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  1. Don't forget to add a bag or 2 of ice cubes. Then go for a drive, they bang around in the tank and knock things lose, then melt and make an easy dump
  2. Easy.... remove swamp cooler. Check to see if there is an 110v ac receptical near the vent. Lift the new A/C on the roof and install tit. The rv A/C units are bolted on with the bolts going through the 14x14 vent hole so no drilling in the roof. You will need a gasket for the base, get it when you buy the A/C. The units come in the 9000 btu or 13.5k btu sizes. The smaller 9000 btu ones will work of a 2kw generator. The 13.5k units need 2500w +. The 9000 will keep an rv cool, it justs takes longer to coo it down. My Toy has a 13.5 and it takes about 1/2 hr to cool down the inside from 100 deg to 75 or so. WME
  3. If it won't fit out the door. Remove the passangers seat and take it out that door.
  4. If the shop is warrantying their work, then do it their way
  5. Best advice is don't, unless you see lots of class A rigs on firm sand. If you go on dry sand, NEVER,NEVER stop moving
  6. WME


    Some how I just cant see 20MPH over the limit and Toyota MH in the same sentence
  7. I THINK the clock has 4 wires. 12v constant, keep alive voltage 12 switched, turns on display 12 from dash lights, dims clock for night time Ground No Idea what colors
  8. The Monroe catalog lists the Motorhome. 34954 front and 34803 rear for Toyota MH 1985-1994
  9. Best shock= Bilstein, Best bang for the buck, Monroe
  10. Use a good voltmeter and check the voltage at the controller and the battery. .5v is to much loss. I prefer 10 ga wire too and the controller as close as possible to the batteries. That way the voltage drop is on the 18v from the panel and you can still get 14.5v to the batteries.
  11. I adjust the air pressure on mine until it sits about 1' tail high, helps with some drive ways. It still handles good.
  12. Make sure you have trailer brakes
  13. Sounds like you have a small leak in something. My air bags will hold correct pressure all summer. Start checking all the fittings with some soapy water.
  14. With dolly brakes MAYBE, without no way.
  15. How about 100lbs. The mounting bolts are on the inside. Remove the inside shroud and remove the 4 bolts. Un plug the power cord. Then lift it off from the outside. Install a good powered vent fan.
  16. A warning the stove/oven is a place with an infinite number of rattles. With the sound proofing from the carpet you will be able to hear things you never could before.
  17. You got it. The axle will still be a weak link. BUT with a single tire the load will be centered and things will work like Toyota designed them to. 195/14/lt has a capacity of 2100lb, a 195/70/15lt has a capacity of 200lb and has the same rolling dia, so your speedo will still be on. But you will need a new set of rims
  18. Make that 3 pints Also be aware that NOTHING will ruin a set of clothes like old 90wt
  19. Drive/drag your Toy to a set of scales. Asking on the net will only result in WAGs.
  20. You need shore power 115vac to run a roof A/C, or a generator.
  21. No idea about real temps, but I pulled over after a long climb at night once and the manifold was dull orange red. So it was HOT.
  22. An Auto Transfer Switch is less than 100$. Then you don't have to go out in the rain to plug into the Genset.
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