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  1. ^ What he said Door handle light may have a switch built in or may have inside switch
  2. We will assume some what of reduced MPG compared to one of the toys. But equally importance is range. How bigs the fuel tank??
  3. Do you just read the title of what your quoting or do you actually read the WHOLE thing??? You do realize that the DOE statement is for every 1 psi drop in pressure UNDER PROPER pressure the gas mpg can decrease by .2%. The last sentence in your support statement is " Do not use the maximum pressure printed on the tire's sidewall." Come on guys proper pressure for the weight.
  4. What you have now is nothing, so anything is an improvement. Get the cheap stuff and redo it every 3/4 years. POR is good stuff, but needs to be applied correctly to have a proper lifespan. Do it wrong and its 2 year stuff.
  5. To much psi will wear your tires out faster. You need proper psi for the load.
  6. Well here it is again 12v Aircon. Real cryptic about details.....http://airworks.com/
  7. What type of battery?? Flooded cell max rate is around 10% of capacity, an AGM can deal with a 30% charge
  8. The Fantastic Fans draw under 3 amps, so 150w of solar would run 2 at full power. At lower speeds you could have extra power to charge a battery a bit. No solar?? just do the math with your battery AH
  9. OK just some random thoughts...... Boost bathroom fan, a 14x14 piece of plexi with a hole to match the dia of the fan, you get shroud effect and will move more air. Like computer fans? stack 4 of them and place them in a open slider window. Make two sets one goes in one goes out. A fantastic fan will fit in place of the stock bathroom vent.
  10. Do it right means new springs with the proper leaf count, 6 or 7. The rear spring bushing are just as important as a proper spring in controlling the bumps and bangs the OP was talking about. Air shocks, re-arching, booster coils on shocks are all short cuts. The ZUK mod has possibilities if the booster spring is quality. A properly sprung Toyota MH will sit level when its empty, you use the airbags to trim it back to level, not carry the weight.
  11. Your basic description is correct. How does 100 amps at 12v sound??
  12. For many years the real deal siding was Filon it was a corrugated panel about 4 ft wide so it took 2 or 3 panels to do a side. Vinyl siding is a lot narrower so you would have more chances of leaks and the corrugations are a lot deeper making windows harder to seal. But for the right price it might be worth a try
  13. To properly do the rear spring packs will run about $1000 for the springs and bushings. Short cuts are just for someone trying to do a quick sale.
  14. I seem to remember that some of the Ford Rangers have the same bolt pattern and came with 15" wheels Repair and update. Start here.....
  15. WME

    Fridge on inverter

    The 120 and 12v are just generic terms to tell them apart. Who knows at what actual voltage was used to calculate the wattage.
  16. WME

    Fridge on inverter

    The heaters for the 2401 are 160 watts for 120v and 175 watts for 12v
  17. 2 tanks-2 valves. to drain ... drain the black first, then use the gray to flush out the plumbing and hose.
  18. 2nd CB copper to battery... The CB trips when if the old wire shorts, So the battery is the source in this case.
  19. http://www.customvinyllettering.net/lettering/t-vinyl/ Convecta Base, 4x20, $20
  20. The Shock Warehouse has the 3 "normal" shocks for Toyotas. The pricing also reflects good, better, best. Choose your poison.
  21. That's your ground block ALL of the 12V - or grounds go here. There should one wire that goes from the block to the frame
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