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Found 10 results

  1. My 1986 Toyota Itaska has perpetual leaking on both driver and passenger sides. I can tell that up under the front corners of the floor behind the dash, it is slightly damp. For those of you who have had similar issues, what is the order of prognostication you'd go through to determine the leak(s) source(s)?
  2. Hello, my wife and I got ourselves a 1991 Toyota Itasca. It has some water damage in the over-the-cab sleeping loft and in the bathroom (in the back). We started removing the affected areas but we are looking for any advice the forum might offer to make the job more successful. In that spirit, I'll outline our plan and maybe you can warn of us some pitfalls, offer critiques, or advise on materials we should use. In the over-the-cab loft, the existing material on the flat section and the walls appears to be some styrofoam sandwiched between some wood veneer attached with adhesive to the fiberglass skin (the skin being the outside of the motorhome). We are removing that and scraping the wood veneer off of the fiberglass with a sharpened wood chisel. We are still looking at what material we should use as replacement. I am surprised that the flat area of the loft is just veneer and foamboard, since it needs to be able to support the weight of one or two people. I've seen on some other posts the suggestion of using marine plywood, but my concern with that would be the lack of insulation. Also in the over-the-cab loft, on the curved front section where the horizontal window is, we plan on gutting and replacing the styrofoam insulation that is there. Is this necessary? Finally, there is the obvious necessity of finding and fixing the leak that has allowed the water to breach the sealed exterior so that it doesn't just recur in the future. I'm suspecting the window or the seam between the side and roof/front of the the motorhome meets. However, I guess it isn't really important to determine where the leak is - instead, we should just shore up both areas. I assume that this would require a decent amount of silicone caulking? Is it usually necessary to remove the window and reinstall it? To avoid making too long of a post, I'll leave it there for now. Any help is appreciated. I will attach a few pictures and will add more as requested. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I was about to set off on my first road trip in my new to me 1993 Winnebago Warrior before discovering the roof is leaking in two location. The forum seems to have a lot to say about products. First, what is thermo panel exactly and what product is best for sealing the roof? there is leaking at damaged area that appears to have been patched by previous owner, not just at lap joints. Secondly, any advice on pulling out the rotten wood and replacing it? If I want to do this right it looks like I will have to replace part of the roof. IMG_4599.HEIC IMG_4600.HEIC IMG_4601.HEIC
  4. Hi all! I am tackling the water damage from a pipe vent leak in the Sunrader next week. Any advice on this is appreciated. Damage is in the cabinet above the fridge. I used silicone as a temporary fix on the roof, leaks have stopped. The goal is to clean the roof and reseal all points of entry once the interior water damage is repaired. Not interested in a full on demo / rebuild of my Sunrader interior; simply want to address the damage and mold in this one spot. Thanks guys!
  5. Hey I'm new to the community and let me say I'm very excited to be apart of this, me and my girlfriend have recently purchased a 1982 Toyota Minicruiser. We're going to need any advice you can give us in the coming weeks/months as we will be getting into a full renovation. Already we've found water damage and rott(see pics), I've looked through a good few threads here and noticed a lot of complete restorations so I know we're in the right place for help!! Thanks Jacob & Jess
  6. Hey! My Sunrader Diane and I had a long winter and I need to do some repairs in the Los Angeles Area. Unfortunately, I have limited DIY resources because of where it is parked-etc. First, I have some serious water damage from a leak somewhere in the ceiling. I really need it to stop leaking, and obviously, the water damage to the wood is a problem for the future. I noticed that the roof vent for my stove, etc has a crack in the hard plastic. Anyone have any experience with this leaking? I have found replacements on Craigslist, and it seems like this is an easy enough DIY project, am I correct in that assumption? Next, my rear living room window broke out in a tragic Juniper Brush accident this year. Can I go to any old glass auto repair shop to get it done, or RV specific? Anyone have experience replacing these windows in the LA area have a place that you recommend for this sort of work? Thanks! I love reading through the forum. If you ever see me on the road in Southern California, honk and wave! I appreciate your input in advance.
  7. Hey all - this is our first MH and it has been VERY educational. Mechanicallly the rig was in very good shape but when we got it home found extensive rot in the cabover area and in the bath where the roof had leaked. Pretty scary tearing it all apart, but we're really pleased with the result. Last picture is the "Before".
  8. Hi, my fiancé and I are fixing up a 1983 Toyota Dolphin that has water damage in a section of the ceiling. Re-sealing the outside is easy, but we don’t know where to start when it comes to tearing down the damaged ceiling and replacing it. Can anybody give me some instructions on how to do it ourselves?
  9. I installed a custom-fabricated support for the cab-over. Two steel rods were welded onto small brackets in the doorjam, which was then also welded to 3" steel plate. The steel plate ran the width of the fiberglass, and was screwed into the existing metal support. The wood and foam from the cab-over interior was destroyed by water damage, so it was all ripped out and replaced with new high-grade lumber, foam, and plywood. All in all, I'm very happy with the results and shouldn't ever have water problems in this area again. It's a shame that they didn't think to add more support here in the first place! I'm still not done, I could use some help in deciding what to do about the outermost layer, which is still heavily glued on. It's incredibly hard to strip off, but I was thinking about buying an electric planer to get an even surface to glue a new piece of plywood to. Thanks for looking! Here's an album of the fix: http://imgur.com/gallery/JP7aO/new
  10. The floor of my 1991 Warrior seems a little springy not like is rotten but possibly. Is this common, and something not to be concerned with or is my sub floor in need of replacement? I have a smooth side warrior their has been a leak looks like possibly around the grey water tank vent on the roof. Some water has made its way into the siding and it has detached from the body, my best idea is to drill small holes and inject epoxy then use a load bar to press plywood against the side while the epoxy adheres. Any advice on the type of epoxy to use or method would be really appreciated.
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