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  1. I've started replacing the timbers from inside, any tips for attaching the timbers to the aluminum? I was thinking come through the old seam outside with panhead screws and a generous glob of caulking.
  2. Hey so I've completely gutted my coach and now I need some tips on a few things, 1) Can I replace rotten timbers from inside? 2) What's the best way to clean seams to re-silicone? 3) Is there a way to fill old screw holes in the outside tin without patching with more tin from the inside?
  3. Are there any other rigs that have the same ff axle or is it just the campers? what models / years? I really appreciate all the help!!
  4. Checked my wheels today... they are the welded duellys. So should I continue on with my renovation and look for a new axle in the mean time or bring her to a garage to get the axle inspected now?(doing as Linda suggests)
  5. Okay this helps a lot, thanks everyone! I will update tomorrow with the confirmation on the wheels.
  6. So what's my best course of action? Find a doner axle and try the swap myself? If so what would be best to look out for?
  7. Axel Question: I thought I read somewhere the older models had a recall on the axel, one being an inferior 1/2ton instead of the 3/4 or full ton. One has the 5 lug and one has 6 is that the only notable difference?
  8. Hey I'm new to the community and let me say I'm very excited to be apart of this, me and my girlfriend have recently purchased a 1982 Toyota Minicruiser. We're going to need any advice you can give us in the coming weeks/months as we will be getting into a full renovation. Already we've found water damage and rott(see pics), I've looked through a good few threads here and noticed a lot of complete restorations so I know we're in the right place for help!! Thanks Jacob & Jess
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