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Making new Sunrader coach windows

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My brother John, from NY, recently visited us in NC with his '83 Sunrader (on the left) and we spent 2 weeks comparing his to my 85 Sunrader.  Neither of us had any prior Sunrader experience and we each had things to admire about the other's rigs.  John had those sexy wrap around windows in the coach over the cab and he (a very handy guy) is going to try to make some himself because the prior owner did just that but did a poor job.  

He is going to try to use Lexan from Home Depot vs plexiglass which is cheaper but crazes in sunlight.  First step is to make a heated jig.  But 


How thick are the windows from the factory??


Comments and or suggestions would be most appreciated.  

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Ah, but as we all know - pictures lie.  His windows were so badly crazed as to render them cobwebby and foggy that I painted them flat black to disguise them. 


Thanks Linda for the 1/8 inch response.  1/8" is available stock.  (We bought a piece and test-bent it.)  

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