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87 Conquest 12 wiring


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Hi Folks. Total newbie here. I just bought a venerable Conquest and it needs some work (no surprise there.) The big stuff I'm having done at an RV repair shop but right now I'm trying to figure out why I have no 12v power in the camper. The fridge, lights, etc do not register anything at all, no matter what I do, generator running or not-no change. The fridge may be a separate problem from the lights as it doesn't come on with the 120 connected either. No power at the 12v distribution (fuse) box. With the land line connected I can get the outlets to register and the roof-mount air conditioner to work. The battery in the generator compartment is brand new, installed by the folks who sold it to me, but I don't get the feeling they knew much about the unit at all. She was selling it after a divorce, etc., etc. The wires to that battery are set up with one black and two white going to the ground, and one red to the positive. Is that correct? I know almost nothing about wiring and don't want to screw it up even more by fiddling.


My last camper experience was with an '85 VW Westie with a diesel engine, so you see that my potential for making bad choices is pretty high. I'm just hoping this beastie isn't another example of that propensity. 


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normally black is pos, and white is neg. as in house wiring

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