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20' "macro" Rv In 1969??


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I was driving a Diamond Reo garbage truck in 1969 (with a gas engine). I also worked in several RV places. Until today, I had no idea that this sort of camper was ever made. Maybe I had a sheltered life on the East Coast? I've reading through stacks of Camping magazines from the 60- to - 80s and amazing on some of the things I'm seeing (some very short lived).

I DID have a Mack pickup truck once. Can't say I ever head a Diamond Reo camper.


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I used to drive a 1959 REO with a White gas engine. It was probably the most miserable big truck I ever drove. Seats felt like cinder blocks. I remember the little metal tag on them that read "adjust and enjoy our REO truck seat." Yeah, right. I'd like bring Ransom Eli Olds back to life, put his butt on that seat for 12 hours and see how he liked it. Oldsmobile car seats were much better!

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I hope that compartment below the entry door contains a ladder. That first step is a killer!

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