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  1. That would be because I did not subscribe to the thread and forgot to check for responses to it. I had other things happening..like going camping and fixing up the RVs. I don't get daily updates either. Hmmm maybe I should just quit looking all together, think of the time savings
  2. Well we all know how conversations in forums go... Sometimes it reminds me of our puppy endlessly licking the surface of his bowl long after the food has been completely consumed. @Linda, wow I would have loved to have gotten one of these heaters from craigslist for $200.00!!! I have no plans for turning my Sunrader or little fiberglass trailer into a ski chalet
  3. Uhaul is starting to sell refillable 1lb propane canisters in California. They plan to take it nationwide as a service. http://myuhaulstory.com/2016/06/02/u-haul-rolls-refillable-1-lb-propane-cylinders-california/?utm_campaign=uhaulsm&utm_source=instagram&utm_medium=myuhaulstory&utm_content=20160615-icymiwenowoffer
  4. I use my laptop as the TV, I have a USB tuner with antenna connection. No need to create a mount for it, I can set it where ever there is a surface or put it on my lap. I can also play DVDs including blue ray on it and if on wifi then I can watch streaming content. Having a TV just seems rather redundant.
  5. I think your project is coming along nicely. Those chairs look a lot more comfortable than any other RV dinette I have seen. Like you I would be happy eating at the couch. Fortunately I don't have to please anyone but myself. Had one of the Jet cabinet saws. I was so thrilled to be able to buy one but when I got it I quickly found out the main table was not particularly flat and neither were the metal extensions. It was enough that it threw off making precision angled cuts. The face of the fence square extrusion was not square to the table either and it was warped along its length.
  6. There is a nice professional quality panel saw in the garage here. I found it for my friend about 6 years ago on craigslist at a good price but it cost me nothing It is his dream saw, something he kept talking about wanting every time he worked on a project. That funny orange material is a plastic called Kydex, he surplussed it to me as he was not in need of it and had plenty of it. I was making extension tables for my vinyl cutter that day. This week I have used it to cut a replacement marine plywood flooring section for my little fiberglass travel trailer. It is really nice to have a pane
  7. Home Depot, contractor orange, 5 gallon bucket holding tank of course. It is a classic and they also make a composting toilet version. I drive a Honda, its 4wd, bought it used in 2008, it is a 2006 and it has needed zero repairs so far except for that air bag recall and that was free. You don't scare me Derek
  8. The brands Dometic, Thetford, Coleman are all good. Even some of the not well known brands are OK. But on any of them eventually after 10 or 15 years the gaskets get hardened and the smells leak out. The big issue with the small 2.5 gallon toilets is they are low in height which makes it difficult to sit down and stand up again. The "cassette toilet" that is popular right now is not a portable toilet. It is bolted in place, wired and plumbed to water for the flushing. Then you slide out the tank part out through an outside access door on the RV.
  9. This was posted in the subject for links to new products. Can anyone tell me why it had to be turned from a link to a product into yet another endless discussion that drags on and on and is not actually about the product being linked to? Is it the heat wave that is getting to me and making me cranky? Most likely....
  10. No he just wanted to not have to wait in the ferry line and have fun getting there. If he had wanted to really test me to see how I would react to what he drives he could have used his not at all attractive Volvo station wagon. It's a Seattle "classic" you see lots of old rusting Volvo station wagons in this area.
  11. Just get a pinstripe eraser wheel. It is not difficult to use. It will take the old pinstripe off without harming your finish. You will want to use a corded drill motor to power it, not a battery powered drill motor. There are plenty of videos on youtube that will show you how to use the eraser wheel. Going over the old strip, not a great idea, any flaws in it might show up by having an uneven surface on the new stripe. Or if the new stripe is a different width those edges from the old tape will show as well. Plus if some areas of the old tape are not well secured then the new tape will a
  12. Take along an inspection mirror and a good flashlight as well as a ground sheet of some type to lay on. You have to go underneath because things down there can get expensive pretty quickly. All those bits and pieces of rubber unless they have been replaced over the years they may be in very poor condition on a 1983. Things like the rubber bushings on the suspension need to be looked at. It can quickly run up the repair bills just to bring it up to being reliable for travel over slightly bumpy roads. Look under the entry step pullout and make sure it is in good shape with no cracks in the
  13. http://www.westyventures.com/propex.html The Propex heaters, a modern RV standard propane heater used in Europe are now available in the USA. There are two BTU sizes available 6500 and 9700. These units have the advantage of a fresh air intake and also exhausting all the waste air. But they do recirculate inside air back into the furnace as well to reheat it saving fuel cost. They have their own thermostat. There are several mounting options including mounting it underneath the vehicle instead of inside. It does have a duct tube so if you wanted to get some heat up to an overcab you migh
  14. music wire is also stiff enough to clear out drains, you can find it in the hardware stores that carry K & E engineering hobby metals.
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