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  1. Not good. Back to simple checks. Switch the #4 plug wire with another. Then the spark plug. Last thing is to use a good light on #4 and one other cylinder to see if things are the same.
  2. Well after a 16 hr black out in -20 degree weather, we now have a generator switch over panel. It has 5 circuits that power the refer, freezer, furnace, living room and bathrooms. The drill is start the generator then hookup the power cord to the panel and flip the safety transfer switch. The generator is a HF 2000w inverter set. They were on sale for $429 recently. After a couple hours of breakin time it will start at -10 degrees. As long as the refer and freezer don't try to start at the same time all is golden. If the future outages get ridiculously long, I have a 30 amp to 115 cord that will let me use the 4K Onan in the motor home' Then I won't have to fill the tank on the HF generator every 6hr. Come summer we suffer a bit as neither generator is big enough to run the house AC.
  3. I guess I should have specified warm white was the buzz words to look for if you don't like bright white. Just for comparison. At noon sun light is rated about 5800K. Soft white incandescent is around 2550K. Warm white Led are around 3000K. Ya pays yer $$ and makes yer choice.
  4. Go to Wal-Mart and buy a plug checker. They make a version that will check a gcfi circuit. $10 or so.
  5. So did you make a set of plans/drawings or you just freestyling? Don't see to many OH OHs.
  6. After you "erase" THE GRAPHICS just get a roll of 1/2" wide striping tape and follow the out line of the old graphic. Add filler stripes if you must
  7. This path has been trod before. What was done was to mount a regular cab in place of the extra cab. This gives you more space for the house. Important distance is from the back of the cab to the axle. Likewise on the house from the front to the center of the wheel well. Stretch or shrink the WB till you get a perfect fit.
  8. Well your leak check seems to be right, Good News right? But your now back to #4 injector.
  9. A properly set up leak down gauge is not time sensitive. That's why it hooked to the air compressor
  10. Time for really dumb questions Are the plugs all the same brand and PN? #3 looks like an Autolite double Platinum. Did you move #4 to different cylinder?
  11. The Kohler is bottom rung. The only reason to fix it is that it will run your A/C. A 2000/1600 generator most likely won't. To run your A/C you will need 2800w+. The clearance lights are usually chained off the factory truck clearance lights. Do the truck lights work? If they are out check the truck fuses.
  12. Can you research the internet and post a picture of the exploded thing or a picture of the remains of it.
  13. Do the leak check with the new tester see what happens. If the results are all over the map, squirt some oil in each cylinder and bump the engine over for a few turns and re do the check. UNPLUG the dist trigger wires. If your injector is electrically OK, but mechanically bad you may not get a code. Disconnect the battery for 15 min to clear codes before the drive. Then check the codes your self. Put #4 spark plug in a different cylinder.
  14. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RV-Trailer-Window-24-X29-X2-Fixed-Window-With-Ring-Light-Tint-495-/112118805648?hash=item1a1acd3490:g:fHAAAOSwFdtXyYk3&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/RV-Trailer-Window-24-X22-X1-7-8-W-Trim-Ring-Screen-Tinted-Opens-504-/112118823732?hash=item1a1acd7b34:g:8DQAAOSwMgdXyY-H&vxp=mtr
  15. The standard test for a bad relay is to give it a wack and see if things start working. This is a temp fix and you really need a more modern converter ASAP
  16. Does your generator have a 12v charge outlet?? Maybe a cheap local made 20 amp auto battery charger?
  17. Do you have a stick or automatic?? IF an automatic then being in gear doesn't matter. But you need to turn the engine so that each piston is at TDC when checked Sounds like your Sunday is going to be busy.
  18. 4.88 gear with a 22RE performance increase, yes. Mpg increase, no. But most report no decrease in mpg
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