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  1. Does anyone have recommendations for mechanic in or around the nearby area of manhattan? The mechanic that installed the clutch is not someone I feel I can trust anymore at the moment and is not even able to look at it now anyway I'm guessing I need a full transmission diagnostic on my 1983 sunrader with a stick shift
  2. I did not do the work. I bought the center force clutch and brought it in to a mechanic I think I'm going to have to take it to another mechanic. For obvious reasons I don't have a lot of faith in my mechanic that replaced the clutch to begin with. Does anyone know of mechanics they trust very close to Manhattan? I don't know how many more miles I have out of the clutch. I know how to drive a manual transmission. This is not from abuse. I drove 75,000 miles on one clutch
  3. It is an 82 Toyota sunrader Shifting without a clutch is possible if you know how to do it.. I learned very much in the driver's seat while it started slipping right as I was driving into Manhattan after a long cross country journey. If the clutch is intact enough to get it running into first gear, you can pop it out of first gear and let it ease into second gear and third gear and 4th gear Which I did with the old clutch for over a year before I replaced it But this new clutch, I shift into the new gear, without the clutch, and it is still slipping.
  4. So I replaced my clutch last summer with a center force. I don't drive it that much, and after about two, maybe 3,000 miles it started to slip, in february. they bled the clutch and it worked better than right at I swapped it although I feel like it was abused a little first so I started shifting without a clutch whenever I could. And now all of a sudden it's slipping again Someone told me that you have to machine part of it shorter because the drive shaft or something or other is not long enough. I wish I could remember what he said exactly it didn't seem like an emergency at the time, but I just had to cancel my dog's first show Does anyone know about this? Is this a familiar thing?
  5. So, everything is definitely better than it was now that I have brakes rotors drums and shoes. I was considering doing the lines, but then a friend of mine said that it is way too complicated for a novice Am I missing something?
  6. So, I am finished with the rear brakes and now need to replace the front brakes. I don't know if they have been bled, but don't I need to take all the wheels off to bleed the brakes? I assumed that they were bled in the back when the back was replaced, will they need to be redone when I do the front?
  7. I don't know enough about cars to feel like I would be able to do it without being probably equally worried that I screwed it up. Rotors and pads seem simple enough, but brake lines see much more complicated?
  8. I have been looking for the big wheel bearings socket, 54 mm. I have to go to an auto parts store for that, right? it's really hard to hear on the audio but the guy said I could use a hammer and a chisel instead? Other than that, the 17 mm socket, and the 10 mm and a screwdriver, I don't think I need anything else to remove and replace the pads and rotors?
  9. I don't need lug nuts I need a tire iron. I tried to buy a 15/16 one online and it is a little small...they sent a 22mm instead, saying it was equivalent
  10. Okay, apologize for off thread, but not sure where else to post. I just bought a 22mm tire iron, and the nut only goes maybe 1/3 the way into the tire iron. I thought I was getting a 15/16 iron, but alas no... Any wisdom on tire irons? 15/16 seems a tough find
  11. By the way you have been such a wonderful giving resource through with this process over these last two years and I am just wanting to say another thank you
  12. Alas, there are no O'Reilly Auto parts stores within 50 mi of manhattan, it would seem. But if I take that part number to any Auto parts store, I'm good, right? Also, when you say left handed does that mean that I am turning it right to loosen it?
  13. I don't know what three or six hand is it's six lug nuts in the back here's a picture of it with the wheel off if that helps?
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