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Cabover Pillars On 86 New Horizon


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Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, although I have been observing for some time now. I've had the RV since 2 summers ago, and have finally decided to take major remodeling steps. My Question: The pillars that divide the cabover from the rest of the coach, are they necessary? They seem to be a key support for the roof and the stability of the RV, but I have rarely see them in most pictures I see. If they are not required, I would rather have them out of there. It would open up the main room of the coach and make it seem bigger I think. I will post pictures sometime in the future. Tpost-7668-0-27971400-1394857342_thumb.jphanks!

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I know exactly what you talking about. It seems to be a New Horizon feature only. Unfortunately I don't know if they can be removed without compromising the roof integrity. Possible you could replace them with some kind of beam but not something I would suggest a new owner to do. Read through the site as much as you can and find restoration projects to get an idea what would be needed. I have never seen anyone who removed them before

Linda S

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