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Hello everyone,


Ive recently purchased a 78’ Sunrader knowing nothing about them really. I’ve only owned Toyota’s so I’m familiar with the truck. My plans include: 4x4 conversion, motor swap, pull the camper and deal with any rust before I start the interior remodel. I have gutted it due to a leaky roof and water damage which will need some attention. I’ve done some research now and have seen quite a few different models. The short short ones like mine that I’ve seen all have the door in the far back with the flip up panel. And I believe they don’t have a shower.. Does anyone have any info on the models of Sunrader in the late 70’s? Mine is a front dinette rear door with a shower and toilet. Also looking for input on motor swaps. I’m gonna keep the rear 1 ton duality. Fj80 front axle and I think I want to go with the 5vzfe. Any input? 





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Well your not keeping a 1 ton axle because you don't have one. You have a truck axle with fake dualies on it and yes it can be a problem. Like I said on your other post, Nissan came out with a full float axle in 1984. Finding one might be difficult though. They just made so few of them.  Try looking for an axle from a hardbody 86 or newer with a V6. That will get you a few inches wider track plus it will give you an H233B differential. That is a 9.25 diff, bigger than a Ford 9 inch and tough as nails. 

Your current engine is also tough as nails and far easier to bump up the power than a 22re. 

Linda S

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