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  1. I have a 1986 Sunrader automatic transmission with the column shift. The previous owner cut out the overdrive indicator light, cutting the wires leaving the 5 wire loom without the connector. It feels like the transmission is dogging, it is very sluggish. It is almost dead off the line. The motor is strong, but you have to floor it and it will go all the way up to 30+ mph before shifting. It feels like first gear doesn't exist. I have been searching for a replacement light but apparently Toyota discontinued it. I have been calling all kinds of salvage yards but no one has what I need.
  2. So now I have disassembled the front brakes and removed the rotor and hub to repack the bearings on my 5 lug front. Everything appears to be original. I am planning on installing new shocks, I have some KYB Gas shocks for the front. I am looking into getting some Yokohama Y356 tires. I would like to be able to rotate all my tires, so I would like to upgrade to a 6 lug front. So my question for you all is will the new rotor hub still work on my current spindle? I am assuming that it is a larger rotor for a bigger brake system, is that correct? Does that mean a bigger caliper is needed?
  3. With some help from other forum members I figured out my 21ft 1985 Sunrader still has the faulty rear axle. So my question to you all is what kind of rear axles will work with this model? I found a 1989 rear axle, 4x2, double wheel, 1 ton from an old Toyota delivery truck, will this work or is it too wide? If its not going to work, what should I be looking for? Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks, that's what I was afraid of. I'm located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, but we will drive anywhere within a 12 hour radius to get the right axle.
  5. Hello! I just got a 1985 Sunrader and I'm not sure if the faulty rear axle has been replaced or not. It kind of looks different from other pictures I've seen, but the 5 lugs have me scared. If it is the bad axle does anyone have any leads on a replacement on the east coast? Thanks!
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