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  1. What did you do to reinforce the bumper?
  2. can you confirm that 14 inch tires are what is needed? Because the only ones that they have are 16 inch in an 8 ply
  3. Ok, I definitely need two new front tires and one new back tire and the rest are good for a little while. The only thing is that some of the tires in the back are 185 and some are 195 are 185 better to get?
  4. Yes, I was afraid of that. Thank you for your help
  5. So the way you are talking about this, it seems I'm going to have to get it up hoisted two times once to remove the gas fill hose to get it ordered, and then again to replace it?
  6. I am replacing the LED replacement lights with trailer lights because the LEDs aren't getting because the LEDs aren't getting to ground Sorry that wasn't clear
  7. I want to replace the tail lights wiring entirely though so I would start at the steering column and the turn indicator, right?
  8. I would like to replace the hose for my gas tank. there are fumes, very mild but there are definitely fumes. I have been told that it is a hard thing to come by the proper equipment to replace the hose. Anyone else have experience with this?
  9. I am going to try just bypassing all the old wiring and putting in trailer lights. Does anyone have a diagram for a 1982 sunrader? I'm pretty sure it's relatively simple and you just connect to the wires that come out of the turn signal, which includes the tail lights and the turn/brake signal I'm literally trapped in a Publix parking lot in Florida so any amount of speed would be appreciated!
  10. I was having problems with the tail lights, but both brake lights and signals worked in the back. Now the right brake light and signal don't work at all So I'm only on the road due to the good graces of people in the town that are being helpful with getting me places to go and stay what have you. Someone spent 3 hours on it trying to find the problem and said it's definitely not going to ground it's new LED lights instead of finding where it doesn't go to ground I'm thinking of just rewiring the whole thing since inside it's gutted with no electr
  11. Window SEALING .... these are the times that I miss the large screens where I can proofread, dictation screws me up
  12. Ok so now I know I have the right material with butyl tape, and I have some plastic putty knives hopefully these are my last two questions Question 1 do I need more than butyl tape? It's my impression that butyl tape goes on the inside and that a small bead of sealant goes on the outside, as well dot-dot-dot or am I combining two different Technics? Second question, unfortunately I have not found any links to YouTube tutorials on window ceiling. Do you have one you could send me?
  13. I am signing I am signing online right now to check and see if I can get some input about switching my 82 Sunrader shell on to a different Toyota with heavier chassis and would love to hear any thoughts about that, also about whether or not to go to a 4 x 4 instead I would love to drive it down to Argentina for the eclipse this year because it looks like flying might be challenging, but all those countries might make it worse driving So anyway I'm rambling before I mention the reason I'm talking about this is because I was enchanted by seeing that the picture on the front of this website is f
  14. I beg your pardon So then So then that is what you do with the plastic putty knife is you dull the very tip while sharpening the angle? Thank you so much for all of the help! I will start to take pictures of this process I put in a new floor myself and those pictures will be visible as well
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