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  1. Sad news! very sorry to hear this, condolences to his family. Mike
  2. Sorry to hear about Derek Linda, I always liked the humour he showed on some of his post, also he was very knowledgeable and must have helped a lot of people over the years, yes he will be missed. Mike
  3. Did you also bleed rear brake proportional valve? there could be air trapped in the valve?
  4. Hi guys On our rig, I fired up the Norcold frige for the first time this year, it was much harder to start than normal! Usually we never have a problem. Eventually got the propane flame to light and the freezer is freezing on both propane and electricity, the problem is the propane flame is much noisier than normal and is audible inside of the cab, whereas before we could never hear the flame burning at all. It’s a spluttering kind of noise and the flame looks a little longer? May be? I’ve tried all of the usual, poking at the tip, vacuuming and blowing with compressed air to no avail! An
  5. Dan thanks for the reply, yes could have been a rubber brake hose, but with our truck both Calipers were locked on and way too hot to touch and no movement on the brake pedal, that's why I think it would be for the best to change the calipers. Mike
  6. Thanks Linda I Googled Dorman Parts from the name on the master cylinder that you used, and that put me onto this site below, It looks like I can get everything I need up here in Canada, our local parts store can only source one caliper for the passenger side, and they said they might have the master cylinder? thanks Mike https://www.google.ca/search?q=the+wrench+monkey&rlz=1C1CHWA_enCA618CA618&oq=the+wrench&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0j69i60l3j0.11936j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UT
  7. Thanks again Linda, when you get time to look could you let me have the part number please, I was down at our local car parts store "Lordco" they have ordered me a master cylinder that might be right? along with the two calipers, then again I'm not sure if they are the correct ones, plus the front brake hoses. Thanks Mike
  8. OK Linda, good to know, when it happened on your Toyota Motorhome, was it just the front brakes that seized? and do you remember if the master cylinder is the same as for the regular pick ups, or do I need to look for one for the one ton with dual wheels? I've been looking back through old posts to see if I can find part numbers for the correct calipers for the one ton, very confusing! Thanks Mike
  9. WME thanks for your reply, good advice! This morning now that everything has cooled off, the wheels are turning freely,with just a minimal amount of drag on the passenger side, I have the front end up on blocks and the wheels off. the next job is for me to check with Napa and sort out part numbers and see if I can cross reference the parts up here in Canada. Thanks Mike
  10. Hi Folks I had a problem today with my 87 Warrior 22 RE auto trans, on both front wheels the brakes locked on and I had virtually no movement in the Brake pedal, I was only about 3 miles from home and so hadn't driven far, the pads were seized on tight and I couldn't drive and by the time I stopped the front wheels were too hot to touch, I realize I'm going to have to change the calipers, pads and disks, on both sides because of the excessive heat. Any advise on what could have caused this to happen? and where else I should look to see why the brakes seized? I had to get my motorhome to
  11. I made a cargo box for our mohome when we bought it about 10 years ago and it has served well, basically a plywood box with a sloped hinged lid, in there we have a spare gas 2gal jerry can, a BBQ tank, a couple of chairs, campstove and other odds and sods for camping, also quite often have a couple of bikes hanging off the back. Mike
  12. A good trip report Darrel, with great photos, thanks for taking the time to write it, Was that Canadian Icebreaker that you took the photo of the Polar Princess? If so it tied up in Victoria Harbour today. Mike
  13. John Have you tried pushing it down with something like a Allan key? Mike
  14. This is the switch on mine that I use if our furnace will not start. It is in the oblong opening top right of John's photo
  15. John From your photo, check out the oblong opening top right, is there not a press button switch inside of there? there is inside of mine, it could be a restart for the furnace? if ours wont start I press that and the furnace fires up right away. Mike ( I'll try and get a photo of it later)
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