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Propane Fill Level 80% Rule

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I had my propane tank filled for the first time yesterday by a nice young man. When I got home I took a look at the gauge and it was at 100%. Not 80% with a buffer, it was 100%. I fired up all four burners on the stove, and let them run for a while until I got it to 95%. I'm in a cool environment with weather below 70 degrees f. Should I be worried?

Is the 80% rule a big deal? How do you avoid over filling in the future? It only took seconds to fill the tank.IMG_3645.jpeg.9d170226b2ca09ca26fc7d2b93fac12c.jpegIMG_3638.jpeg.1b8fefe5766b996b3f2a652aa16eb955.jpeg


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Looks like the pressure relief valve on your tank is not working.  Person who filled it is also at fault. Please call place and give them hell. You probably need to go back and insist they reduce fill level somehow. I would report them. People could die

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The gauge is floating on the liquid propane level in the tank just like a gas gauge in a car it's not a pressure reading. The pressure remains the same regardless of the propane level it boils at something like -43*.  It is very hard to over fill a saddle tank. 

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