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This is about the 1990 Itasca I recently acquired, see post about scrapping out 90 Itasca. This unit sat for 16 years because the owner couldn't find someone to find and fix the problem and didn't what to pay to have it towed to a dealer, though one guy did come out and took the plastic off from around the steering column but obviously did know what he was looking for.

I did the same thing but found 2 systems that lock the shifter, the first one is actuated when the key is turned on the other by pressing on the brake pedal.

hope I can explain this well.

By removing the plastic trim from around the column, then removing a small section of the plastic heat duct the steering column can be lowered by removing 4 nuts, this will reveal the spring loaded cable coming from the brake pedal to the steering column. This is where the problem occurred, the steel pin at the end of the cable slightly rusted and would not release. See photos, I removed the cable, cleaned up the steel pin, using a Q-tip and brake cleaner cleaned out the little hole where the pin goes in, lubed the pin and reinstall. problem fixed, quite simple actually once you know what your looking for.  

This unit actually runs quite well after I gave it a tune up, still not sure what I'll do with it as I now own 3, 1990 warrior, 1985 Dolphin, 1990 Itasca. The owner did some damage thinking she could sell off parts, and the ceiling needs replaced due to water damage coming in around the roof a/c, nothing that cant be fixed with time and money.

Hope this helps anybody that finds them in the same situation.






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Thank you so much for the repair post on the stuck shifter.  I bought a 1989 Toyoto Dolphin during August of 2016, and last week started it up after it sitting idle for three months.  The engine started right up, but the shifter would not budge out of park.  My mechanic looked at your directions and pictures and an hour later after unsticking the same pin, it shifts again.  We did remove the drivers seat to get a little more work room.  So thanks for your timely post.  Dada Zilch

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Very common problem with column shift Toyota trucks.

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Had this problem in a Subaru Legacy after it set 3 or 4 or 5 summer months. Never did figure it out. Ended up scrapping the car. But I bet it was the same thing. Actually looked at this curiously wondering if it might have the answer. Sure enough I bet ya this was the fix. Fantastic!!

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