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Found 18 results

  1. 1980 4x4 toyota sunrader. Having front and rear suspension done now. Next is the 2.7l 3zr swap done by previous owner. First thing I'm attacking is the floor. I have some pics. Looking for good advice. What order do you start in? I'm think floor up? Remove camper or leave it on?
  2. Good afternoon folks, I have an '86 Sunrader which because I haven't ever owned and RV before has been basically a tent on wheels for me and my three dogs. I'd really like to put the RV to full use but I can't figure out a way to get to know how to use all the appliances and such all. What website, YouTube channel, other resource would you suggest that I use to educate myself? Thanks in advance! Jen dog_logic@yahoo.com
  3. Hi my name is Edd. I am a new sunrader owner. I want to find somewhere that will make custom wheels for my sunrader. Can anyone help me? Denver.
  4. So right now I'm a long-haul trucker. I live in the state of Missouri and my rig (Damon escaper 1984 22R carbureted).I need to do a lot of upgrades but I do not have a shop. I need to even do an engine swap or upgrade the motor .a lot of suspension work. And some upgrades to the interior (none of the water works right ,I don't know if the propane system works, and fixing replacing some water damage)I would love to do all the upgrades myself but at the current moment I cannot. Anybody recommend a shops that I can take it to within a few states.
  5. I have purchased the following to convert my tail lights to LED. Here is a list of what is needed: My question is this: What are these screws? 12 Screw, Window Painted Black ACE Hardware $0.44 each #8 x ¾ Stainless Steel with Black Painted Head $5. I contacted ACE and they don't know what I'm talking about. Rear LED Taillight Replacement Sunrader RV LED TAIL LIGHT conversion BEZELS - Replaces BARGMAN 1400. BRIGHT ( 391663445166 ) 2 Rectangle LED truck and trailer lights- 5" LED Brake/Turn/Tail Lights w/24 High Flux LEDs - 3pin connector amber. Super Bright LEDS Part Number: RTA24 UPC:847781017687 $16.95 Each = $34 2 Rectangle LED truck and trailer lights- 5" LED Brake/Turn/Tail Lights w/24 High Flux LEDs - 3pin connector red. Super Bright LEDS Part Number: RTA24 UPC:847781017670 $16.95 Each = $34 2 Rectangle LED truck and trailer lights- 5" LED Brake/Turn/Tail Lights w/24 High Flux LEDs - 3pin connector clear. Super Bright LEDS Part Number: RTA24 UPC:847781017694 $16.95 Each = $56 6 Rectangle 5.3” Mounting Grommet for RT Series Trailer Lights and Truck Lights. Super Bright LEDS Part Number:GR-53 UPC:847781017700 $1.49 Each = $9 6 Right Angle 3-Pin Plug for Trailer and Truck Lights. Super Bright LEDS Part Number:PL-3R UPC:847781017786 $1.49 Each = $9 · AR Clear, black or white silicone adhesive and dispenser $3 · 12 Screw, Window Painted Black ACE Hardware $0.44 each #8 x ¾ Stainless Steel with Black Painted Head $5 Total Cost: $210 including $60 for Precision Laser Cut Black Acrylic Tail Light surround bezels Thanks, Iflyfishwithscrews
  6. Hey so I've completely gutted my coach and now I need some tips on a few things, 1) Can I replace rotten timbers from inside? 2) What's the best way to clean seams to re-silicone? 3) Is there a way to fill old screw holes in the outside tin without patching with more tin from the inside?
  7. I am making progress on the Barkeeper/Zep upgrade to the exterior of Casper, my '87 Sunrader. I want to remove the crackled, aged paint between the two front windows. Any suggestions? Thanks, Iflyfishwithmytoyotabuddies
  8. Alright guys heres the situation my girlfriend and i are here from New Zealand and bought a 1980 toyota little chief in Vancouver around 2 months ago with the intentions of traveling across Canada and around the US, everyone assured us you cant go wrong with a Toyota, most reliable car around, will get you anywhere for far less gas, such fun much wow ect ect so after 2 months, 4 new tyres and quite a few auto parts store carpark fixes, we are in Belleville ON and the rear wheel bearing on drivers side has started making not so savoury noises. Its safe to say we are over it and what we are hoping is that one of you enthusiasts on here would want the little chief or know someone who does near here. We obviously want to get as much back as we can for it but are aware we are looking at a substantial loss. We are still deciding on plan b wether we will buy a mini van or something similar and continue on or look at greyhounds ect so this trip isnt a full loss. If you guys are interested, we want to hear offers that you would give us right now for it - cash money, so we can keep going. Even a vehicle trade of some description could work. Its a 20r motor with 4 speed trans, since we have had it i have reset the valves and had the timing reset and changed valve cover gasket, new exhaust mani gasket, new front main crank seal and changed oil pump o ring and checked clearances, 4 new tires, greased all grease points, changed both fuel filters and its running an electric pump new air filter and just had oil and filter done has the foolies on the back (wish i knew about them before we bought it) it has dual batteries with solenoid control House battery new and lasts for a few days with out driving. motor battery never goes flat. new 800w inverter New halogen head lights new fridge new oven\3 burner stove renovated Bathroom with toilet shower basin and mirror most globes led fold out couch and double bed above cab NO LEAKS new mixer tap in kitchen which allows for outdoor showers no rust at all airbags in the rear Cab interior mint and original 10 gallon fresh water tank 40 gallon grey unsure of black capacity but plenty for 5 plus days for 2 Plenty of storage There will be more ive forgotten but we will camp near here until Monday so we can ask a mechanic what the wheel bearings will cost to fix, we dont always have internet so can answer online questions fast but this is our number calls/texts welcome 604 367 4473 any advice on continuing in our little chief would be greatly appreciated too. Thanks guys
  9. Hello! I bought my '84 Sunrader at the end of September, the previous owner had made lot's of "improvements". One of which was to take the inside frames off of the windows in the cabover bed, then he taped them on with roofing tape (the bane of my existence). Then he was confused about why it was leaking.... Anyway I have a very basic and possibly stupid question about the windows. I have one pulled out, am I correct in my assumption that the inside frame screws down to the outside frame creating a seal by tightening together on your sealant (butyl tape) ? Thank you in advance for your wisdom and help! I'll post pictures as I have them! Hannah
  10. The short of it is, I just bought a 1981 Sunrader with the dreaded 5 lug bolted together dually rear axle and a broken clutch cable. The owner said the RV started acting weird so he parked it and after he saw online all of the horror stories about his axle he just assumed the axle was the problem and left it parked. So I'm not totally sure if the axle's bad or what but I figured it'd be smart to go ahead and upgrade it. And the clutch cable seems to have gone bad sense it's been sitting. Now, the plot thickens: I live in Roanoke Virginia and the RV is currently in Ohio, up near Youngstown/about an hour from Pittsburgh. My options seem to be: 1. Get the RV towed back home (400miles) and work on it myself. 2. Get it towed to a local shop in OH and be at the mercy of a mechanic that may be untrustworthy/knows I'm from out of town(also, I'm not sure if I would need to take it to just a regular auto repair shop or would it have to be a place that specializes in RVs, like with special lifts and things). 3. Throw that beautiful hail mary, fix the clutch cable myself then see if that axle has at least 400 miles left in it and attempt to drive it back home. My wife and I got it for next to nothing and that's the only reason I figured I had wiggle room to fool with the axle. I'm sure these are questions that have been asked a million times already, but I'm a total scrub when it comes to Toyotas. If I find a replacement rear axle assembly, what year ranges should I be looking for? Do any other rear axles work on these trucks other than the coveted full-float 6 lug? Could I get a more readily available rear assembly from a dodge/ford/chevy and mill a driveshaft adapter? (Only an idea because my uncle is a machinist) I found a rear assembly on craigslist in VA from a 6 lug 1984 4x4 truck, and for the price I'm wondering would something like that be heavy duty enough to take the place of the old/dually axle? This is the link: http://danville.craigslist.org/pts/5369577806.html I have lots of questions and I'd hate to over load everybody right off the bat, but I am just excited to get this thing home. I've been on the hunt for an 18ft Sunrader for 3 years now and this is also our first ever RV haha so thank you for your patience A little dirty but not in bad shape: Here's a shot of the rear end: And here's the hub:
  11. I have just purchased an 86 dolphin and it needs major rebuild I have not been able to find the floor plan for this particular model it has a lot of water damage, possibly fire damage? due to past electrical problems. Looks like old owner tried to re-wire certain parts, I feel like the rv is missing a couple things My 86 Dolphin is an Efi with the table in the very back, as soon as you enter on the side you immediately hit the bathroom and on the sides are the sink and other side is the oven If anyone can help much appreciated! ive uploaded some pictures
  12. Hello! I just got a 1985 Sunrader and I'm not sure if the faulty rear axle has been replaced or not. It kind of looks different from other pictures I've seen, but the 5 lugs have me scared. If it is the bad axle does anyone have any leads on a replacement on the east coast? Thanks!
  13. Hi! We have a '75 Chinook and were wanting to tow a 300lb motorcycle ('68 Honda CD175) behind it but can't tell if it's a good idea or not so smart... Any advice on if it can be hitched on the rear, towed, or neither without modification? And, if it would need to be modified, what might that entail? Have seen some threads on Toys needing welding and substantial reinforcing to the hitch and not sure if that applies. Ours has a ball hitch already, but we're not sure if that's an after market addition or original. There's no sticker stating or indication of what it can pull and it's not in the owners manual. Any help would be hugely appreciated ! (Thank you)
  14. We are having a heck of a time trying to find 7x14.5 8ply Nylon Radial MOTORHOME tires For our 1978 Toyota odyssey. We tried a trailer tire of the same size but it popped off the rim a few hundred miles later. We are in Boston area and no one has these!! Help!
  15. We are looking high and low for a smaller Toyota motorhome that is somewhere near to home (so we can see it easily in person and get it checked by a mechanic). I've found a 1990 Toyota Odyssey, with 88,477 miles, and would like to hear from anyone who has this same one and ask for any advice you might have when asking detailed questions about the rig. Here's the posting information about it: 88477k 6 cyl. automatic, cruise control, runs good, shower, separate toilet, stove, refr, furnace, h2o heater all work, awning, new carpet through-out. Truck a/c needs recharge. Good tires, recent front end alignment and bearings repacked. 23 ft. long Your input is GREATLY APPRECIATED!! Thank you!
  16. Hi, This is my first time on this forum I'm on my way to look at a 1985 Sunrader 21ft 4 cylinder 4 speed with 75000 miles for $6000. From what I've read and heard it sounds like a good deal. It has the 1ton rear axle and many new parts. The only flaws so far is it needs a new frig which i read will cost $1100, no a/c and some sort of crack that does not leak. I will take any advice on what to look for, what to ask, etc I really want to buy this sunrader and I'm trying to cover all my bases beforehand. thank you in head of time michael
  17. Hey everyone, I just picked up an 85 toyota dolphin, and am wondering if you can help me with this. I noticed the other day that there is just not enough power in this little 22re 4 cyl engine to make it up grades with speed. Even slight grades have this baby chugging. I am wondering if there are any engine mods that could beef it up, or if it would be better to drop a v6 into it. Any experienced help would be great.
  18. I'm looking to buy my first RV tomorrow...it's a 1985 Toyota Escaper with 94,000 miles. Asking price $4500. I have no experience with this situation, and I've been researching for days online. I would like to find out if there are certain things, besides the rear axle 6 lug thing, that I should be looking out for?...what are some basic questions I should ask the current owner?? AND should I take it in somewhere to get looked over before I buy? Also, if there are issues with it, how do I go about asking for a lower price? From the looks of the ad photos, the RV has been very well taken care of, and the owner has updated the interior. He did mention in an email, though, that at higher speeds, it will leak a little bit of oil...is that something I should be concerned with? Is that an expensive fix? How much off the asking price could I get for something like that? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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