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  1. I am late to this but I just read through the thread. Voltage goes up when resistance goes up (V=IR). So you have a bad connection somewhere causing high resistance and voltage increase. From the testing that you have done that connection is on the house battery terminal of the isolator, probably the internal contact, but maybe worth cleaning the external connection as it is easy. Maybe check the resistance in the positive line to the house battery from the isolator. I suspect that if you replace the isolator and you will be good IMHO.
  2. I just saw this thread, I'm in Austin as well. Let me know if you want to get together some time and compare campers! I also found water damage in the over cab area after I got my purchase home (this was three years ago). I had it repaired by an RV shop although they did not do a great job it is now solid. More recently I had a leak around the front window which was repaired at the same place but it leaked again weeks later and they refused to stand behind the repair. So I took it to another shop. So far so good! I think we are in a constant battle to stop the leaks on these old things. I had mine resealed all around when they did the last window repair so hopefully I am good for sometime to come. I usually do most of my own mechanical repairs but sealing the RV is one thing I prefer to pay others to do! Nothing looks worse than one of my caulk jobs !!
  3. I have a similar age Itasca Spirit (same as the Winnebago Warrior) and had a similar issue with the side window a few weeks ago. I could not find anyone here in Austin who would replace the glass. I used a sheet of plexiglass (acrylic I think?) from Home Depot and with a lot of care cut it to size myself. I think this may end up being the permanent repair as it looks the same and is weather proof. The window no longer opens but I have never opened that window! I hope your repair works out for you!
  4. I installed the AirLift air bags with the jounce bumper (their part number 88113). I have no complaints, they work well and I like not having to worry about the air bags losing pressure over time and getting damaged if there's no air in them. I've experimented with the pressures a little and usually run them at about 60psi. I carry a small Ryobi air pump so that I can also use them when camping for bit of levelling help.
  5. I'd be tempted to disconnect the winch - unlikely but possible that the armature is shorting.
  6. Unfortunately it's also a boom town right now. Everyone can pick and choose the work that they want, and charge extra for what they do take on. It's very hard to find staff and the construction trades are all booked months out, some through next year. All the glass places are super busy and no one even wanted to talk to me once I mentioned "RV" ...
  7. Hi Linda, Best I can tell the window opening is 26.5" high x 30" wide. I've done some extensive googling and not found a replacement as yet!
  8. Thanks for this Linda, it looks like a good option. The window was tempered glass, and broke into tiny pieces, like the old toughened windshields did.
  9. I've called all the glass places near here no one will do it. Very frustrating... Not sure what the next step is. Get some glass and give it a try myself? Or some Perspex or acrylic?
  10. Somehow over night one of the side sliding windows got broken... Of course nothing was picked up on my security cameras. It is the window over the dinette area. Does anyone know how best to get a replacement? can a local glass place make one to fit or do I need to order it? Can you just get the glass or will I have to replace the whole frame assembly? Thanks for any info.
  11. Agreed - this is why I suggested running the running at 2000 + rpm. All alternators produce less output at low rpm. I would do the tests that I outlined, check the belt as suggested, and ensure that the alternator is well grounded (test for continuity between battery -ve and the alternator body)
  12. I'd start by testing the alternator. With the engine running at (or above) 2000 rpm you should see 14.4v (+/- about 0.2v) across each of the batteries. If either or both batteries are at 14.4v the alternator is OK. If only one is at 14.4v the isolator looks to be faulty or a wiring issue.
  13. I have never had to work on the Toyota's tranny but on other brands I have had to replace vacuum lines to the transmission when the shifting was not working correctly. I'd check any vacuum lines going to the transmission.
  14. I've had trouble finding shops that can balance the late model 6 lug wheels due to the size of the aperture in the center of the wheel - they need an adapter for the spin balancer that is larger enough so they can clamp the wheel properly. But generally as stated most shops seem reluctant to do tire work on them. Ironically the local Walmart is the one place I found that would! They did us a regular jack in the parking lot as noted above.
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