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  1. Thanks! I've had the toy for since last summer and had been living out of it. I work in the backcountry so it's the perfect home. But I couldn't take the depressing interior during the rainy fall months. The woodstove is awesome! It really puts off some heat. I'd like to get a Kimberly in the future, because the Colorado cylinder stove is meant for a wall tent, and not a "high use" application. But it works for now. My project for the summer is a Thermo-electric generator. Solar is the way to go here in the summer, but when the constant daylight fades, I want to use my wasted heat as a source
  2. Spent a few weeks this spring undertaking the daunting task of rebuilding my overcab, roof, installing a woodstove, new floor, paint, tile, desk, inverter, insulation. Im glad to be done!... wait, i dont think ill ever be done. So many more ideas! Here is my youtube link. Hope you enjoy! Please leave me some feedback on ideas, etc. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, although I have been observing for some time now. I've had the RV since 2 summers ago, and have finally decided to take major remodeling steps. My Question: The pillars that divide the cabover from the rest of the coach, are they necessary? They seem to be a key support for the roof and the stability of the RV, but I have rarely see them in most pictures I see. If they are not required, I would rather have them out of there. It would open up the main room of the coach and make it seem bigger I think. I will post pictures sometime in the future. Thanks!
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