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  1. Can you not get some u shaped metal same size as runner then drill some holes for weeping. Holes for weeping could be reamed out buy a special drill bit (not expensive) bought a set of 5 for £7. Aluminium would be my first choice of metal as easy to work with but not forgiving of a heavy hand.
  2. Well got a dry spell to sort fusebox and bodged wire. Started first turn of key. A bit lumpy expect that's down to spark plug I can't remove. Wipers still don't work but will test for power to wiper motor and work from there. Glad I don't have to to remove starter motor yet.
  3. Hi found fuse box in kick panel fuses look brand new. None blown. Have found issues with fusebox wiring. When I was checking battery and ground leads I found I electrical nightmare of bodged wiring. Wrong guage one copper one steel joined together. See photo below that's the alternator lead from battery to 80amp fuse in fusebox. Then there is cut wires joined together at bottom of fuse box. Plenty of wiring to sort out before testing starter circuit or starter motor. Knew buying a multimeter would prove useful one day.
  4. Hi maineah will check drivers side kick panel as that's the only bit I have not removed in cab. Got multimeter to test voltage across fuse fittings. I'll get a selection of new fuses on way to where my toy is stored. As 40 mile round trip to buy some is a something I could do without also be useful to have some just in case. Thanks Dave
  5. Hi maineah first thing I did was check fuses but will do another one. Might even try new fuse as I think originals are still fitted. For what a fuse costs it would be silly not to try a new one. Now is this the fuse box under bonnet or is there another one in cab somewhere. Thanks Dave
  6. Hi seem to have a problem starting my 1989 Toyota dolphin with V6 and auto box. Battery went flat when I went to charge up it I found out it was incapable of holding charge. Got new battery with even more starting power due to new technology. Engine will not turn over and wipers won't work. Everything else is working perfectly. Have checked fuse box in engine bay no blown fuses. Is there a fusebox in cab to check. Have removed 1990's alarm as this bodged wired in. Does anyone have any advice on where to start. Am now thinking starter circuit or starter motor but that won't explain non working wiper motor. Starter motor looks like a challenge to get to provided it's under passenger side exhaust manifold. May also have a broken high voltage cable to fuse box. Not sure how to test ampage got multi meter and can test volts. Being an auto could be a dodgy switch on auto box. Where is switch on box to test. Sorry for long post but all info might be important. Any help or advice gratefully received. Thanks in advance David
  7. Well in UK it's a crowd draw. Pull in to a filling station or supermarket car park and an hour will disappear before you even start to do what ever you need to do. Know of 4 in UK. More exclusive that any supercar. Mpg is probably the same. Mine is under going renovation at moment. Engine is being suped up with a supra vafm and 2 1/4 stainless steel exhaust. Trying to solve earthing issue on one rear light. Upgraded headlight to separate bulb and lens. Bulbs 120% more light. Chassis being derusted and sealed with oxide paint from a farmer's merchant. Then the inside will be refurbished and upgraded. Layout will be tweaked. Yes camper life is taking off in Europe with custom made campers running into thousands for conversation alone without base vehicle. Toys are not a lot different in size to a large van in UK. Every one wants diesel engine but are hard pushed to do over 30mpg. Diesel over here is 5p a litre more than petrol so not alot different in pence per mile. I've got another toy owner in UK want to sell his Winnebago. How do you price a unique vehicle in UK market.
  8. Hi back on forum as now declared PTSD inactive after being first on scene of a traffic accident that traffic police was far from pretty. That turned into a fatal. Spent months fighting the nightmares and guilt trip (not being able to save a life). Now looking to progress repairs and updating my 1989 22/23ft dolphin. Have to repair water damage and upgrade 80s interior. Water damage always looks minor until you start digging. Lucky that I had sorted water leaks before dolphins 2 year lay up. Engine runs and much smoother after ordering new dizzy cap rotor arm and denso ignition leads from rock auto (no one would supply me with parts without reg number. My reg number comes as not identified. Don't you just love UK parts ordering system). Have fitted a  80s Toyota Supra vafm and moved engine timing to 15 degrees BTC. Suppose to add 10-15bhp and lower fatter torque curve. Replaced exhaust with home built 2 1/4 stainless steel system and magaflow silencer. A popular mod to do on Toyota hilux's and 4 runners to increase mid range power. Replaced headlight adjuster's headlights with removable bulbs and up graded bulbs to 130% extra light. Yes the difference is huge. 

  9. Hi long time since I've been on here. Update on wheel stud. Ordered a land cruiser wheel stud from a company in UK called rough trax. Think it cost me £5 with nut and postage. Took abit of wrangling to buy as they like to supply parts that fit first time. An American only supplied RV is not on there model option list. Agreed if it did not fit I would not return it.
  10. Hi looking for information on how to adjust all 3 cables attached to throttle linkage. 1st throttle cable. 2nd air con throttle cable. 3rd kick down cable. My kick down cable has 1" play after taking up all the adjustment. Throttle cable needs tighten but adjuster nuts won't move despite rustzee penetrating oil and shock and freeze spray. Aircon cable doesn't seem to do anything and appears to be intact. Photos of linkage would be good for ref. Thanks Dave
  11. Ps dolphin still in one piece and has not moved in winds yet.
  12. Hi to everyone Good to see forum is up and running again. My part of scotland has been battered by weather bombs hurricane force winds and hail stones that would scare storm chasers. Elec back on after 4days. So will be spending time catching up with everything on house before next weather bomb on thurs.
  13. Hi laid mine up for the winter. 2 reasons weather high winds 80-100 mph dodgy in any vehicle. Joys of Scottish winters. Black ice and 3 tons sliding across highway unnerved me thought i was driving on wet roads 6 miles later driving through running water hit black ice never felt cold enough to freeze. now gathering parts and material to continue renovation. week of snow has not helped me to start on renovations.
  14. Rather swap a gearbox on a toyota hilux than a renault. done two on renaults you have to drop engine front suspension remove brakes steering arms drive shafts etc etc. takes me 3 days dealer time 8 hours using specialist tools and gearbox cradle. what a paralaver.
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