no matter how secure you might think they are. If you buy a Chinook, mount EXTERNAL locking latches, use screws and marine-tex to secure them BEFORE driving it anywhere over 20mph. I put 2 in front and 2 in the rear. If you trailer it, throw a tie down strap over the whole top. I have seem a near *mint* Chinook parachute it's pop-top on the fre
  9. I have an 1986 Toyota Sunrader Adventure 1. The rear taillights are functional in all manner but the housing, frame and lenses are all close to totally failing. I purchased: https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Lights/Bargman/47-84-104.html as a replacement. I already have an LED taillight bar mounted high and wired up with scotchlocks(need to find better solution). When I install the new lights I'd like to re-do the wiring to the best possible long-term solution. Originally I was going to use piggyback spade connector terminals but have read that that is a weak solution. I am looking at usin
  10. I'm in CA and the advice I was given and followed with success was to use AAA for the legwork. I had a hand written bill of sale and that's it for my rig and was able to get a title.
  11. I have a 1986 toyota sunrader adventure(pop-top). I really want to put a fantastic ceiling fan but given the large fiberglass pop-top I have no idea where the internal supports/beams are. Anyone have decent ideas on how to make the hole as painless as possible? I was going to try to use a studfinder but unsure if that would work.
  12. toyotapartsdeal.com for cab/truck parts. The rest is a mixture of amazon, rvsupply websites and google. -Rear light washers - you might have to fabricate yourself from a sheet and then seal with a liquid sealant. -I would check rv supply stores and amazon for replacement fans
  13. I keep my rig inside a gated self storage lot down the street from me. Went to put my new battery in yesterday to discover it was hit by someone. I keep a nice RV cover on it and noticed a hole in it upon driving up. Took back the cover and the front bumper was ripped forward, some scratches on the side running light and fender as well. No note or anything. Storage manager spent all afternoon looking at the cameras and found the guy that did it. Big uhual truck clipped it making a turn and then ripped the bumper backing up. Police said because it happened on private property its technically no
  14. I have an Adventure I. If anyone has any questions about these.
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