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  1. I needed a driver's side and was able to get off of ebay for $40. Which I still think was overpriced given the condition. I would just try to recondition your current ones.
  2. Just dropping an update for other users to use caution when ordering from 4wheelparts. Ordered my springs back in April and they are still back-ordered. Summit racing got them to my doorstop in 3 days. Smog check next monday and then off to the spring shop on tuesday for install.
  3. Hi Willy, Care to share pics of your interior? I purchased the rig in the OP and I'm just about ready to renovate the interior. The stock interior looked good on the surface but rodents had made nests in every single interior cavity so I gutted it. Thanks.
  4. I've been toying with the idea of adding these: https://activesuspension.com/products/kits/1986-2004-toyota-pickup-2wd/ I'm going to wait until I have my new leaf springs and bushings installed before I spend the extra money. Youtube reviews seem to be very positive of these on pickup trucks hauling or towing.
  5. Sway-a-way has been recommended here before. I can't seem to find them in stock anywhere.
  6. Yes, I have a rear sway bar on my rig. Bushings are shot and they are getting replaced along with the leaf springs and bushings. This thing just feels and handles so sketchy driving through the canyons. I'm worried I'm going to get rear-ended driving so slow. After I get the leaf springs installed I'll white knuckle it again and see if I should spring for the roadmaster kit. It is expensive but they have a 30-day refund police so it *might* be enough time to throw it on and see if it drives $500 better and return it if the difference is minimal.
  7. I'm very close to pulling the trigger on these. I'm going to wait until my new leafs and bushings are installed and see how she handles after that.
  8. Paint looks cool. I'll take some pics tomorrow of how the canvas attaches. On the chinook it's just stapled and glued
  9. Mine is a 1986 Sunrader Adventure. 22re with the auto transmission. I try to stay at 55 for the most part.
  10. Cubs Mod Shop in Colorado and Elevated Overland both have done some impressive Chinook/Sunrader swaps onto new trucks.
  11. The tires on my rig when I first picked it up were 8+ years old. I dont remember the size but they weren't D-rated like my current ones. They had decent tread and looked okay and I drove it from Norcal to Socal overnight with no issues. Looked up the date code a few days later and feel blessed I made it. Hankooks have been great, I have maybe put a couple thousand miles on mind and they look new. Started with 55 psi when I had them installed and 19 months later they were all hovering 45-50 psi without a single air fill inbetween.
  12. So far I have had these parts installed/serviced by my local mechanic: New Hankook RA18 Tires KYB Shocks Front/Rear Inner Tie Rod Outer Tie Rod End Rack & Pinion Idler Arm Center Link Rear Dif Wheel Bearings Brakes Up next is: Leaf springs, bushings (ARB CS010R and Prothane bushings) Engine top-end rebuild with LCE dual row timing chain. Engine runs and sounds decent but being 35 years old and with a somewhat unknown maintenance history I want the peace of mind having it serviced thoroughly.
  13. I figured I would start a thread to post the progress of my Sunrader Adventure. Currently waiting for leaf springs and timing chain kit so I started tackling some exterior projects. The mirrors that came on this rig were garbage: small, short, rusted, wobbly and worn. I took the dual mirrors and brackets off my chinook to swap over and decided I didn't like the chrome so painted everything black and bought new mirror glass from Velvac. Currently waiting for the paint to dry before re-installing. Also bought new stainless steel hardware. The zinc coated steel hardware was rusting. Acorn nuts are expensive but look better than the standard nuts and bolts. I have 2 brand new grey 6.5" Velvac mirror gaskets if anyone wants them. Free just make a $2-3 donation to a charity(preferably ocbpc.org) in lieu of covering shipping.
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