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  1. How old are the tires and are they Load Range D? If tires are 8 years or older (regardless of the miles), you probably should replace them.
  2. Baraboo! One of my favorite places! The trip sounds great....
  3. I used to get canned bacon from K-Mart a long time ago, but cannot find it anywhere. It was great to take camping. We use the Spam Bacon, good but not the same. Also, Walmart sells a vacuum sealed bag of tuna fish and salmon that has a shelf life of a few years, and is low cost ($1 and change) and is pretty good.
  4. Any Toyota motorhome over $10,000 sounds high to me, but it is all about condition, buy anyway you slice it, it still is a 26 year old motorhome. Dennis...
  5. They should be standard size, but for a Toyota 1-Ton chassis. Dennis...
  6. can you post a picture of that "Roll Bar"? Only thing I can think of at the moment is the rear brake proportioning valve and if that is hanging you might have brake issues. Also, check the date (DOT stamp, last 4 digits are WWYY) on the tires just to be sure they are not over 8 years old, there has been a lot of stories of old tires blowing out on long trips. Also, these motorhomes were made when the nationwide speed limit was 55mph, so don't push her at 70mph, I try to stick to 60mph.
  7. My 1990 Odyssey road ready (but no gear or people) weights in at 6,500lbs, 4500lbs on the rear axle and 2,000lbs on the front axle. My propane tank is removable, I have door right behind the driver seat where it resides. Dennis...
  8. I just saw on the Wyoming map that Alliance, NE will be 2m 32 seconds. Alliance is an interesting town (main employer is a train repair) that is stuck in 1950 (middle of nowhere and no restaurant chains and few chains of anything else). Please Car Hedge is there!
  9. If you propane tank is original and no one will fill it, don't immediately replace it, try to get it re-certified. Any Propane supplier (vs a retail filler) should be able to certify the existing propane tank for under $20 and will stamp it which will make it good for another 5 years, in which you can get re-certified again.
  10. Regarding the head gasket recall, when I called Toyota they told me that it did not apply to my VIN, the truck date on mine is 1989, but it is a 1990 model year on title.
  11. Hello, I have a 1990 Toyota Odyssey, the rear door model (Durango). The Odyssey model is the biggest (tallest and widest) and heaviest coach of any of the Toyotas made. Regarding tires, go with Hankook RA8 195/R14 Load Range D. They give you the maximum load capability and have no problems with spacing on the duel rear tires (I have at least a half inch gap when parked). Dennis...
  12. Hello... my bunk bed is in the Do it your self section, it does not block the aisle way at all:
  13. I actually did replace both seals, the brake shoes had about 1,000 miles on them. The wheel cylinder looked good.
  14. I found the owners manual for electrical control center, the 7200 series. 7200 Series Electrical Control Center Owners Manual.pdf
  15. A rifle range about 50 miles from Carbondale will be turned into a campground for the eclipse weekend. https://www.dnr.illinois.gov/recreation/WSRC/Pages/default.aspx Please contact the World Shooting and Recreational Complex at 618-295-2700 ext 304 directly for the 2017 SOLAR ECLIPSE Camping Reservations. World Shooting and Recreational Complex, 1 Main Event Lane, Suite 510, Sparta, Illinois 62286 618-295-2700 I am guessing that other groups in Carbondale might be doing the same thing, that is turning their parking lots into campgrounds.