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was working a yr ago but yesterday I  turned gas on lowered the thermostat setting but nothing happens. 13.5v on thermostat screws, 13.5v on the neg and + on the furnace connectors on left side;  fan at back of furnace isn't frozen up and turns when compressed air is aimed at it. Am at wits end trying to figure it out without removing it.  Any insight on what it might be ....much appreciated.


Well, Problem solved..... When I moved the t-stat down it cuts off. I pushed it UP and it came on.   Old age sure works better than anything else.

I hadn't used it for over a year and simply forgot...SENIOR MOMENT !


Thanks...Happy Camping  🌞

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Could be a weak battery. Many times those blower motors can draw up to 9 amps on startup. Just because you got voltage doesn’t mean you have the amperage.

Try a different fully charged battery and see if that helps.

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Thank You  FRED , there was senior moment that had me wondering for over 20 hrs, Then I went back down to the camper and seen what was going on and was a very simple fix ...just move the lever in the right direction  UP and it came on in less than a minute.😂  tears of joy.

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