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I don't know if anybody's been thinking about buying a set of seat covers for your cab, but thought I'd just mention that the Dash Designs products (found on Rock Auto) are pretty good quality and recommended. I removed our original Winnebago covers years ago, leaving just the gray vinyl underneath, which was still in great condition but not very comfortable for long trips in hot weather. So, decided to upgrade the cab with these silver "Medora Velour" seat covers. They're very plush and have some decent foam padding on the underside; makes roadtrips a lot nicer and more bearable for all. (It's probably worth noting that the back-side that faces the coach uses a different fabric—just a simple, stretchy material.)


The only problem I ran into with installation was that the provided headrest covers were WAY too big... but an email to the Dash Designs support staff got that straightened out quickly and easily (maybe some of these trucks came with different model seats or headrests?).





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Hmm, I'm not seeing that—for a different year maybe? It's only been a few months since I got these for a 1990: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=3321546&cc=1277793&pt=1316&jsn=1202

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Yeah that is weird. I even looked on the companies website instead of just Rock Auto. Year must be the difference but our seats aren't that much different.

Linda S

Yup year is the difference. Rock auto prices are 100 bucks less that the company website. Good deal. 

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