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  1. lol indeed. I did have my lady blast it with a hose yesterday as I stood inside with a big ole shit eating grin on my face as not a single drip made it in. Baby steps I suppose but man o man did it feel great to see things stay dry in those same spots that I was digging rusted staples and rotted wood out just last mth.
  2. That would be nice, but I’m not much of an expert on such things and I’m not sure that lowes can mix up a batch of 30 yr sun faded RV yellow. I do want to improve on the looks of things but for now I’m just focusing on sealing up any and all points of entry for the water . We are slowly pushing forward on the rest of the overhead cab before we move on to the next tasks
  3. Just added the floor repair bolted in and got the other side sealed up tight. The damage along that seam to the metal just really did not seem to leave many options . My guess is that if I paid money to get this all done then it would look much better but I’m confident there is nowhere for the water to get I. This way.
  4. Sounds fun, I think I need to get her moving again first haha. I went back and applied another layer of sealant with some painters tape to make the line look nice and straight. Alas the heat has just been so much, its hard to work on it till late afternoon or early morning...work permitting.
  5. I did finally decide to keep the trim as it seem to do little in the way of keeping things water tight. I’ve removed the windows and resealed them only to find that it’s the window rubber gasket itself that is leaking. I removed all the rot and replaced it and added a little more wood for the fiberglass shell and metal shell to screw into. After I had the wooden frames in place I added roof seal using APOC products to seal. The seal tape and rubber coating. I finished one side and I won’t lie it ain’t exactly pretty but it’s sealed super tight. Still have some work to do on the floor before I can seal the other side and finish the overhead cab. After sealing I’m gonna blast it and look for leaks before moving on to that stage .
  6. Well the fella who runs the site gave me a call back and said he does not think he has the trim that would fit, and any piece he ships from cali would have to be cut down in order to ship... so there would be a seam. Not sure where he got the piece he is using but I may try to find that again from a home depot and try the bend trick... I will let ya know what I find.
  7. wow thats a great vid, I found this site and sent an email asking a few questions about sizing and style. Thanks a ton. I will post more pics as we go along. There was a huge storm here last night and I was just doing my best to plug the leaks. we pulled the window for a reseal as well. https://www.hemetvalleyrv.net/exterior-rv/
  8. So I have lots of stuff cleared and the seam exposed. I did some looking around but came up short on the projects page for a problem I have. Where can I get a new piece of trim? I saw some links on line but they were for small sections, when what I want would be one contagious piece. Is there some aftermarket trim that others have used or re-purposed? I am talking about the metal piece that molds around the overhead cab and and ties the bottom to the top and the sides as one. The guy who replaced this use a crap piece of some kind trim that he cut wild like. In this rebuild I want to get a good seam as well as I can. I have began to rebuild the inside wooden structure to attach to. I added a few pics for reference . The first is the janky piece on the drivers side that was put in place . The 2nd is the factory one. The third just shows how the bottom piece runs along to the cab split section. The fourth is the piece that travels along the side and around to the top. This last picture seems to be what I need to find and then bend into shape.
  9. Thankfully the roof feels stable and solid . I crawled around and checked the seals on the vents/AC etc. the back corners look to be in bad shape but the top side seams are sealed well. Regardless I’d like to pull the whole seam inspect replace and re seal . Any thoughts on a new seam trim? I like the idea of a black seam This is like my RV inspiration
  10. Indeed Maineah she is my runty4yr old dane, Miss Xena Molina. She tries to be anywhere she can make herself fit where there is people...despite how well she does not fit half the time haha. The saga continues, as I started at the floor I was forced up to the cab. In the words of the flex seal guy "Thats a Lot of damage!" and alas, it looks like the seller went out of his way to hide lots of the damage . He did things like put reflective stickers over holes on the exterior and put up fresh paneling over tons of rot. I'm a bit sore about it, but what's a fella gonna do, cry? No sir. It’s one hell of a job but I’m diving in head first in order to restore. I pulled 20k out of my 401 k to get this ole mammal and with this economy I may still be up 😏 I think he used the wrong trim for the edge. I dont even know if its for an RV TBH. I’m thinking a healthy strip of Eterna bond and a new piece of trim all the way around . Any suggestions on the actual trim piece? IMG_5216.MOV
  11. Thanks everyone, I got the door rebuilt, and a a new water pump installed. Alas when I installed the water pump I noticed lots of rot under the couch. I removed the water tank and couch and I have began the process of pulling out the rotted floor. Not to scared since it was so rotten there may as well not even ben a floor. prob more safe knowing there is nothing there rather than a sponge wood you could break thru. My thoughts are, that I have to clear out as much as I can to find the full foam board thats rotted then just replace it with a regular piece of treated plywood. I will put some kills or something on the bottom to protect it from the road. Does anyone know what the black stuff on the bottom of these boards are that are road side? What's best to use as a protection layers for these replacements? Looks like some kind of black spray on of sorts thats peeling back and cracking on the bad spots. Scott IV, what did you mean "IF" your window can be removed and replaced ? I thought all these windows were kind of par for the course and just pushed into a wooden frame attached to the outside skin. I did not realize my camera was zoomed in so sorry for the crap vid but this is the "progress" so far. Sorry it just does not feel like progress when your ripping stuff out
  12. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself to the group. My lady and me just bought a 1992 Dolphin on a whim and now we are paying the price both good and bad. This was the rig in question https://www.toyotarvforsale.com/1992-dolphin-in-san-antonio-tx/ and yes I did pay 19,500. Starting to think I seriously overpaid since we have an ant issue, water pump needs to be changed, the bottom of the door fell off after a weekend of slamming it to keep it shut good, and most seriously we found some rot that was hidden under the sleeper cab and a few other spots as well. On the plus side The roof and 95% of the walls are solid, and we just just drove it hard from Austin to Port A and back getting stuck in traffic jams in both San Antonio and Austin on i35, She never did over heat or not start. She seemed to have some issues with the AC running full blast and pushing 65 after about 7 hrs or so of driving (and 310 bucks in gas!). I would get what felt like a shuddering but giving it some gas seemed to get her pushing along again. All in all it was really fun boondocking on the beach and I can see us really growing to love this mammal of the concrete sea. I feel like there is going to be lots of learning when it comes to upkeep. I'm torn between a complete gutting and remodel vs just patching stuff up as I go so I can use it and enjoy it without having her in a constant state of repair. I'm a network security analyst by trade and my hands are pretty soft Never really had the chance to learn lots about cars\home repair etc. Since I never had a pops I am doing like so many like me and using the combined knowledge of the net to keep my dumb ideas bout "being ingenuitive" from screwing up pricy investment. This is the first trip we took with the dogs (no kids) so hopefully as we progress we can learn all the ins and outs. It may be pretty stereotypical but we named the beast "Flip" for obvious reasons. From the looks of the community I couldn't find a better place on the web to share my joys and frustrations moving forward.
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