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  1. FYI, I recently found a plastics shop which can fabricate replacement, wrap-around cab-over windows for the Sunraders at $175 each. Q&I Plastics, 445 Portal St #9, Cotati, CA 94931; (707) 795-0612 The owner's name is Rick. My passenger side window ('85, narrow profile) was cracked badly but intact. I dropped it off at this place and within a few hours Rick had the new window done. I took the rv back and he helped me install it. It had to be trimmed a little bit, but once in fits perfectly and looks fantastic. Rick's got my old window and could use that as a template, or if you've got an intact one you could send it to him. HOWEVER, Rick is very conscientious and would really prefer to have the rv there to make sure the finished product is perfect. If you are willing to reassure him you're happy to do any trimming yourself, he'll likely be willing to ship a finished product to you. (Rick uses a dremel mounted to a work bench to do his trimming)
  2. I have an ‘88 sunrader on a ‘07 tundra cab and chassis, with the original camper door lock... I have “fixed” it a few times but I think it has finally kicked the bucket and the camper doesn’t tend to stay locked easily... I want to upgrade the door lock system and wondered if anyone has had any luck with these things : https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/maintenance-hardware/rv-locks-handles-storage-hardware/door-knobs-locks/door-locks/lock-rv-motor-home-entrance_31-8078 looks to be the same shape as the hole, would obviously need to cut a hole in the fibreglass for the deadbolt to slip through, and another to receive the deadbolt, but I am willing to do so if it means I can toss this original... any help would be much appreciated *update* - if anyone in Canada (or the US) is looking for one of these, I just found a place that supplies them, looks identical to the original... should have almost bought 2 haha https://www.reflectwindow.com/products/mobile-home-or-r-v-door-lock -Toni
  3. Hello All, I have been doing a dive into reading all about an axle swap and learn without asking the question again. Sadly I'm just not as quick on the draw as I'd like to be. Truck is 1978 and appears to have the 5 Lug dually (foolie) As the truck is so old what i have gathered is their may be some additionally fabrications rather than just finding a used axle from something older. I understand it to be switching to a 6 lug 1 ton floating axle to handle the weight. There are a few shops around willing to help, I am just searching in and around a days drive to see if I can locate the right donor part/vehicle . Also if to expand my search if something off of a Landcruiser or equaling would work for this and the problems ill need to bring up for my shop? Sorry to ask the same old questions, I know this is the route I need to go to be safe so I want to know the path of least resistance. I understand it will take time/money but the specific info would be wildly helpful. Thanks for listening.
  4. My question: Is the plywood in a Sunrader cabover walls structural? Does it provide stiffening or some other function? It's time to replace it. The bottom half of the driver's side is rotted out. Passenger side is still good but I may do both anyway. Yes, the original shag carpet is coming out as well I imagine that I will need to at least frame around the windows. I was hoping to add some insulation and wondered how much additional framing was recommended.
  5. This question deals with the models before the factory 1 ton C&C was used. The door sticker on my '83 for the GVWR is from Sunrader - replacing the original Toyota sticker - and presumably adjusted for any upgrades they made to the suspension. (My original documentation mentions 2000lb overloader springs on the rear. ) The sticker gives a max load for front axle as 1800lbs. This seems high for a stock 1/2 ton. Does anyone know if changes or upgrades were made to the front suspensions on Sunraders? And what they may have done. FWIW, my is carrying 1600lbs on the front axle.
  6. I am sad to be moving on from my camper adventuring days, but optimistic that this gem can get in the hands of someone else that can enjoy it to its fullest!The "Ponty" is a 1977 Pontiex Pont-X SR-2. The model is somewhat similar to the slightly more common Toyota Chinook. It is very rare and unique and I have only found four other ones in my extensive internet research. The camper company would buy truck cabs from Toyota, build out the campers and then resell them. Its total length is 16.5 feet. Which means you can have what feels like a pretty spacious living area and still fit into a normal parking space!The camper is 40 years strong. It has been on trips all over the Western US and driven across country. In the transitional period as I look for a more practical car, it is has been my daily commuter. Here's a bit about the truck part:To start off it's on a Toyota Truck cab. They were pretty common and you still see a lot of them on the road. They are mechanically straightforward and easy to work on and get parts for still. The truck features the well-regarded 20r engine. I recently rebuilt the heads and the engine is in top shape. The odometer reads 28,000, but only reads 5 digits, so my best guess would be that it has 128k miles on it (possible 228k). It was a 4 speed manual that I upgraded to a 5 speed. Top speed is about 65mph on the highway, more like 45mph going up a hill (depending on how weighted down you are). Not the best vehicle if you're trying to get anywhere in a hurry. I've have been averaging about 17mpg. Pretty good for a home on wheels! Up front it has a cassette player that I never felt the need to upgrade because it has an AUX input, a house speaker hooked up to the radio, seats and dash in pretty good condition for its age (some cracks on the dash and in driver's seat). I recently replaced the carpet in the cab so that is looking pretty spiffy. There are two batteries, a car battery and a house battery with an isolator that keeps the house battery use from draining the car battery. Both batteries are less than 2 years old. The Camper:On the port side there is a table that seats four tightly and drops down for a bed. Underneath one of the benches is a storage space and a water tank under the other. On the starboard side there is a closet with many drawers and storage. The kitchen features a three burner propane Coleman stove with an oven (pretty rare to have an oven in a camper), an icebox fridge (could be upgraded to a mini-fridge but I generally did 6 day adventures at a time so I just got a block of ice), a sink with a pump that brings water from the tank below one of the benches and drains into a grey water tank underneath. There is a fuse box where you can flip a switch to plug straight into electricity if you're at home or at a campground or you can run off the house battery. I put an inverter in so that you can run a laptop and other electronics through it. I also put in a Fantastic Fan Vent that works really well for controlling temps. It has a sensor that closes when it senses rain. Above the cab is another sleeping space or space for storage. You can slide it back and remove a cushion to create more open space. There's also an open flame propane heater. One of the defining features of this camper is its HUGE windows. The full fiberglass shell means that it is safe from much of the leaking damage that many older campers see. Upgrades that have occurred in the last 5 years of ownership• 7 new tires (duallys and a spare)• Rebuilt engine heads• Upgrade from 4 speed to a 5 speed w50 transmission• Clutch• Alternator• Rear differential• Brakes• Rebuilt rear axle and u-joints• Interstate batteries for house and car• Custom carpet in the cab• 350 watt inverter to run electronics• Fantastic Fan Vent for ventilation• Many other small upgradesUpgrades currently undone:• Gas gauge is broken (I never fixed it is because the needle pops up from the other side when there is a few gallons left, plus I have a 5 gallon reserve tank so that always worked for me)• When starting, the engine typically turns over a bit longer than normal, especially when it's cold. It always starts so I haven't looked into it yet but I suspect it could be a carburetor cleaning or rebuild.• The blower in the cab works but doesn't blow heat. Haven't looked into what it needs to work properly.• Some rust showing on the rocker panels and on the hood of the truck (It lived in Nevada and Colorado for all of it's known life. I only brought it to Vermont last year and did not drive it through the winter.)• Lots of little things that could be done if desired to add a personal touch (New curtains? Cushions? Radio/sound? Paint? Solar? Etc.)I'm really looking for the right buyer for this amazing vehicle. I have been burned on internet car sales before and I want to make sure that the buyer has every piece of information they need and walks away happy. Feel free to contact me with any questions, more pictures, etc. $8900. I am looking to upgrade to a Toyota Tacoma and would be willing to consider trades. I'm in no rush to sell so no need to send low-ball offers. It hasn't been updated in a while, but if you want to read about some of this camper's adventures you can check out my blog: https://pontxadventures.wordpress.com/Thanks for looking!Mischa
  7. We are looking for a Sunrader (been for awhile), and was wondering what years have the wrap around windows in the section over the cab, and if these windows weaken the over cab area more than the smaller windows which don't wrap around? Thanks!
  8. This project will replace my existing Sunrader classics edition factory storage box (its for sale $300 they are pretty rare), with two black aluminess galley boxes. I'll be ripping out the rear interior panel to get access, and also fix a few leaks, and also will be grinding down and painting my existing rear bumper. But, first up does anybody need a stock Sunrader classics edition rear storage box? Its in Olympia WA, check out the pics below. Message me if you are interested, I'd like to see it on a Sunrader rather than stored away in my garage. The two new boxes cost a small fortune, but I'll be able to store my honda generater and also plan to have a fold out portable bbq/ in the other storage box!
  9. I was having problems with the tail lights, but both brake lights and signals worked in the back. Now the right brake light and signal don't work at all So I'm only on the road due to the good graces of people in the town that are being helpful with getting me places to go and stay what have you. Someone spent 3 hours on it trying to find the problem and said it's definitely not going to ground it's new LED lights instead of finding where it doesn't go to ground I'm thinking of just rewiring the whole thing since inside it's gutted with no electricity and I'm perfectly happy creating a new system there at a later date I just want the tail lights to work now How do I connect new wires from the turn signal and the brake and the tail lights to a set of trailer lights that I want to fix on the back
  10. Ok.. So 1984 nissan sunrader with a 2.4 Nap Z engine 5 speed transmission.. Thoughts? Good/bad/ugly? Does nissan have the same axle issues as the toyota?
  11. Hi all! I’m new here. I just bought an ‘80 Sunrader and I’m having all sorts of trouble finding a manual or any sort of relevant info. The thing is a frankenstein for sure. It’s a flatbed conversion, with a non-dually 5-lug rear. Got a 21r with 70k which I believe was swapped in in the early 2000s. My plan is to rebuild the flatbed and build a hoop house on top (bent wood battens sheathed in ply and fiberglassed). I’ll bend up some steel sheet for a doghouse over the cab and weld it to the roof. The idea is to have a pass through work van! Right now I’m doing little maintenance things, working on deleting all emissions and most vac lines, and I have a new Weber carb on the way. I’m wary of going any further with the improvements until I have a factory service manual though. Any resources would be appreciated! Thanks, Rowan
  12. First rain fall after getting my 1979 Sunrader and I found a nice surprise. I noticed some drips of water from the front windows, So I pulled the headliner off the over cab bed and found years of damage from leaky front windows. I'm looking for some advice on what to do with the wood that exists, and how to remove the rot, repair the wood I can salvage and reinforce it if necessary. The damage appears to only be in the middle of the bed area, and not on the side supports. I've resealed the window and caulked the rubber seals, as well there is a dehumidifier in there working away. Thank you.
  13. Hey Everyone! I have a 1986 Toyota RV (21 feet) that I am selling. ANY info/advice/help/consult is MUCH appreciated. Here are the dets- you'll see why I need help! 1986 Toyota Sunrader, 21 ft. Approx. 116,000 original miles Dual-Axle (original) Automatic, 4-cylinder Fuel-Injected Runs great, but stalls out sometimes while in reverse for parallel parking Coach Set up: door is rear access to kitchen and bathroom, with 2 sofas (someone re-modeled it that way- but only one is set up as I was planning to convert it into a storage system), + over cab bed When I bought it, the stove/oven + coach AC/heat all in working condition as of last time I was hooked up. Have replaced all 6 tires, sewer system, shocks, battery, alternator (about $3k) There is a very slow, small leak coming into the kitchen in the back when it rains, but I cannot for the life of me find where it is coming from. My guess is- the backup camera installation done by one of the previous owners. I am selling it in the San Francisco Bay Area. I want to be fair, but also not get screwed. Thank you so much for any replies- anything helps! Tips on where to even start, pricing, what I should include in the listing, etc. I am having a hard time uploading pics but will keep trying...
  14. I just bought a 1984 21' Sunrader and I can feel (and hear) under the carpet that the subfloor at about mid-point is rotted and will need replacing. I'll probably replace the entire subfloor since I'm going to gut the interior (excluding the bathroom). I assume the existing subfloor is particle board (heavy!) and was wondering for those that have replaced the subfloor what material they replaced it with? Maybe something lighter than particle/wafer board? Thanks
  15. Hey everyone, thought I'd share some of the work my wife and I have been doing on our 4x4 Sunrader. We bought it in August 2017 in Bozeman, MT. We drove it around the west coast for a while and then made our way to Florida to begin a renovation on it. My wife and I have been living in a VW Vanagon for the last two years and decided to make the move to the Sunrader for the extra room, 4WD, Toyota reliability, and cheaper parts. We started the renovation at the beginning of November and are currently still working on it. We've heavily documented the process with photos, videos, and blog posts so I'll try not to be too redundant and post links here. I'll keep posting as we have more to show! Her name is Amelia and this was her before we started working on her. There's plenty more picture of her and her interior before we started the process over here: http://www.boundfornowhere.com/blog/2017/new-home-on-wheels Our goal was to start with a clean slate on renovation so we tore her down to the fiberglass and salvaged what we could. We found LOTS of dead mice in the walls which made us feel better about peeling back everything so we could get a fresh start. Here is a video of that process: We also cover it with some photos and writing in this blog post. This post also shows our first attempts at fiberglassing as we decided to teach ourselves. http://www.boundfornowhere.com/blog/build-out-week-1-2 I'll leave it at here for now. Don't want to overwhelm you with too much all at once. Be back soon with some more process. -MAK and Owen
  16. I have a 21 ft Toyota Sunrader that I recently purchased. Wanted to get some peoples opinions about traveling in their RV with 4 or more people. My Sunrader has the dinette in the back with the large windows where the 2 or 4 people would have to sit, seatbelted in for travel. Is this a comfortable and safe way to travel for kids or adults? Do your passengers move around the cabin while driving? Thanks, Aaron
  17. Hello! I've been researching online and learning a lot from your forums - thanks for hosting and posting! I'm trying to figure out what is going on here: http://www.dreamchasersrv.com/inventory/1982-other-sunrader-1817-p042647 Is this a Sunrader with a custom window on the back? And what's on the side above the door? I don't know what the "1817" is; VIN # year says 1981 rather than 1982. Also, from a more experienced opinion than mine own - is it too rough or is there potential? Thanks for any info & insight!
  18. I bought a 1985 Sunrader 18', It needs a Cover for the Water Heater, Needs a Fender Flair on Passenger Side, Needs a Fridge, Needs a Couple Side View Mirrors, Where is a Good Parts Place for Those Items. Lucky Phillips 717-658-6848
  19. Any interest in a 18' 1984 sunrader with a 1986 2L diesel engine (4 cyl Toyota). Looking to trade rather than sell... Details on that in the bottom of this post. Engine is a Toyota 2L, 2.4L 4 cyl diesel. 5 speed manual, 135,000 miles, upgraded 6 lug rear, stock interior and appliances, New commercial grade high load tires, fridge only works on propane (never messed with it), oven not functioning (missing the dial and all the guts attached to it. Stove works), max air fan, Led interior lights. Toilet and black box removed but can reinstall. Work I did: belts, starter, timing belt, water pump, clutch, clutch master + slave cylinder, glow plugs, batteries, new seals on injector pump. Even more work done on the conversion, look at comments below. Can run biodiesel and maybe veggie oil. (not recommended... switching back and forth to regular diesel can destroy injector seals and clog lines, filters, and pumps...) I've gotten 28mpg on this sucker before, believe it or not. I average about 23. Not much of a noticeable power difference than a 22R. I've driven it all over the rockies and the west coast. 15k miles on it in 3 years without a major hiccup. Looking to trade for a mirage (I could add cash for the right deal) . Also would trade for a sunrader shorty, Chinook Newport, bandit, sandtana, or other fiberglass Toyota + cash(?) (doesnt have to be cash for the right rig), also taking $$ offers. Located in Oregon just south of Portland. Might be interested in trading the engine + tranny for rebuilt or low miles 22RE + tranny if you did the removal and Installation. Let's talk Included the original eBay post from the guy who converted it. Has some more pics, inside and out, and a description. I DID NOT buy it from this listing. I bought it off a guy in Berkeley in July 2015. Lots more done to the rig then i even knew... original ebay post from guy who converted it
  20. Does anyone have details on how to remove the upper control arm bushings? The service manual is not terribly helpful and references a tool that is expensive and difficult to come by.
  21. Hi there, does this look like a Sunrader anyone else has seen? I haven’t run across one with this layout- with the door in the back like this. Supposed to be a ‘78 Sunrader Since my plan is to completely overhaul it I’d love some inspiration as far as layouts are concerned. I hope everyone is having a great day and putting in some good work on their projects or getting out in the wild- either way I don’t expect any responses here until Monday mid-morning rolls around hahaha! -Neil
  22. Hi, I recently got an 18' Sunrader from 1984 and I'm wondering if it would be possible to build in a rooftop AC that is powered by an internal generator. Does anyone know where the generator could be located on the inside? Are there any alternatives? I'm not sure I want to have a rack on the back bumper with an external generator chained to it. I understood that there is not enough space on the roof to power the AC with solar panels? I'm totally new to motorhomes and travelling in a RV. I had initially planned to drive from San Francisco to Chicago, going through the South Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee in August. I know it will get insanely hot and humid and I'm wondering even if I would install an AC, would the generator shut off in that heat? And would the AC even be able to cool down the Sunrader? Thanks a lot for your advise upfront. Raul
  23. Greetings from the FNG, Has anyone had to address a throwout bearing on one of the 4 speed trannys yet? Mine started making that infamous knocking noise while out of gear however it subsides while in gear, under load. Any and all comments welcome, thanks everyone! Happy travels, BD
  24. Hi all, I have a new to me 18' Sunrader. I love it, but of course, I am looking at updating it a bit. I am not handy though. And I don't really have that much time to learn and work on it. Everything in it is working as of now. I would love to make it prettier and update the appliances- hopefully with lighter weight appliances and a bit smaller. I also want to get rid of the bathroom altogether. How much do you think it would cost to have this little guy renovated for me? I am not averse to spending some money on it, but I don't really have a good sense for how much I should be putting aside for this project. Of course, I would love to take it all the way down to the fiberglass and do it right, but I need to get a sense of costs and put together a plan before I start anything. Thanks for any advise- no matter how disheartening!
  25. With some of the newer posts on Sunraders, and my interest in getting one hopefully this year, I realized that I know very little about the specific sizes which were built, and what the interior features were (and what you don't have in the smaller one that you do have in the larger one). Is there a place where I can find this information? I want one which is as original as possible, with no add-ons, anyone know where I should start? Thanks.
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