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Found 10 results

  1. Hey all, I have a 1985 Dolphin with 60,xxx miles that I've owned for a couple years and I put half of that mileage on. This rig has been the most reliable vehicle that I've owned and have driven it coast to coast 6 times. I am an experienced tradesman and I recently endeavored on some minor repairs. Well you can guess what happens next...I have totally gutted this vehicle to find that practically every popsicle stick they put it together with is going to need to be replaced, and I was hoping to elicit some inspiration from stories of recovery from the brink of death, or when it was finally time to put an end to a motorhome's suffering. By the way, it wouldn't ever go to the junkyard, it would be turned into a badass flatbed truck. If anyone has done the latter, have you had any issues registering the MH as a flat bed?
  2. I bought a 1985 Sunrader 18', It needs a Cover for the Water Heater, Needs a Fender Flair on Passenger Side, Needs a Fridge, Needs a Couple Side View Mirrors, Where is a Good Parts Place for Those Items. Lucky Phillips 717-658-6848
  3. I'm thinking of installing a new clutch kit in my 1985 Sunrader, 4 cyl 4-speed manual. I don't think it's ever had any tranny work done, so it's likely got whatever tranny they normally came with. Would it just take a standard 1985 toyota pickup kit or was a different tranny used due to the weight of the rig? Any recommendations as far as manufacturers? And, since the rig weighs in at around 6300# fully loaded, is a heavy duty kit recommended? Thanks for any advice from those better versed than me.
  4. With some help from other forum members I figured out my 21ft 1985 Sunrader still has the faulty rear axle. So my question to you all is what kind of rear axles will work with this model? I found a 1989 rear axle, 4x2, double wheel, 1 ton from an old Toyota delivery truck, will this work or is it too wide? If its not going to work, what should I be looking for? Thanks for your help!
  5. Hello! I just got a 1985 Sunrader and I'm not sure if the faulty rear axle has been replaced or not. It kind of looks different from other pictures I've seen, but the 5 lugs have me scared. If it is the bad axle does anyone have any leads on a replacement on the east coast? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, my name is Tim and I've been lurking on here for a while and figured it was time to join since I will be looking at a '85 Sunrader tomorrow. It's a 21" 2wd with 139k+ miles, EFI, a manual 4 spd and a 6 lug floating rear end. I was a Lexus and toyota master tech for 13 yrs so the mechanical issues I might run into don't bother me, but this is potentially my first RV and I don't know much about how things are supposed to operate on them. I can handle some external cosmetic issues but don't want to buy someone else's problem child. Since this is an older RV, I'm sure it's in need of some modern renovations and plan to do some reprinting/re-upholstering of the interior. I grew up camping with my parents in their RV's but I always slept in a tent and tried to remain outside most of the time. Now I'm married with a baby and want to start taking my family camping since some of my best childhood memories were camping, but my wife insists we must have something with a bathroom (ugh....ok honey). This is why my search for a cheap reliable RV has started. I am immediately drawn to toyotas because of my mechanical background and my parts connections within the toyota community. After reading around on the forum, I realized I don't want something that has had issues with water leaks so the sunrader platform seams to be the best option for me. I talked to the owner's son who is handling the sale and he said the cab needs to be repainted (because of surface rust in scratches that he spray painted), one of the front windows needs to be replaced because the corner is broken off and he just revealed one of the roof vents was leaking in the last rain and he re-sealed it. He says everything works, but doesn't know how to run anything other than the truck engine. How do I run the propane fridge? How do I make sure the tanks hold water and don't leak? If the broken window is one of the wrap around ones, how much should I plan on paying a plastic place to make me a new one? The only thing making me want to look at this RV is the EFI and a manual trans. Is $4000 too much to pay for this RV with the issues I already know about? Is there any other issues I should be looking for?
  7. I am the new owner of a 1983 Toyota Sunrader. I have owned other RV's but this is my first Toyota motorhome. Can anyone point me to an owners manual or other documentation to get me started in restoration? Thanks!
  8. Good evening. I am considering purchasing a Toyota Dolphin for a cross country adventure. I will plan several local trips before beginning the adventure. I want the rear dinette model for better light, better seating, and less weight in the back. I know to check for leaks and to make sure the rear axle has been upgraded. I have found a 1983 Dolphin (107k mi) and a 1985 Dolphin (61k mi) both of which seem to be in good shape, both under $5k. What gotchas should I look for besides axle and leaks? What are the differences that ought to be considered? What are the most important upgrades that I'm likely to want? I've heard about LED lighting, a backup camera, and extra cooling what else? And if there is a different year that I should be looking for, please point me in the right direction! Thanks in advance for all or your help. cheers, Ellen
  9. I'm looking to buy my first RV tomorrow...it's a 1985 Toyota Escaper with 94,000 miles. Asking price $4500. I have no experience with this situation, and I've been researching for days online. I would like to find out if there are certain things, besides the rear axle 6 lug thing, that I should be looking out for?...what are some basic questions I should ask the current owner?? AND should I take it in somewhere to get looked over before I buy? Also, if there are issues with it, how do I go about asking for a lower price? From the looks of the ad photos, the RV has been very well taken care of, and the owner has updated the interior. He did mention in an email, though, that at higher speeds, it will leak a little bit of oil...is that something I should be concerned with? Is that an expensive fix? How much off the asking price could I get for something like that? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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