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  1. Cracks can be repaired, if the tank is missing parts then its Time to replace. I have repaired my gray water tank. I went to Walmart and got some RV/Outdoor Goop and a roll of self sticking fiberglass drywall tape. Make sure the tank is dry before patching Clean the cracked area GOOD, drill a crack stop hole at each end of the crack, run a bead of Goop along the crack, work in a layer of the drywall tape, more goop over the whole peice of tape, let dry. Second layer of tape and Goop.
  2. My aircompressor has an ajustable regulator for the output. I just set it for what ever I want. Using compressed air at a gas station is risky
  3. OK no "facts" but this is what I was told. Don't change direction of rotation of the rears because the load they carry. So just swap the duels from side to side an don't change rotation. The left inner becomes the right outer and the left outer becomes the right inner and so forth. Fronts, your plan is OK
  4. Also check all your floor level cabnet doors. Make sure they will still open with the new plywood you add to the floor. I did the vinyl floor myself, works great a quick mop and its good to go. I also bought a couple of runner rugs to keep the bare feet off the cold floor during the midnite bathroom runs Flooring stores often have rements for sale cheap. You will not need a really big piece so check them out. To do my side bath I neded a 10x5ft section. The isle is only 3.5" but makes sortof a zig zag.
  5. www.aeropuptrailers.com They are making the same style, but of course new cost more
  6. I pulled an AeroTow for many years for business. Sold it for a bigger trailer. Wish I'd kept it now that I've got a Toy.
  7. Here in Wyoming winterizing is IMPORTANT. I've installed a bypass kit on the water heater and a winterize kit on the pump. It takes less than two gallon to do the entire system. At a bare minimum use a shop vac to blow the traps in the sinks amd shower dry. Then add antifreeze. They make an adapter to screw into the city water fitting and use an air compresser (set to 40lbs or so) to blow out the lines. Dont forget the shower and toilet. Also just drain the heater.
  8. Onan 2800 microlite would be best. Some of this years had a Kohler 3000 or an Onan 3000. both are bigger in size than the Microlite. The generator would run off the main gas tank. If yours is a 22RE then you can draw fuel fron the EFI retrun line. If yours is a 22R then you will need a fitting installed. The idea of the return line on a RSE of special fitting is to keep you fron running the main tank dry and having to push you TOY home
  9. They have 4 bolts holding each seat. Remove the bolts and seats and rails come out in one peice.
  10. Make and model is MUCH less important than condition. There are lots of clunker sunraders out there too.
  11. Why don' you ask your tires what they need. OLD trick posted here before. Take some kids sidewalk chalk and make a inch wide mark across the tread. Driv in a streight line for a mile or so and look at the mark. Adjust the airpressure so that all the chalk wears off at the same time.
  12. WARNING. Before you get too big on the 14" duallies remember that 195 is about as big as you can go with out the tries rubbing. Maybe a smaller 15" front tire?
  13. In this section of the foums there is a pinned posted about rebuilding transmissions. Read it. He talks about the bushing in the tailshaft. If this is worn your driveshaft will wobble and cause vibration. NOTE that regardless what Toyota says the bushing is replaceable.
  14. When I got my toy the trannie fluid looked like mocha coffee. So I had it flushed. The shop that did the flush used a very sinple device, it was a large plexi cylinder about 12" in dia it had a floating pistion in it. They pushed the pistion all the way down and poured 16 qts of new fluid on top of the pistion. Then a plug that sat on the new fluid. The bottom of the piston got the out from the trannie and the plug got the return line hooked up. ( they used extension lines to get to the transmission) When they started the engine the transmission pump the bad stuff to the bottom and the piston pushed the new stuff back into the trannie. So the whole time there is only normal transmission pressures involved. After about 12 qts the fluid at the bottom was clear to the eye but they used all 16qt. Since then once a year I drain the pan then add 2 qt to top things back up.
  15. For starters prepair you wallet for some shocking news I would start with the exhaust. If you don't have smog inspections dump the cat converter. go with a 2.25" exhaust with a single muffler. A turbo muffler is good but nosie. I using a muffler from a Ford pickup with a 460 and single exhaust. I figure that there ain't much backpressure from a 140cid and its quiet. A cam will help some, also there places that can bore out the TB for more airflow. Thats about all for bolt on stuff. A good aircleaner will help too. A header may be possible, but be aware that most wont fit a column shift. Last is a head with O/S valves, a 3 angle valve job and some porting. Keeping a streetable engine you can end up with 135-145hp up from 116
  16. Your 92 should have a factory installed aux cooler. It also has a lockup converter. This makes it run much cooler than the older units with a 43d trannie. Get a trannie temp gauge and see how hot it gets. You may be trying to fix something that isnt broke
  17. The cap is not "normally" vented but at a certain pressure or vacuum it will vent.
  18. Some times mine will smell after a fill up. It depends on how much it vents during the fill. As somebody said earlier propane is heaver than air so it sinks down, not float up. Try leaving the outside door open for a day or so.
  19. If you have the 6 bolt one ton, there should be a rubber plug on the backside of the brake that can be removed to check the condition of the shoes. WME
  20. Got it. Going to be a PIA to unpack the stove just to make coffee. Trade off for having yards of countertop. I guess each to his own. Just plan on reinstalling a stove fif you ever sell.
  21. Remove the stove/oven. Install a 2 or 3 burner stove top. Install microwave where the oven is. All is good, except bending over all the time to check the microwave. I removed my stove/oven installed a 3 burner top and made a cabnet below the stove top. Works good, I was using the oven to store things in so the space is about the same. I put the microwave in an overhead cabnet, so its at eye level. WME
  22. Make up a batch of soapy water and check the lines and fitings. WME
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