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My Dog Friendly Sunrader - Fence and Stairs


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After a lot of research and shelling out a few $$ I finally have my dog system figured out! I have 2 large dogs, and one small dog. My old large dog and small dog were having a very difficult time navigating the RV step. These Pet Loader stairs are amazing! They hold enough weight for humans to step on, and are wide enough for my 90 pound old guy, and low enough for my short version beagle. They fold up - though I am still figuring out a slick place to store them when in transit. 

The pet fence is a Richell dog/baby fence. It holds my 90 pound insanely spunky golden without a problem! It has individual plastic panels that are held together by slipping into each other, then secured with these cool caps that allow you to make any angle you want! I store the whole thing on a Surco ladder mounted bike rack (installed upside down) and secure with these super cool Rok Straps! 

When I arrive at my semi pet friendly location, I secure my dogs' leashes with large carabiners to soft loop tie down straps attached to the the mirrors and ladder - then it only takes about 5 minutes to set the fence up!

Woof Woof!


20160426_195549 (Medium).jpg

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


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nicely thought out.  i'm going to have to start thinking along these lines, as my wife just brought home another dog.....50 lb AUs shepherd.  so that makes about 180# of dogs to fit in the motorhome..........


golden has that "Can't you ask the judge to reconsider granting bail" look in the first pic......

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Payaso del mar - 180# of dog - sounds like pure love! I am carting 210#s of dog in mine! I feel I have streamlined the "RV'ing with my dogs" - though am always interested in crafty things people do. Let me know if you came up with any cool fixes to the chaos dogs add to the journey!

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