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    Advice please!

    Use some 2x2 inside, make a cross piece aboput 2 ft or so. Place the cross piece side ways inside on the cealing, use a jack and a shorter peice of 2x2 to jack up the roof about 1-1.5 in. Cut another 2x2 the right length to suport the roof with out the jack. May need to do this to each end of the A/C. See if you can place the supports in somewhere they arn't in the way. I do this to mine (about .5") each winter to support the snow load under the tarp. This is only a temp thing for you. Or maybe a syphion hose taped to the roof low spot and drain it as it it rains.
  2. WME

    Spare tire access

    Well now you know where to stick it. Mine goes in from the side.
  3. WME

    Spare tire access

    If the spare tire is under the rear of your Toy, then its on the factoru mount. You should in your Toy for a long handle crank. There is a socket in the passanger side above the tire, stick in the handlke and crank your spare down. If typical of old Toys you may need to clean and oil things a bit before hand.
  4. WME


    Run it for a while with a big load on it, say the A/C or a couple of heaters pluged in the generator direct. Also make sure the oil level is correct.
  5. OK what ever trips your trigger, one party tent it is. I spent way to much time living in tents, I like my A/C and generator. Roughing it is B&W TV
  6. So the goal of this rebuild is like a hard wall portable tent??? You removed the plumbing, gas , stove and water. Where do you get the support stuff, cooking, bathing??
  7. WME

    overdrive transmission

    The problem child is the older NON lock up trannie. In O/D even though the engine is turning less RPM, the drag of a M/H causes you to press the throttle down more. With the increased torque the converter slips more and that is what makes the heat. If you have a lock up converter then no slip and no extra heat.
  8. WME

    overdrive transmission

    Most of us with auto, just leave the O/D off unless you have a big tail wind or are going down hill. Folks with temp gauges on the trannie report a large increase in transmission temp when using O/D
  9. Good to have the skills to do this. But you have way to much spare time on your hands. I only get one mod a year done. Last year was a mild hot rod engine, year before was solar and 210mah of batteries
  10. WME

    LP Gas

    The blue knob is NOT the control valve. The main valve (only shut off ) is on the tank. The line to the regulator comes from main valve. The blue knob should be tight and left alone. This is a single stage regulator and under cool humid condictions they can ice up. That is why most newer units have a two stage regulator. At this point you should go to an RV repair shop have them install a two stage regulator and check the entire system. If you don't understand your propane system messing around with it is a good way to make a big bang. WME
  11. WME

    LP Gas

    Vent valve?????? With the master valve turned on the entire system has gas pressure in it. Even if you are not using anything. Is your regulator a single stage or a two stage??
  12. WME

    Interior Cabinet Lighting

    I wired in 2 T1/34 blue lamps and a switch into the cealing in the bathroom, makes a great nite light. If you leave them on no problem as the draw is only about 20ma.
  13. WME

    Size of Motorhome

    Bumper to bumper, that makes it sound bigger.
  14. WME

    Hi All Im so frustrated

    E-Bay 4x4 pop top, maybe a little pricey but maybe not. Kinda of hard to price a 4x4 ebay #4614825219
  15. WME


    Sounds like a trip to a distributor rebuild shop is needed. No advance will cause low power and bad MPG and may cause an engine to overheat. It must be fixed
  16. WME

    New here-great site

    DANGER WILL ROBINSON.....To bolt on a turbo designed for a Celica, or a lightly loaded pickup is asking for problems. On a long hill with the throttle floored the underhood temps would get unreal , plus the pistons would take a real heat job with minutes of full boost instead of seconds. When Toyota made the 22RET they did many things to the inside of the engine, lower compression and bigger oil pump for starters. They also water cooled the turbo. Normal hot rod stuff might serve you better. I live in the Rocky Mts and have to climb 8000 ft + passes to get most anyplace. I've made the following mods to my engine. Oversized TB, a 270 "RV" cam, oversized valves, 3 angle valve job, a port matched head and a cat back 2.5" exhaust . Also new rings and rod bearings. To many times I've seen a newly hop-up engine blow the old rings out and the oil use goes way up. I guessing its in the 135hp+ range or about the same as the Toy factory turbo. The combo is MUCh improved in the hills, sorta feels like a permanent 10-15 mph tailwind on the flats.
  17. WME

    Hi All Im so frustrated

    Just an oddball thought. Find you a good 4x4 and a clunker Raider and swat the MH part. Several of the RV rentals used to do this when the coach got to high of milage, Used to see 95 Coaches on 97 Chassie
  18. WME

    Interested In towing capacities on the 4cyl.

    The only thing about a 1000lb trailer is it soon weighs 1500lb. With careful frame reinforcement and a good hitch I tow a 5x8 trailer at about 800lb. With a stock engine the Toy was marginal, with some intelligent hopup work I can now run at 60mph on the flats, A hill still slows things down a bunch
  19. Before every body gets to excited. The 22r/re/ret were never in the JDM. It is very rare to find a 10 year old car in Japan so the odds of even finding a V-6 are slim. If you want to do the Fast and Furious thing you might find something interesting, of course there is those silly EPA and safety rules
  20. I had the same problem, sooo went to the Big orange box store and bought a digital wal theromostat. It only works for heat, but it doesn't have to be level to work like the old one.
  21. WME

    1978 Toyota Chinook

    Rule 1 its a Toyota truck, but the camping part is normal rv stuff. If something breaks fix it right no bailing wire and bubble gum. Things to watch for on a Chinook is the rear door and the floor there. Also the canvas, windows and the erector set stuff for raising the roof. Good luck and welcome to the club.
  22. WME

    1982 Toyota 18 foot Citation

    I have a 21ft with a 22RE, I live in the Rockies. Lots of 8-10,000 ft passes. Not a speed demon but I usually get over the tops at 35-45mph. Important thing is I do get to the top eventually.
  23. WME


    With a stock rear bumper towing is very risky. Most of us who tow anything have reinforced the frame and rear bumper
  24. WME

    Is this the right camper for us?

    For sure keep the Toy full of fuel and propane. Add water in the event of a coming storm/disaster. We use ours like a life boat. I think the Toys have a 60 amp alternator.