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  1. Last year ,i have the same problem , intermittent hiccup. I change the air flow meter. Inside it have the electrical contact for the fuel pump. I replace this parts at my local scrap yards
  2. Battery auto isolator vs. Solenoid

    I have ctek d250s dual battery charger and it works very well for me. It's a five step charger, voltage sensitive relay, mppt solar charger. I wire a 2 awg welding cable from the truck battery to the cteck.
  3. Finally, i thing than i find my problem, I swap my air flow meter with one at the scrap yard. After an 1-1/2 hour road test, no hiccup. I am very happy.
  4. Since 2 month ,i drove my motorhome, i have the same problem. I replace my sparks plug, rotor, cap, wires with my olds ones. I check my vacuum hoses, air intake hose, no cracks.
  5. I broke mine 2 years ago. I replace with lexan and i wax it.
  6. My motorhome is in the storage right now and i have to wait on april for the road test. Thanks for your feedbacks.
  7. Gas filter has been changed 4 year ago and i change it again, same result.
  8. It's happen randomly, when i drive on Highway or idle. Somes times it was ok for 1hour or 1/2 hour. It run very well for the rest of the time.
  9. I have Winnebago 1991 with V6. The engine block and egr valve have only 20,000. Sometimes when I drive or at idle the engine have some ''hiccup'' for a fraction of second the fire or gas missing. Many causes can make this. Anybody have an idea?
  10. Coach battery charging

    I have the same motorhome. I remove the isolator and the 10 gage wire between the truck battery to couch battery.I have replace with the cteck d250s dcbattery charger and the 2 gage welding cable. Like dan say's the alternator is reducing output .but the ctek raise the voltage to 14.4 volt until the couch battery is 80-85% charge.It work very well for me, it's 20 amp max but i see 22 on my clamp meter.
  11. Today ,i remove my starter on my warrior v6 1991.It's not an easy job but after i remove the two transmission lines, it was easy. My motorhome have 90k miles. The question is: i have to replace the contact or buy new starter.
  12. Considering 1990 Toyota Winnebago Warrior

    I put 4.56 in it, before it was 4.10.My speedometer 5 mph off with gps. I did the correction for the mpg
  13. Considering 1990 Toyota Winnebago Warrior

    My winnebago warrior 1991 v6 with 4.56 ratio 13 to 15 with extra 300 pounds, 6900 with me and my son on board.