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  1. When you say the starter relay do you mean different than the starter engine? I'm quite a novice when it comes to car things.
  2. Driving into Los osos I realized that my door was ajar and opened it up to slam it and it would not close again. The latch on the inside has a plastic thing around the metal and the plastic on the passenger side is fully wrapped around the latch whereas there's no plastic visible on the driver's side and it stops before it will even close a little bit it's like the latch is permanently on open HELP!!
  3. So every once in awhile, the car will not turn over. I have been successful starting it by popping it into 1st gear when it happens... Until this afternoon I was. Rolling downhill, and it was in first, the weight/momentum of the car would keep it rolling for a bit but it wouldn't take any gas Stopped at a body shop for advice, and got back in and it started on its own. But am worried about the new development. I could hear first gear turn the motor but the engine not starting. Fuel pump and or electric wire corrosion is my best bet Planning on swapping the fuel pump and prayers. Thoughts?
  4. Compelling!! TJ... Haven't been in ages! Although it must be like a oven down there right now and I don't have a c, LOL something to consider though I will definitely ask them and thank you for the help, once again!
  5. Okay, thank you. Will it be difficult to find a good Toyota mechanic should I just ask around? In New York I was told to go to the Dominicans because they cherish their Toyotas in D.r. didn't work out so well because I'm already having clutch problems I guess I'm just still looking for mechanics I'm in the Pasadena area. Will be driving up to Idaho soon. So I can go to any place that anyone feels is a wise try in between Pasadena and Salmon Idaho! Lol I'll probably drive up through Las Vegas to take advantage of less expensive gas 🤓😎🤠
  6. I'm going to contact the link you gave me, but are they mechanics can they look at the RV itself or they just selling me the engine? I'm flying back next week, and would love to have a couple options for mechanics where I could leave it and get it more roadworthy
  7. Wanderlust, the difference in the terrain was significant enough that that might have been the main issue On the drive out on the 10 they were hills but I was able to maintain momentum enough that it wasn't a problem taking out the extra weight and not needing to worry about momentum as much ended up being a problem on the hills, I think Because especially since they were hills and not mountains I'm in New York right now The car is in my brother's backyard in Pasadena and I don't intend on doing anything with it until these issues are all solved I have a few things that need to be looked at Thank you for the advice regarding fuel pressure etc before anything I know I do want to put a new fuel pump in it it might solve lots of problems
  8. Well it is definitely time to get the fuel pump in there, I bought one a while ago and have just been procrastinating. I have to get back to California to do that So that's four weeks out. It starts beautifully I'm wondering about power now but I was driving it with 300 lb more stuff from New York to LA got good mileage as long as I didn't try to push it and slowly got it up to speed When I took the 300 extra pounds out, and drove up to San Luis Obispo I had problems with all of the hills and losing power. But I think that might have been because I was used to having the weight-aided momentum
  9. That's entirely fair but this guy's disssembling was more about ignoring the fact that it needed breaks desperately and a new clutch and a new alternator. He bragged about the fact that the engine had been rebuilt so I'm reasonably certain it was especially since it starts with one turn of the ignition, as long as I have enough fuel in there, because it needs a new fuel pump!
  10. Thank you so much for that information, Linda. Perhaps I can keep my powder dry for the next mole to wack on this Odyssey of budget car self repair! By the way... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WZFNUAlz3vI
  11. So I didn't realize that the sound I was hearing was an engine knock and now I don't know how long I've been hearing it for. I think it might have been hearing it for a long time Means I should probably steel myself to needing to do something about the engine. It has been rebuilt once so I don't think I can get it to be rebuilt again I've been seeing ads for new 22R engines and I'm wondering if anyone knows how much better or worse they will be compared to the reliability of the original engine ?
  12. I really am somewhat nonplussed about what to do should I just hold on to the money and keep on driving until the problems present themselves on the Road? any other thoughts? Since I don't trust my original mechanic? I feel like I might be just as well off waiting for it to be repaired somewhere out of town
  13. Sorry if I seemed overly sensitive, that guy's at the original mechanics office on talking about maybe I've abused the clutch and they have to look at it, Etc So I finally got enough money to replace the entire clutch if it needs it And my plan is to take it to Toyota dealership for a diagnostic, check the flywheel check slave cylinder and hopefully don't have to replace the new clutch but if it's at a dealership hopefully this time it would be work that could be guaranteed
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