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  1. Hello all, I have a 1986 Mini Cruiser. I really want to upgrade my headlights. In there right now are H6054. Do I need the special harness? Do you have an Amazon link please?
  2. Hello all My roof top AC is leaking water. It only leaks when it's hot outside in the daytime. It never leaks at night when temperatures fall to 75 outside. It's the original 1986 Coleman AC that came with the unit. Suggestions?
  3. One of these pipes is leaking slowly. They run from the water heater and fresh water tank to the bathroom/kitchen. They are the old grey pipes (1986). These pipes are under the closet next to the water heater and shower basin. Can I put some sealant on the joints? Should I replace them?
  4. Hi. My roof is leaking after a massive storm in Louisiana. The next day I went to HD and got Henry's Wet Patch roof repair. It stopped the leak but it's still soft and gooey. I read the manufacturer instructions and it says it never fully hardens. People have asked me what the roof is made of. I don't know. It's a 1986 Mini Cruiser. I think it's fiberglass over wood? What should I use to fix the leak or should I just be happy with the gooey Henry's?
  5. Tired of using RV Park showers. Anyone use their shower? What's a good shower curtain to get? The shower curtain in there right now touches the floor. Physics would suggest that water will get all over the floor? Tips and tricks for using the shower?
  6. Hey all, I'd like to start doing my own work on my RV. I'm tired of paying other people and waiting days/weeks/hours, etc. I figure having the manual is a good start. I have a 1986 22-Re, fuel injected. I assume the manual will cover many years? Does anyone have a digital version of that manual? I hate to waste paper (and money:) Thanks!
  7. I'm at Pep Boys. I broke a belt. They want to replace all my belts and pullies. Is that the right thing to do? 90k miles on the engine and I'm driving cross country.
  8. Thank you very helpful! I wouldn't have thought about that.
  9. Hi I'm driving across the USA. It's getting cold. I stay at RV parks and hook up every night. I have a space heater that keeps it really warm inside. Do I need to winterize? I stay one week and drive on the weekends, usually Sunday.
  10. Took off the toilet to replace ball valve. The plastic around the screws broke being so old. This is a 1986 Le Toilet by Vakterra. What can I replace it with from Camping World?
  11. I'm about to go to Walmart to buy some wrenches. I'm traveling. I have 2k tools in my garage 2900 miles away. Hate buying tools I don't need. Métrico or standard?
  12. Good deal. Somebody already did that to mine. So, I'm good to go. I always wondered why there was such a beefy bumper on my rigg. Now I know.
  13. Anybody put a motorcycle carrier and motorcycle on a Toy Motorhome bumper? I'm going to do it. My bumper is solid as hell. Not worried about the bumper. Ride, gas milage, concerns?
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