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  1. I bet the silicon valley tech millionaires will enjoy it, since they're the only ones who will be able to afford it. I guess I don't really know who the target market was for the motorhomes that this forum is dedicated to. It seems like one of the points of them, though, was that they were inexpensive relative to other RV's being sold at the time?
  2. Hey Morbo, I just came across the pics of the overcab restoration you posted here. Looks like you did a great job. Would you mind sharing a link or some info about the veneer/foamboard you used?
  3. Hello, my wife and I got ourselves a 1991 Toyota Itasca. It has some water damage in the over-the-cab sleeping loft and in the bathroom (in the back). We started removing the affected areas but we are looking for any advice the forum might offer to make the job more successful. In that spirit, I'll outline our plan and maybe you can warn of us some pitfalls, offer critiques, or advise on materials we should use. In the over-the-cab loft, the existing material on the flat section and the walls appears to be some styrofoam sandwiched between some wood veneer attached with adhesive t
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