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Cabover window repair tools and tips?

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Hello there.
I have poured over the many "cabover" posts and examples dating right back to the beginning. And I apologize if I missed this somewhere.
But is there any way that someone who has experienced the pulling out of these windows recently can give us an idea of what we need? Resources currently available?
I see that MAK listed in her very detailed and excellent 'Bound For Nowhere' post regarding the front cabover windows the materials and tools used: "Window Seal, Window Locking Strip, Locking Strip Tool, and a Trampoline tool."
The window seal? The locking strip?

I see there are a few locking strip tools available at local hardware stores. But what is the "Trampoline tool" and where does one get it?
Thanks so much. Rick

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Hey... I found this post from Linda from early 2018.

Replace gasket


Locking strip


Tool to use


Video of it being done


While the windows are out it might help to flatten the long side some. Lay on table with cured side hanging off. Heat with hot blow dryer. Heat gun is too hot, too much chance of a mistake. Then put some books or other non scratching item on the window so it will cool flat

Linda S

Oh he walks on the hood. Better to rig up some kind of scaffold to protect your cab. If I still lived in San Jose I would be there to help but far away now. Sorry

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At least you know how to search the site. We answer stuff over and over again because lots of people don't even try. I need to do the front windows on my Nissan this summer. I have done some before. Never used or even tried the tool for it. Do wait until a warm day and I stick the gasket in some warm soapy water too. Slippery and very flexible is a good thing.

Linda S

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Thanks Linda.
You guys are amazing and patient with all of us newbies coming along.
It must be Groundhog Day for all the moderators as they see the same issues and questions coming up over and over.
I may just attempt to take out one of the front windows to see where everything is at with it before I order anything new.
From a cursory look it seems like the gasket and seal is in decent shape [although there definitely is a leak].

And the windows themselves are fairly straight, not concave as a lot of people have reported.
Maybe I can just pull one out, soak the seal and gasket, clean the hole and the plexiglass and then put it back in?
Once the windows are back in do you put a bead of caulk around the windows and the gasket?

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Anyone have a quick answer?
I just pulled off the first of the two cabover plexi windows.
There seems to be a thin layer of caulk on the edge of the window opening.
When I put these windows back in I haven't read anywhere where someone has put a bead of something there prior to putting the large rubber gasket back on.

Am I correct in just cleaning it all up, cleaning the gaskets, and just putting it all back together?
Someone said that once it's all in again they put a bead of caulk around the outside. Is this something you would do?
Thanks again. Rick

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My Sunrader with the original windows, never been removed and still don't leak, have no caulk on them. If yours weren't leaking I wouldn't have pulled them unless you wanted to polish the plastic. Also it's cold outside. They are old windows and old plastic can get brittle. Should have been done when warm. Don't know why someone would have put caulk inside the gasket unless it was just to help hold it in place while the reinstalled the window. I have had luck with soaking the gasket in a tub of warm water first. Makes it more flexible. Othe than that yeah just put it back together. Good luck

Linda S

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Thanks Linda. It's spa day for windows here.
I reluctantly pulled them out because they are both leaking.
It's not hot here, but not too cold either. I know they are brittle so I was careful.
The gaskets are now enjoying a hot soapy bath. :)
Looks like the plexi is a little concave so I put it in the warm sun on a flat table with a wet towel over, then put cement patio blocks on top.
Hoping it will flatten out a bit before reinstall.

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Ok, one out and back in.

Quite the ordeal and fortunate to have a friend drop by to help muscle it back in.
Seems good.
Not happy that the window is still concave. That probably isn't good. We will see.
Also, ended up with about six inches of locking gasket too long... so it stretched quite a bit.

Have to wait a couple of days to do the other one.



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