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  1. I finally got a working fan for the bathroom and let me tell you this is the one to get. It does intake or exhaust, 10 speed settings, everything is remote controlled, it even closes when it rains automatically. But tye biggest advantage is the airflow. Its cools the inside very noticably almost instantly. Theres even a LAN and DATA cable plug im assuming to communicate with a 2nd fan to do the whole intake exhaust thing?
  2. Just finished my latest upgrade this week...95 4runner front end!! It want exactly bolt right on but was doable with some finesse and a positive attitude... Before-during-after shots below :)0
  3. Ive been working on deleting the factory beat up ugly old tailights with something more modern. I picked up these off ebay for 112$, theyre meant for a late model Jeep Wrangler and i think will look great not to mention other drivers will actually be able to tell when i brake/signal. My question is which way to mount them? The right sidebis the correct position as would be on a Wrangler. The left side is flipped on its side which will be much easier to match the countour of the rv when mounted, i just can't decide which i like better?? As you can see the bondo glass is a work in progress.
  4. Check out the wire that arrived today. its 4/0 Guage from Knu Koncepts. I'm going to use it to hook my batteries up in series, from battery positive to Buspar, and for the inverters. Damn this stuff is beastly. Its OFC and contains 10,000 individual wire strands. Forget about resistance losses, if anything ill have to little resistance!
  5. I had some great results using Henry's Tropicool 100%Silicone roof material. 2 gallons was more than enough and not a leak since!
  6. Good question, I have it wound up in the driver's side compartment that once had batteries in it
  7. They did a very nice job, that had to be so much work!
  8. I picked up this bumper today and I'm seriously considering mounting it on my frame rail extensions as a rear bumper since right now I don't have one, just a trailer. It will give it that unique look I'm going for with this build! The pics I just have it balancing on the trailer hitch just to get somewhat of an idea what it would look like.
  9. That's unfortunate cause I'm sure damn near everyone with steel wheels would like a set, maybe they don't want them 350$ bad?
  10. I polished my rims today and man I can't say enough good stuff about this metal polish, I've tried every metal polish orielys and autozone have and nothing else compares. It's called White Diamond Metal Polish. Look at that shine!!
  11. I'm one of the lucky ones I guess, min came with the chrome wheels covers which I think look great especially after I polished them like crazy!
  12. You make a valid point about the energy in propane. Im just experimenting for the first time with off grid power production, storage, and monitoring there of. And im enjoying it! I've got 4 of these 6 volt = 450AH And 2 of these 12 volt= 280AH My house converter/charger is the PG 4645 which puts out 45 amps charging, although I've noticed on my surge protector that it's pulling 10 amps from shore power. Does that sound correct? Obviously it can't pull 45 amps from a 20 amp shore circuit I guess it must amplify the charge somehow. I'd love to know how much the batteries are taking in at any one minute. 730 AH/45 amp = 16.2 hrs to charge the whole bank! Im aware that's not how it works and would take longer to get to 100%. That's why I need a good solar setup. Right now I try and run the Predator 2000 2-3 hrs. each day to keep the voltage between 12.2-12.8.
  13. Also on a side note... My battery bank has gotten out of control in the toyotahome! Im obsessed with how long and how well I can boondock it. I've currently got 4 225ah 6v batteries in series parallel hooked on series with 2 140ah 12v batteries for a total of 6 batteries @ 730ah!
  14. Good recommendations. I have looked at the monitor you posted a pic of and it looks like it would do what I want, it's just so cheap is why I hesitated. Here's the one Ive decided on. It's brand new from Renogy, I've had nothing but good experiences with them, I had the 200watt solar starter kit on the 87 Oddysey, and im now running their 2000 watt pure sine wave Inverter in the 91 Warrior. It's 89$ on eBay.
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