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  1. No major repairs to drive home? I'd be afraid the first pothole or speed bump you hit would cause the coach to collapse! Honestly, I'd be afraid to drive it to the main road from the seller's house - it's a pretty rough dirt road that's a couple miles long.
  2. It might be a worth a lot of money restored, but I don't have enough time for a project this big....maybe if I was retired, but I'm working around 60hrs a week with a 4 month old at home that my wife needs help with..
  3. The thing that really surprised me was that the supposed bunk that as left wasn't nearly wide enough for an adult. Only kids must be meant for those size bunks.
  4. I have a few more pics but will have to post them later.
  5. So my dad and I went and looked at it today and it was trashed. Every light cover was missing, access doors were missing keys, corner cabover wraparound window broken with fiberglass damage, bathroom door won't stay shut, upper bunk of the bunk beds is missing, closet door won't open, table was missing some exterior lights missing and several other things I'm sure. The 22re ( that's right it is fuel injected) seems to run and idle ok, but as soon as I turned on the A/C and brought up the idle to around 2000 RPM to see if the A/C cooled down, a check engine light came on. It also had a nasty
  6. I ran the vin on Toyodiy.com and it came up as EFI. Until I see it first hand though, I'm not trusting anything the owner's son has told me.
  7. Linda, I will post pics of it even if I don't get it. I'm going to see it tomorrow and will bring the camera. So how rare is an '85 sunrader with EFI, 6 lug floater rear end, 4 SPD manual trans and a bunkhouse floorplan? From what I've seen, the manual trans motor homes are rare, but I haven't seen a bunkhouse model ever. I've done lots of searches online and have only found out that '85 was the last year of the bunkhouse model.
  8. Yeah, this is the one in Perris, CA. It's close to me, so it's worth a look. It looks like the bunkhouse model from the way the double windows are on the side, but the owner's son said it isn't......I'm going to have to check it out for myself. I hope it's the bunkhouse. We could use the sleeping space more than anything. I know the cab needs a repaint. The son got crazy with the spray can trying to cover up some surface rust. I'm hoping to be able to use that to hammer him down on the price. If I get it, I'm planning on a $300 Maco paint job on the cab if I strip it. I have a friend who deta
  9. It am thinking it might be the fuel pressure regulator. We used to see the screw vibrate out of the middle of it and cause the issue you are speaking of. This causes the fuel pressure in the return line to bleed back into the tank and the fuel pressure has to build back up before it starts. There should still be a cap on the regulator that has caught the screw, so be careful pulling it off to inspect and put some lock tight on it so it doesn't happen again.
  10. DAGOBAH, that was the first thing I looked for in his picture. It has the 6 lug full floating rear end. The front is still 5 lug and will have to be addressed if I only want to carry one spare, but I have connections in the junkyard world. Thanks for the heads up about the heater and fridge. I'll see if he can top off the freshwater tank before we get there so we can test the pump and see if the tank leaks. Does the heater on these things run off propane or the coach battery? I plan on doing a duel deep cycle battery setup (parallel) with LED lights on whatever RV I buy - possibly even
  11. Yeah, I remember hearing about the tire age issue. How much should a new set of tires cost me? Around $1000 or less? 9 or ten years max on those tires, correct?
  12. Hey guys, my name is Tim and I've been lurking on here for a while and figured it was time to join since I will be looking at a '85 Sunrader tomorrow. It's a 21" 2wd with 139k+ miles, EFI, a manual 4 spd and a 6 lug floating rear end. I was a Lexus and toyota master tech for 13 yrs so the mechanical issues I might run into don't bother me, but this is potentially my first RV and I don't know much about how things are supposed to operate on them. I can handle some external cosmetic issues but don't want to buy someone else's problem child. Since this is an older RV, I'm sure it's in need of
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