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water heater unit replacement cost, new or rebuilt

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Does anyone know what a water heater unit would cost to replace, either new or a rebuilt one, or if used ones are okay a used one?  It would be for a 1987 Minnie Winnie, thanks!

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They start at about $400 in terms of a brand new WH. Then you're probably looking at a couple hrs of skilled labor for the install, unless you can do the work.


In terms of repairing an existing unit, propane water heaters (especially old units) are pretty simple and the parts are readily available. The big question would be: does the tank leak? If it does at all, scrap it and move on. If it doesn't leak and has been maintained, it might be worth installing a new gas control valve + pilot assembly, etc. 


Again, a lot of this depends on whether you (or a friend, family member) can do the work. If you need to hire out everything, these very old motorhomes can get real costly, real fast.

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Thanks, so it sounds like maybe $700 or so, I wonder if there are any electric heaters for RVs, and especially one you can use in a little Toyota?  I also wonder if there is a diesel/oil powered unit.  Now that would be fun-

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