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    1986 Damon Escaper 20' - 22re - Automatic
    Wet Bath, Captain Chairs, Bad Grounding and leaking aluminum roof from weight of AC.
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  1. Hi Linda, yes CTgriffi you are correct. Based off these forums I got two ARB/OME CSCS010R and the matching ARB bushings from CarID because DesertRat and 4wheel didn't have them in stock. I got the shackles from Toyota Parts Deals like you have linked a lot to before Linda. You are right I haven't posted much since joining, have had a lot of family medical issues during this summer so I have just been reading and learning from you all. Thanks for all the great information Linda and everybody else. I will try posting more and ask questions.
  2. I am redoing my entire suspension as we speak, I got OME springs and bushings, KYB shocks, replacement shackles and pins, and just ordered my replacement airbags from 3t this week. Once I get the bags I will be dropping it off at a truck suspension repair place, they do lifted pickups and big rigs, because they have a garage lift and roof tall enough to get it up in the air and remove the rusty shackles etc. I will let you know how it goes and if anything I got didn't fit.
  3. Congrats on the buy, I have an 86 Escaper that I bought in June for less but needed a ton of work because of water damage from the roof AC added on. I don't see many Escapers so we will have to connect. These forums are great and I have been learning a ton.
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