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My 1987 odyssey with a 22re needs a timing chain kit.  The aftermarket kit has a different oem number for the timing chain and i am wondering if the 22 re in my odyssey is different than the one in the aftermarket kit?  The OEM part # from the vin, with a local dealer, for the timing chain, is 13506-35030 the pt.# from the aftermarket kit is 13506-35031 could be other differences in the aftermarket kit I haven't checked. Anyone with any experience on this?

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Well, this is a quandary. Toyota has no record of that aftermarket part number. Any Toyota even in Japan. I checked Amayama. I do see Yotashop using it though and they are a respected supplier. Our trucks aren't any different. No special chain just for us.

Don't buy from some unknown source though. It's a big job so you don't want possibly lower quality parts.

You could call Yotashop 360-747-7402 and ask them why the different part number. Love to know what they say. Do upgrade to a metal

guide though. Worn plastic guides in 22re's are the most common cause of timing belt failure

Linda S

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