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Counter space and other fixes

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We love our Micro Winnie (21ft), but …

1. We were getting tired of juggling things around when cooking, and also lack of bathroom countertop space …

After failing to find a ready-made solution of the right size, and even more importantly of the right cost, I came up with the following …

Two bamboo cutting boards from Ross Dress-for-less, a 36” strip of slotted steel, and two pairs of spring-loaded supports from China on eBay.I cut the boards to size, cut the steel strip to make some long washers to clamp the supports firmly from the inside of the cabinets—a little time spent designing it all, and here’s the result

Total cost about $35.00


2. A visit to Fred Meyers and an outlay of less than $20 solved the problem of water bottles falling over in space between seats …


3. How many times have you cut or bruised your arm on the door catch when getting in and out of the coach?

A short piece of pipe insulation took care of that!













door 1.jpg



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Hello Brian,

Enjoyed this post, pics, ideas.  I'm currently using at home a nice big bamboo cutting board also bought at Ross!  I paid $8 for it & have plans to eventually use it in a Toy when time comes.  The flip-up board is both attractive & useful.  Little details can make a big difference in comfort.  Your between seats wire bin looks made to order.   Nice going!

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Love the countertop solution. I've been considering something very similar but didn't know about the spring-loaded brackets... Might have to steal that idea, ha! Good work on this. 

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Hi Brian, what seats did you install in front? They look very nice and comfortable 

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On 9/6/2017 at 4:33 AM, Nam said:

Hi Brian, what seats did you install in front? They look very nice and comfortable 

Sorry, haven't been on the forum for a long time! 🤢

They were installed by previous (original ) owner, will look to see if I can ID them …

Original owner also replaced carpeting with 747 carpeting from the old Boeing Surplus facility in Seattle—easy to clean, good sound proofing and comfortable—it'll probably outlast the rig!!

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